Resentment NO More!

Reflective essay by Dr. Thom A. Lisk 12/16/07

Recently on a trip to Australia & New Zealand (11/28—12/11/07) I had the privilege to interact with many people in many church and other settings. In praying for 120 different people one on one after hearing their confidential concerns and problems I was prompted by the Holy Spirit the Sunday upon return (today) to revisit those experiences, pray again for those precious children of God, and I concluded by the gifts of reason & wisdom that many people suffer from resentment or bitterness that brings upon them many more difficulties that could be avoidable.

The Church readings today as first presented to me on TV-EWTN at 8am (127 Warner Cable), along with Father Joseph Mary’s homily (a holy priest met while at the Birmingham, AL, USA TV station on the occasion of my interview on The Journey Home broadcast world wide) brought reflective conclusions for a great remedy for resentments: The Joy of the Lord!

We all have challenges in our lives that are quite perplexing sometimes, and often only in retrospect we can see things more clearly. When in front of the Tabernacle in Catholic Churches housing the Real Presence of our precious Lord Jesus disguised in the host of a wheat wafer as I prayed for the 120 very different and unique people on this recent trip, I asked God’s children to, “Focus on Jesus—the Son of God, and the Son of Mary—and you tell Him your problems, I will listen and I will agree with you in prayer for His solutions (Matt. 18:18-19)”.

This may seem like a strange happening for a Catholic layperson (once Protestant minister) to be facilitating yet it was in the midst of Healing Services, after brief talks, given to groups by my gifted wife Lorna, and I. She has her own experiences to recall and report; each of us (you too) have a unique filter through which we see our reality. To me Jesus in Sacrament of the Eucharist is more real than ever as I saw afresh up close how He can change hearts and lives for people of all ages and circumstances—the light goes on as the solution comes.

In the kind of setting described above the Spirit will often, by His grace, give me His words of wisdom and knowledge for those I pray for, it is actually quite supernatural (always in alignment with God’s Word. Now upon reflective prayer He gives me more wisdom to share with my readers here in the USA… family, friends, prayer partners, and church family.

Please… pray more to overcome your resentments that you are harboring. Truly forgive and ask God to help you forgive and forget. You can, often unknowingly, come to the wrong conclusions about your challenges or situations in life and, as a result, not clearly see that, “God is causing all things to work together for good…” (Rom 8:28) Get better—NOT bitter!

If we hold on to resentments—dozens of examples exist—we limit our futures in a variety of ways, including possibly cutting our lives short I have seen in many cases. Due to things like unforgiveness we can bring upon ourselves illness, disease, and ruined relationships. It is well documented how this takes place; I need not prove it to you now. I simply want to ask you to finish this day, and begin the new day—and New Year—with that “joy that passes all understanding”. I have experienced this JOY (many times) and so can YOU—much more!

Yesterday I went to the Sacrament of Reconciliation—confession—and that helped me come closer to Jesus, our Lord. I was absolved of all my sins! Forgiven! And better able, now, to forgive myself, and people who have hurt me. Never forget: sin separates people from God. Return to God—repentance is step one. When was the last time you went to confession? Go ASAP. During those Healing Services referred to above, although we spoke to several hundred people total in nine different settings, only a few did I ask, “Will you promise me you will go to confession in the next week?” All said “Yes!” How about you? Make some promises to God!

If you are a Protestant, you believe in confessing directly to the Lord; so do I. Catholics know the Bible teaches about seven “deadly sins” and it is for them we go to confession as Jesus gave His apostles, now our priests, the right of absolution—avail yourself of this healing grace ASAP if you can; and don’t knock it if you don’t really understand it or are too proud (one of the seven) to admit your sins (confidential, priests are pledged to secrecy). Get rid of resentment!

And, get rid of all else that limits you so you can soar high into and through all of 2008!
Mary—Christ—Mass! (A better way to say, Merry Christmas. St. Nicolas was a Catholic Bishop)

Author, Thom A. Lisk, President, Professional Speakers Bureau



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