Dr. William L. Bainbridge

Who Listens to Dr. Bainbridge?
  • Business organizations
  • State and local education organizations
  • National School Boards Association
  • National PTA
  • American Association of School Administrators
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Phi Delta Kappa chapters
  • State legislatures
  • National Academy for School Executives
  • Community Foundations
"Dr. William Bainbridge is adept at seeing through the fog of educational bureaucracy. He is able to translate the importance of accountability and responsibility for people." -- Janice Mee, Past President, Florida School Boards Association

Addressing education policy in an era of school reform.

  • Multiple speeches published in Vital Speeches of the Day
  • Consultant to over 500 major corporations and 1,100 school systems
  • Engaging educational and interactive top-rated professional speaker whose speeches take him across the nation
  • Regular columnist for the Columbus Dispatch
  • President, CEO and co-founder of the nation's premier school evaluation service- SchoolMatch
  • A Distinguished Research Professor, the University of Dayton
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Certified Forensic Examiners
  • Educator of the Year, Ohio PTA
  • Recognized as an expert on schooling in courts in over 30 states
  • Diplomate of the National Academy for School Executives
  • Co-Author, Prentice-Hall's, SchoolMatch Guide to Public Schools
  • Five-time Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist, EdPress

Speaking Topics that Focus on Today's K-12 Action Agenda

  • Policy Initiatives to Improve Schools: An Agenda
  • School Boards: The Need for Effective Leadership
  • Educational Policy Leaders Can Learn From This Model School
  • Educators should 'De-commit' to Gobbledygook
  • We Are Still Leaving Children Behind
  • Reassessing the Effective Schools Movement
  • Success in the Educational Workplace
  • Much K-12 Research Lacks Proper Standard
  • Are Schools Really Safe from Predators?
  • Educational Research: Neither Fact Nor Science
  • Schools Should Do More For Step families
  • Education for Tomorrow's Workers
  • The Challenge of Closing The Achievement Gap

What People are saying About Dr. Bainbridge:

"I believe education is one of the single most important issues in America today, and Dr. Bill Bainbridge, is standing up for our nation's children. Dr. Bainbridge has the experience and insight to propose workable solutions to the most difficult challenges facing education in America. His cogent and concise analysis and presentation are useful tools for parents, educators, politicians, business leaders and everyone who has a stake in our nation's future." -- John R. Kasich, Host and Commentator, Fox News Channel, and former Chairman, U.S. House Budget Committee

"Bill Bainbridge has two attributes that are essential for a communicator: he has something to say, based on his experiences and observations, and he says it well." -- Dr. Richard A. Boyd, Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Mississippi and Former Chairman of the National Assessment of Educational Progress Governing Board

" The participants in our summit are still talking about your presentation. With your leadership, we were able to achieve the first part of our goal for the day- creating a conversation about what is happening today and what needs to happen tomorrow for quality education for our children. That was exciting! You held our hand and walked us through that first giant step. Your message to both the education and business communities was a loud and clear answer to their question of 'What do we need to do?'" - - Mr. Hunt Berryman, Chairman, Polk Businesses for WorldClass Education

"Dr. Bill Bainbridge combines his knowledge of education, business, politics and parenting to provide a very insightful perspective on education and accountability. One of his best attributes is the ability to take a common sense approach when he discusses solutions to complex problems in education. Bill knows how to communicate effectively with policy makers, educators and parents." -- Dr. Roderick J. McDavis, Provost Virginia Commonwealth University and Past Chair, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with some of the most knowledgeable and competent educators over a more than forty year period. Dr. Bainbridge ranks with the best and has had years of successful experience communicating complex education topics in terms the lay public can understand. Because of his expertise and experience as a practitioner as well as a communicator, I highly recommend him to you." - - Dr. Leon M. Lessinger, Former Associate Commissioner for K-12 Schools, U.S. Department of Education


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