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Why Will Phillips?

    In the past 25 years Will has led over 2,000 sessions with CEOs and their teams, across 34 industries and in 9 countries. From this experience he helps your retreat clarify the levers of organizational success and remove the causes of failure.

    Will integrates broad business savvy with magical facilitation which brings participants together to think rigorously and explore creatively in making things better for your business. He supports your strengths, then gently confronts you to take responsibility for making better things happen.

No-Cost Next Steps:

    Will Phillips offers you a pre retreat planning consultation at no charge. This 1-3 hour process produces a solid draft plan covering 80% of the critical elements for a successful retreat. This is not a sales presentation. It simply an opportunity for you to see how Will works.

2 Reasons for corporate Retreats:

  1. Running a business and making a business better are different agendas. Each requires a different climate and process. A corporate retreat is the best 'way to shift gears, refocus and build momentum for getting better.
  2. Every business is better at adding new things than letting go of old ones. Eventually this accumulated baggage ages the business and brings the corporation to its knees. To stay healthy a business must regularly reexamine everything it does. Anything not fully justified today must be abandoned—not studied. Taking a time out from day-to-day activities on a retreat allows this rejuvenation to occur.

Benefits You Can Expect:

    Will's experience from over 300 retreats in 34 industries brings these benefits to your retreat:

    • Addressing sensitive issues with depth and mutual respect in a positive and constructive manner.
    • Supporting and pushing you to make the tough choices and tradeoffs that deliver real focus.
    • Assessing and improving the organization's structure, staffing, culture, teams, systems and incentives to support the retreat's outcomes.
    • Choosing a process and format of the retreat that is appropriate for your situation and objectives.
    • Integrating planning and problem solving with personal and team development in the retreat.
    • Designing the action planning and follow up from the start to insure implementation after the retreat.
    • Designing the agenda, finding the facility, selecting the participants and articulating the desired results to maximize your investment.
    • Avoiding mistakes in the design and admini ration of the retreat.

Who is Will Phillips?

    In seventh grade Will Phillips won his school Speaking Prize. In high school he was a National Science Fair Finalist. These events symbolize his passion for communicating and his pursuit of knowledge.

    As a founder of the nation's first environmental consulting firm he discovered the greatest challenge was not designing a good technical solution, but implementing it. This epiphany began his life long quest for understanding the mechanisms that enable individuals and organizations to change responsibly.

    Will now has over 25 years of practical experience enabling and inspiring change. He helps you set strategy and then change the design of your organization to boost performance, increase customer satisfaction and nurture morale—all at the same time. If you've ordered Domino's Pizza, flown American Airlines or enjoyed a holiday poinsettia, you have come into contact with Will's clients.

    He learned about team work and perseverance under adversity as the leader of major mountaineering expeditions. His expedition to the South Face of Mt. McKinley was blasted by a ten day, once-a-century storm. While his team survived and succeeded another expedition on the 'safe side' of the mountain lost seven members. He knows how to plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

    His facilitation draws from the richest human wisdom of the likes of Aristotle and Shakespeare to the most recent research on clarifying the levers of success and the causes of failure. He makes complex ideas understandable, and engages participants with insightful stories and memorable analogies such as a beach ball to remind us that seeing all sides of the issue requires mutual respect and openness. Yet he never forgets to keep advising, educating and objective facilitation in just the right balance to achieve your results.

    Will's results orientation drives his facilitation to produce practical action back home by designing implementation into the solution.

8 Steps to a Successful Retreat

    Will Phillips has designed and led over 300 corporate, non profit and civic retreats. These ranged in length from one to seven days and involved from seven to several hundred participants. Here in summary are the eight elements of a successful retreat.

    1. A clear and tested articulation of the desired results of the retreat.
    2. Selecting just the right participants to achieve the desired results and their implementation.
    3. Designing the seven process elements of the agenda to insure the desired result. The major process assumptions selected here have overwhelming impact on the retreat's success.
    4. Collecting the right data, preparing the participants and assigning the right homework to prepare so the retreat can hit the ground running.
    5. Design the logistics: Choosing the site & facility to support the goals of the retreat. We have made over 50 errors in logistics. No need for you to repeat them. Each can erode the retreat's effectiveness by 3-5%.
    6. Orchestrated by a master facilitator who is objective, understands business and knows the issues.
    7. Designing and administering all the necessary details before, during and after the retreat.
    8. On-site action planning to spell out the 4 imperatives of any decision or assignment.
    9. Creating an effective structure and process for follow-up and implementation that is designed into the retreat
    10. from the start.


    "Participants were unanimous in their awe (and I do mean awe) of the atmosphere you created and the unbelievable concentration you accomplished in keeping the meeting focused and on track. There's a genius in how you go about things, or maybe it's depth of experience, or possibly it's the fact you seem to love what you do so much. You have our respect for the way you go about meeting the original objectives (all of them) of the project... you were great... let's make that fantastic... thanks a million for all of it."
    Robert J. Moonan, President, The Hibbert Group

    "Every member of the team has benefited tremendously as a result of your instruction and facilitation. Unlike many consultants, you pursue follow-up activities well. If any prospective client would like to speak with me regarding your services, I would be happy to give you a great reference.."
    Peter J. Filanc, President, JR Filanc Construction Company, Inc.

    "We feel that as a result of these meetings we have been able to design our mission, our objectives, and at least a dozen general strategies. We also have improved teamwork and openness among the executive team members and communication within the company as a whole. We had a very profitable year and feel that the contributions you have made that enhance our ability to work together as a team have been a significant factor."
    Paul Ecke III, CEO, Paul Ecke Ranch

    "Will has a unique ability to draw out the best in people: the best ideas, the best in communication, and the best for advancement of the company, its staff, and customers. He opened up lines of communication, set aside egos, and went deeper into preparing us for the future than anyone thought possible. His strengths as a facilitator and communicator are equally matched by his knowledge and experience in knowing what makes organizations successful."
    Thomas I. Harris, CEO and Founder, Optical Research Foundation


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