Walter D. Smith

Motivational Speaker & Professional Body Builder



1997 NGA United States Championship

Consistently Striving Towards Excellence


A riveting story of raw determination and faith as seen on national television's "Hard Copy" and "Primetime."

Candid testimony of overcoming a severe drug addiction, cigarette smoking, and other self destructive behavior.

Convicted and sentenced 6 to 25 years for an admitted felony, subsequently, sentenced to serve 78 to 190 years for unrelated rapes he did not commit.

Exonerated and freed, via DNA testing, following 11 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Acknowledge how this man survived the horrors of prison life, consequently, habffitating and rehabilitating himself, returning to society as a positive productive citizen.

Learn how Walter Smith prevailed "AGAINST ALL ODDS" becoming an entrepreneur, professional body builder, and an asset to his community.

Having turned adversity into prosperity, and misery into victory; allow this survivor to motivate and inspire your salespersons, employees, associates, students, group, organization, congregation, population, etc.

Make your work environment more conducive towards sustaining your goals and objectives by and through motivational stimulation.

Encourage individuals to improve their self-esteem, develop stronger character, consequently eradicating negative attitudes and low morale. Encourage individuals to overcome personal obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Promote a more healthy and safer work environment by acknowledging the hazards of substance use and abuse on and off the job...

With a universal message focusing on social ills i.e. cigarette smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, poverty, and racism, Walter Smith is available for public, private, corporate, & community functions.


Having spoken, before members of the Ohio Senate's Judiciary and Criminal Justice Committee and on a Criminal Justice Workshop with: Columbus Police Chief James Jackson, and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Stephanie Thbbs; this ministry has been successful before diverse audiences across the nation i.e. businesses, schools, churches, prisons, and the like.

Walter Smith's invigorating story is unique with unparalleled triumph. This dynamic presentation will move your congregation, organization, social group, students, salespeople, etc...

The "Against All Odds" speaking tour is designed to excite and inspire professional and lay individuals inclusive of all races, national origin, and people from all walks of life....

The "Against All Odds" presentation will diffuse low morale and encourage listeners to overcome tragedy, setbacks, obstacles and adversities, no matter what the source or origin!

"One of the most liberating stories ever told on 'Hard Copy'... the impact of its implications is chilling!"
Barry Nolan, Host
ABC Television "Hard Copy"

"...he shows the dedication to overcome such a problem."
Susan Barrett
Franklin County Hall of Justice

"If the world ever needed a poster child on perseverance, you're the man."
Jerry Revish, Anchor
WBNS 1OTV-CBS Affiliate

"I'm excited for you! These are the kind of stories that make me believe and keep my faith strong!"
Edna M. Howell, News Director
WIZF FM Radio Cincinnati
"Straight Talk Live"

"Please continue your effort towards increased education - I think it is very important."
John Henderson, President
Wilberforce University

"I could never dream of achieving the eloquence with which you write.., as well as the speeches. It goes without saying that the real bonus was getting to meet you."
Penny Oakes, Director
Six On Your Side - WSYX TV
ABC Affiliate



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