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Experience and education are good preparation for success in general and for success in giving "Keys to Success Presentations" in particular. In his business career, Virgil Heidbrink gained experience form selling, from inspiring others to sell, and from company sponsored sales meetings. Years in Toastmasters advanced his public speaking skills. Since late 1998, Virgil has spoken to sales seminars, senior groups and service clubs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He speaks fluent Spanish and continues to study it. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Foreign Trade and study toward a Master of Business Administration degree. He is active in several Dallas organizations including Rotary.

Keys to Success Presentations

Although at first glance some of the five topics to the right may seem unrelated, the concept of success prevails in each.
It is obvious that overcoming the habit of deferring action will give new stature to former procrastinators and make them more successful in business and the professions. Shoppers who understand why they buy make a more successful purchase. January 11,1999, the Dallas Morning News featured an article on the popularity of seminars among salespeople who look for inspiration and new ideas which will contribute to their success. Although seniors probably no longer respond to calls for business or professional success, they are, nevertheless, still interested in finding ways to make the retirement years more satisfying and gleeful, and thus, more successful.


Procrastination Presentation

Postponing Procrastination

Procrastination can be reduced if not entirely eliminated. This speech uses humor to show its possible consequences, reasons why people procrastinate, ways to diminish procrastination and the resulting rewards. Speech length: 20 - 25 minutes

Sales Presentations

Seminar for More Sales Success

Most salespersons are successful. Many, however, heed the Latin proverb that says in order to be good a person has to get better. Striving for improvement insures against falling into the infamous "rut". This session points out the traits of the winning salesperson, the satisfactions sought by buyers as they consider a product or service, some techniques the salesperson can use to learn about the buyer's business and how to fit the characteristics of the product or service to the needs of the buyer. If done properly this can result in a sale. This seminar can be increased to demonstrate selling situations with different products or services. Seminar length: 60 - 75 minutes

Why People Really Buy

Almost everyone buys something regularly. While they want the obvious benefit of a product or service, they also seek from one to five psychic satisfaction from the purchase. This speech uses humor in exploring these satisfactions which motivate both buyer and seller. Speech length: 20 minutes


Senior Presentations

Golden Age Glee

Laughter is the lubricant of life. As it reduces everyday frictions, it brings both emotional and physical benefits. Using humor, this speech takes up a few of the common physical vexations of senior citizens; it describes the benefits of frequent laughter and it encourages seniors to use simple techniques to promote laughter. Speech length: 20 - 30 minutes

Polishing the Gold of the Senior Years

Their sense of humor has helped seniors reach their golden years. This speech takes a wry look at the vicissitudes of mature life. After giving humorous attention to seniors' major nuisances, it suggests attitudes and activities that can contribute to both their physical and emotional health. A popular candy can help them remember these aids to their well-being. Speech length: 20 - 30 minutes


"Keys to Success Presentation" Audience Reviews

Sales Presentations
"Very dynamic speaker! Excellent presentation skills..."
Participant, SCORE Small Business Workshop

"Well paced, mixed with info and fun, informative stories."
Participant, SCORE Small Business Workshop

Senior Presentations
"Excellent talk... Enjoyed it very much"
Program Chairperson, North Richland Hills Senior Center

"Good speaker and storyteller..."
Program Chairperson, AARP Chapter

"Words were very encouraging..."
Program Chairperson, Retirement Community in Lewisville

Procrastination Presentation
"Your talk was interesting, informative and spiced with humor. It was clear your presentation
was well-received...
Program Chairperson, Dallas North Rotary Club

"Wonderful presentation"

Program Chairperson, Garland Lakeside Rotary Club


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