Vince Lombardi


Five Good Reasons to Hire
Vince Lombardi


1. Name Recognition

    The name Vince Lombardi is widely recognized and carries with it an air of Quality, Achievement and Professionalism.The name alone will be an attendance draw and lends a high degree of credibility to the subject matter.


    "... particularly impressed with your use of experiences with your father You used great stories to support your points, but did not depend on your father's reputation to carry your message"
    Country Companies Insurance Group


    "... I am confident your being involved in our program was a big reason for the sell-out crowd."
    Hutchison Chamber of Commerce


    "For the first time in my seventeen years with this organization, we had a standing room only crowd fill the room. Everyone attending the convention (spouses included) were in that room the morning you spoke"
    Metal Treating Institute


    "Your closing session presentation ended our conference exactly as we hoped, with a packed house Rarely do we have a standing room only crowd early on Saturday morning"
    National Association of Educational Buyers


    "It is difficult to keep an audience captive for the final hour of its convention, but you did so without any problems."
    Tennessee School Boards Assn.


    "I was stopped by numerous people during the convention and have since received numerous phone calls and comments thanking me for having you as part of our program. So, you not only did an outstanding job, you made me look good too."
    Utah League of Credit Unions


    "There wasn't a single person who didn't come back from the break, which is highly unusual for our group, and many stayed just so they could talk to you."
    National Farmers Union


     "Generally, by the last presentation few people remain. In your case, we had a full house"
    American Feed Industry Assn.


    "The rapt attention you were given and the fact that nobody left during your presentation which usually occurs during the closing lunch presentation are both indicators that you were well received."
    Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America


"... you were strategically placed in our program to boost attendance attendance during the afternoon session was far better than it has been in the ten years that I have attended this annual event" Tidewater Sales Congress

2. Outstanding Speaking Skills

    Comments such as these are common after Vince Lombardi speaks :


    "You were rated the best attraction of our convention with an average '5' out of a possible 5 points"
    Oregon Trucking Assn.


    "I was amazed at how quiet the room was --you certainly gained their attention."
    Washington Bankers Assn.


    "At times, you had the listeners close to tears and at other times laughing uproariously"
    Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Assn.


    "Your presentation on "Teambuilding" was simply outstanding! You were able to relate to our members and they were able to do the same When there isn't anyone leaving a workshop, you know that all are very interested."
    North Dakota Grocers Assn.


    "You gave your "all" as the standing ovation proved"
    Birmingham Business Journal


    "The standing ovation you received from our audience explains their feelings."
    Tennessee Safety Congress


    'The momentum you created Thursday night allowed us to open Friday morning's programming with a level of excitement unprecedented " in the history of this meeting."
    Wisconsin Association of Life Underwriters


    "In the area of motivation and team building I would rate you at the top You held the rapt attention of a large audience for two and one half hours, and gave each person in the audience something that affected them personally"
    Nebraska Hospital Assn.


    "It's not an easy job to bring 500 sales people to a rousing ovation on a Sunday morning. The fact that you did Just that, is a great tribute and a very fitting testimonial"
    Curtis 1000

3. Timely, Current and Topical Messages


    "'High Performance People' was the perfect program for our group."
    Central Florida Auto Dealers Assn.


    "Your talk was right on target and tied in closely with our theme."


    "Your presentation was of the highest quality because you were able to help us relate your message with our day to day lives."
    Petroleum Marketers Association of Wisconsin


    "A lot of the following speakers used examples from Vince to explain a point."
    South Dakota Governors Office of Economic Development


    "Vince Lombardi was outstanding. His talk appealed to all ages, male and female alike."
    Western Insurance Information Service.


    "... your remarks reinforced the message that our management team has been hearing."
    Amcast Industrial Corporation


    "That evening over dinner, all of the conversation was about your thoughts."
    SunLife of Canada


    "Aetna, of course, is going through lots of organizational changes. You were able to help the General Managers see the many opportunities that these changes bring about and how they might see them in a new light."


    "... a few people in your audience gave presentations of their own after your departure. I recall at least three using quotes from your presentation."
    Transamerica Financial Services


    "Your professional skill and knowledge contributed greatly to the overall value of our program, and provided significant 'takehome' in formation that was both useful and timely."
    American Bankers Assn.


    "Personally, it was interesting for me to note that during the rest of our meeting, members were relating to your presentation and to the terminology and thoughts which you presented."
    National Life of Vermont


    "Your three breakouts on Negotiations were the highest rated portion of our Sales and Marketing Conference."
    Wisconsin Electric Power Company

4. Professional

    "As a meeting planner, I especially appreciated the professional manner in which you took charge of the little details that surrounded your presentation"
    Wisconsin Manufactured Housing Assn.


    "Vince, you did a great job of doing just what I asked ---tying your speech to our Vision, Strategy, and Critical Tactics"
    Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation


    "You captured our minds and hearts. You told meaningful stories without too much emphasis on sports. You gave us valuable insights and practical tools. And, you were the best prepared, most gracious speaker I've ever encountered."
    Colorado Society of CPA's


    "... I appreciated your advance preparation and consultation with us prior to the Convention."
    Virginia Bankers Assn.


    "The research you did on our industry and the information you incorporated into your presentation made the audience feel significant."
    The Georgia State Association of Life Underwriters


    " held the crowd in the palm of your hand You tied in our Company name and particulars about our business very well This impressed everyone in the room and showed extra preparation and thought."
    Yuasa Exide


    "I certainly appreciate the time you took to become familiar with our group and to relate your message to their specific concerns."
    New York Insurance Alliance


5. Solid Non-Speaking Credentials

    Attorney, Minnesota State Legislator, pro-football executive, labor negotiator, author and speaker, Vince Lombardi's background has provided him with a wide variety of experience and personal observations.

Selected Organizations That Have Used Vince Lombardi


  • NW Grain & Feed Assn.
  • Ohio Grain & Feed Assn.
  • North Dakota Ag Assn.
  • Ontario Grain & Feed Assn.
  • Indiana Farm Group co-op
  • Indiana Farm Bureau
  • Cenex Land O Lakes
  • PureGro
  • American Soybean Assn.
  • American Feed Industry Assn.
  • Iowa Soybean Assn.
  • Grain Elevator & Processing Society Far West Fertilizer & Agrichemicai Assn. 


  • North Dakota Auto Dealers
  • Lexus Automobile Co.
  • Missouri Automobile Dealers
  • NAPA
  • Motor Dealers Association of B.C.
  • Puget Sound Honda Dealers
  • Tennessee Trucking Assn.
  • Michigan Trucking Assn.
  • Oregon Trucking Assn.
  • National Trailer Dealers Assn.
  • Central Florida Auto Dealers Assn. Moog Automotive, Inc.


  • Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Assn.
  • Washington Credit union League
  • Utah League of Credit unions
  • Virginia Bankers Assn.
  • Wisconsin Independent Bankers Assn.
  • American Bankers Assn.
  • IBM Employees Credit union
  • Safeco Insurance Co.
  • National Life of Vermont
  • Kansas Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Life Office Management Assn.
  • Employers Health Insurance
  • Farm Credit Corporation, Edmonton, Canada
  • North Dakota Society of CPA's
  • Indiana Society of CPA's
  • Allstate Insurance Co.
  • Assurex International
  • John Hancock Insurance
  • The National Association of Bank Services
  • Oregon Professional Insurance Agents Colorado Association of Life underwriters
  • Georgia Bankers Assn.
  • New York Insurance Alliance
  • Professional insurance Agents of Washington
  • Idaho Bankers Assn.
  • Colorado Society of CPA's
  • National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives
  • Wisconsin Association of Life Underwriters
  • Transamerica Financial Services
  • Aetna
  • Sun Life ot Canada
  • Georgia State Association of Life Underwriters
  • National Grange Mutual
  • Ohio Society of CPA's
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
  • Iowa Bankers Assn.
  • The Franklin Life Insurance Company
  • Tennessee Society of CPA's
  • Community Bankers of Florida
  • National Farmers Union Insurance Co.
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska
  • Mortgage Bankers Assn. Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky
  • Price Waterhouse LLP Fleet Mortgage Group inland Empire Assn. of Health Insurance Underwriters
  • Mississippi Young Bankers
  • South Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
  • Boston Life Underwriters Assn.
  • South Carolina Bankers Assn.
  • North Dakota Association of Life Underwriters
  • Colorado Credit Union League
  • North Dakota Bankers Assn.
  • South Dakota Bankers Assn.
  • illinois Bankers Assn.
  • Washington Bankers Assn.
  • National Association of Surety Bond Producers
  • Country Companies Insurance Group
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa
  • Community Bankers Association of Georgia
  • Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas


  • Santa Fe Health Care Systems Virginia Medical Group Management
  • Assn.
  • Arkansas Hospital Assn.
  • Madigan Army Medical center
  • Ohio Valley General Hospital
  • National Wholesale Druggists Assn.
  • Missouri Association of Homes for the Aging
  • The Hughston Clinic
  • Wisconsin Health Care Assn.
  • Louisiana Hospital Assn.
  • General Health System
  • Hospital Shared Services
  • Oregon Health Care Assn. Iowa Health Care Assn.


  • Tennessee Schools Boards Assn.
  • National School Public Relations Assn.
  • California School Boards Assn.
  • South Carolina School Administrators Assn.
  • Minnesota School Administrators Assn. Florida Association of School Administrators
  • Association of Alaska School Boards Wa. State Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Development
  • Association of Washington School Principals
  • Teachers Credit Union
  • National Association of Educational Buyers
  • Association of School Business Officials North Dakota Association of School Administrators
  • Indiana School Boards Assn. National Federation of State High School Assns.
  • Pennsylvania Athletic Directors Assn.


  • Louisville Home Builders Assn.
  • Florida Wall & Ceiling Contractors Assn.
  • AGC-Alaska
  • National Frame Builders Assn.
  • Consulting Engineers of Oregon
  • Specialty Tool & Fasteners Distributors Assn.
  • Carolinas-Tennessee Building Material Assn.
  • Utah Chapter: AGC
  • Oklahoma Lumbermens Assn.
  • Consulting Engineers Council of Alabama
  • The Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Assn.
  • Mid-America Lumbermens Assn. Milwaukee/NARI Home improvement Council
  • Northeastern Retail Lumber Assn. Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Retail Lumber Assn.
  • National Electrical Contractors Assn.
  • Oregon Concrete and Aggregates Producers Assn.
  • Lakeland Home Builders Assn. 


  • Washington State Food Dealers Assn.
  • Fleming Co's.
  • Ohio Grocers Assn.
  • Smithfield Packing
  • Pilgrim's Pride Corp.
  • New York State Food Merchants Assn.
  • North Dakota Grocers Assn.
  • Van Den Bergh Foods Company
  • Illinois Food Retailers Assn. Maier's Bakery


  • State of Washington-Dept. of Social & Health Services
  • Washington State Association of Water Districts
  • Washington State Energy Office
  • New Mexico Association of Counties
  • Missouri Association of Counties
  • South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development
  • National Public Employer Labor Relations Assn.
  • Northern Kentucky Area Development District
  • Texas Department of Public Safety


  • American Concrete Pipe Assn.
  • Forging Industry Assn.
  • National Pest Control Assn.
  • United States Air Force Academy
  • Association of Cinema & Video Labs
  • Wisconsin State Telephone Assn.
  • Transportation Association of Milwaukee
  • Athens (GA) Industrial Management Group
  • Louisville Chamber of Commerce
  • National Stone Assn.
  • The Florida Bar Assn.
  • Springfield, MO. Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association of Service Dealers Plattsburgh, NY. Chamber of Commerce
  • Oregon Association of Realtors Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America
  • Indiana Manufactured Housing Assn.
  • Bismarck, ND Chamber of Commerce
  • Post Falls, ID Chamber of Commerce
  • Electric & Gas Industries Assn.
  • Institute of Certified Professional Managers
  • National Propane Gas Assn.
  • Arizona Multi-Housing Assn.
  • Petroleum Marketers of Wisconsin
  • International Association of Fairs and Expositions
  • Promotional Products Assn.
  • Florida Municipal Electric Assn.
  • Missouri Telephone Assn.
  • Metal Treating Institute
  • Printing Association of Florida
  • Lignite Energy Council
  • The Commercial Network
  • Wisconsin Manufactured Housing Assn.
  • Atlanta Broadcast Club
  • Helena, MT Chamber of Commerce
  • Hutchinson, KS Chamber of Commerce
  • National Arborist Assn.
  • Michigan National Guard
  • Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America
  • Norfolk, NE Chamber of Commerce National Association of Light Management Companies
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn.
  • Hugoton, KS Chamber of Commerce
  • Blue Springs, MO Chamber of Commerce
  • Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin
  • Tennessee Safety Congress
  • York Distributors Assn.
  • South Carolina Association of Realtors
  • Assn. of Industrial Metalizers, Coaters & Laminators
  • South Florida Manufacturers Assn.
  • Investment Recovery Assn.
  • Bowling Proprietors Assn.
  • Fox Valley Advertising Club
  • Metro Multifamily Housing Assn.
  • Washington Association of Landscape Professionals
  • Iberia, LA Chamber of Commerce Hampton Roads, VA Chamber of Commerce


  • Delta Airlines
  • Allied Signal, Inc.
  • Sundstrand Data Control
  • Electro-Voice, Inc.
  • U.S. Safety & Engineering Corp.
  • Coast to Coast Corp.
  • TDS Telecom
  • Maryatt Industries
  • ServiceMaster
  • Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
  • Akzo Salt, Inc.
  • Gulf Power, LDA
  • Quality Semiconductor, Inc.
  • World Products, Inc.
  • Wisconsin Energy Corp.
  • ATI-Orion
  • Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, Inc.
  • Vanier Corporation
  • W.H. Brady, Inc.
  • Amcast Industrial Corporation
  • Curtis 1000
  • Yuasa-Excide, Inc.
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
  • Weyerhaeuser Recovery Services
  • Nucraft
  • Flow International Corp.
  • Southwestern Bell Corp.
  • Otter Tail Power Co.
  • Genesys Software Systems
  • Edward Don Company
  • Tire Supply, Inc.
  • Dynamark Security Centers
  • Volunteer Express, Inc.
  • Burger King
  • Sawtek Incorporated
  • Gold Medal Products
  • Lamplight Farms


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