Victor Gray


Victor Gray
Speaker, Trainer, Coach
“Lead Change With No Fear” ™


Victor Gray is a results-oriented Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with over twenty years of experience. Victor has developed and presented over 1,000 speeches and workshops for 30,000 participants at over 750 organizations nationwide.

He addresses the number one issue leaders have in the workplace today—dealing with the fear of change. Victor’s programs are uplifting, yet provide powerful tools to make personal change a reality. He is fearless in his ability to offer customized and cost-effective speeches and workshops that tackle the tough issues your organization faces.

• Fearless Sensitivity & Communication Skills

• Manage Change With No Fear

• Address Conflict Situations With No Fear

• Handle Difficult Employees With No Fear

• Manage Diversity With No Fear

About Victor

• Presented over 1,000 speeches and training programs to 700 organizations.

• Former Director of Training for a 100 year-old training organization

• Planned and implemented a nationally recognized training
program that served nearly 2,000 trainees in over 750 companies.

• Served as a consultant to U.S. Department of education, State
of Wisconsin, and the National Training Center.

• Instructor of business at Wisconsin colleges.

• Graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota.

Keynote Speeches

Stimulating presentations help others discover solutions to better “Lead Change With No Fear” ™. Participants are challenged to transform their thinking to meet personal and organization goals, and generate greater skills to work more effectively with others (30 minutes to two hours).

“Lead Change With No Fear” ™ Training Series
This series consists of five programs (four to seven hours each) that are designed to help the managers, and professional staff “Lead Change With No Fear” ™. These topics can be adapted for employees and other groups. The series topics include:

1. Improve Sensitivity & Communication Skills—Develop skills to
listen, share, and understand others.
2. Manage Change With No Fear—Understand why change occurs
and how to manage change.
3. Address Conflict Situations With No Fear—Learn valuable
methods to deal with change.
4. Handle Difficult Employees With No Fear—Discover
practical steps to control difficult employee behavior.
5. Manage Diversity With No Fear—Understand and value
the differences of others.

Sensitivity Skills Coaching To Improve Manager Performance
Unfortunately, some managers have a continuous habit of speaking and acting thoughtlessly, and fail to respect others in the workplace. One-on-one coaching is an effective strategy in helping managers understand and correct troublesome behaviors. This proactive approach can save time, money, address critical workplace issues, support the organizations diversity efforts, and maintain team morale.

What they say about Victor:

“Your workshop on “Managing Organizational Change” and your keynote address both received rave reviews.”

“I personally heard many people commenting that the program was of national caliber.”

“The program was right on target.”

“You were a smash hit!”

“Everyone was quite impressed!”

“Very animated, intelligent, sensitive presentation.
Victor was super!”

“Your intensity, delivery and humor kept the information entertaining as well as informative.”

“You beat out the other featured speaker and our
‘Las Vegas Night.’”

“I am using a lot of your ‘good stuff’ like crazy!
You have got me fired up.”

“A participant stated that ‘This was the best workshop he attended in 25 years’”.

“You have a style that makes learning fun and

“I am still drawing inspiration and concrete procedures.”


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