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A humorous motivational safety speaker who helps reduce accidents. A unique speaker for workplace safety.

About Vern Holder:

Vern was born on an oil field lease in Oklahoma and has 40 years experience in the oil and gas industry. From roustabout to roughneck, Vern has been a project engineer at a research and development laboratory, and marketing and sales manager while working in eighteen countries. He is married, has four children, four grand children and lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.

He attended the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University while obtaining a BA degree in Geology and a BS degree in Business Administration. A year’s graduate work in physics rounds out his formal Education. While in the Army, he was an instructor in basic electronics of guided missiles.

He has been speaking professionally since 1971. Vern won "International Salesman of the Year" in a professional sales club. And was one of two speakers voted "Best of Year" in 1976 and 1986. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, past president of the Oklahoma Speakers Association and listed in "Who’s Who in Professional Speaking". He is called a HUMOROUS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and uses jokes, card tricks and stories that relate to the topic to get his message across. His motto is: WE’RE HAVING FUN…BUT WE’RE NOT PLAYING!

Humor is always a common thread throughout Vern’s talks. So be prepared to laugh a lot while revving up your life to reach your full potential. VERN WILL DEFROST YOUR FROZEN ASSETS!


Safety Speeches

"Attitude Is Everything"
If you want a talk that is truly unique and yet very effective, this is it! Upbeat with jokes, card tricks, bells, ….they don’t dose off during this presentation! However serious points about ATTITUDE in safety are presented in a most effective and entertaining manner. Such areas as: home safety, summer safety, water safety, auto safety, construction safety and many more can be included in this unique presentation. Every person should leave the room knowing their ATTITUDE is what keeps them safe at work! (40 – 45 minutes.)

"The Keystone of Safety"
During this presentation a real arch is built using blocks that represent the elements of a good safety program. While very interesting and graphic, this talk has plenty of humor as well as a very strong motivational message. (40 – 45 minutes.)


"A Higher Level Of Selling"
Not the basic sales course. This seminar presents fifty unique sales techniques to make a good salesperson a GREAT salesperson! Vern will share techniques that help make him International Salesman of the Year in a professional sales club. How to use your camera, props, voice mail, e-mail to go to a higher level of selling. By injecting humor, Vern makes this unique presentation very enjoyable! (This half day seminar that seems like an hour!)

Accident Reduction:

By combining Vern’s strong message about ATTITUDE, with an existing company safety program, Vern is able to help dramatically reduce accidents. These results were accomplished with just ONE talk at each location!

Company ............................Reduction in accidents

Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas ..100 (3 years, no Accidents!)
Farm Fresh Dairy ................89
WAL-MART (Sam’s Club) 74 (In 3rd year)
Hilti Corporation .................50
Williams Natural Gas ..........47 (2 year period)

Some companies don’t release this type of information. However, they don’t ask Vern back unless he is effective in helping reduce accidents.

Company .....................# Programs
Amoco .........................48
Colorado Interstate Gas 35
Sonat ............................14
Enron Corp ...................13
Western Gas Resources 12
Panhandle East Pipeline .11
Texaco ..........................5

Vern’s presentations are not only unique and entertaining. They are effective. They make the audience realize they are responsible for their own safety. Their attitude affects their behavior about safety. Sometimes people need a check up from the neck up!



Brief Client List

Energy Companies:
Enron Corp
Marathon Oil
Mobil Oil
Oklahoma Gas Assoc
Oklahoma Natural Gas
Southern Gas Assoc.
Union Pacific
Safety Associations
American Society of Safety Engineers
National Assoc. Of Corrosion Engineers
Oklahoma Safety Council
OSU Fire Service Training
Oklahoma Department of Safety
Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association
Petroleum Safety Engineers
Safe Kid Prevention

Arapahoe Community College
Colorado State University
Kansas University
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Votech



“Your attitude talk, card tricks, and dynamic sense of humor, all linked with audience participation and involvement truly made the evening a delightful occasion. Many of our employees and spouses have remarked that this was the best safety banquet they have ever attended!”
Ruth C. Duval, Safety Director
Riverton, Wyoming

“Thanks to you, we had one of the most successful Oklahoma Safety Conferences we have ever presented, judging from the rave reactions we have been receiving. The praise should not come to us, but to you, who made the meeting a truly worthwhile experience.”
Bob Eastman, Executive Vice President
Oklahoma Safety Council
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Our Accidents have dropped by 47% in the past two years.” (Vern gave 14 safety talks to this company during that time and received a special award for his contribution.)
Randy Jankowski, Safety Director
Williams Natural Gas Company
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The year after your four talks on attitude about safety, coupled with our new program, we had a 50% reduction in accidents and a drop from 300 lost time days to 3!”
Steve Gerrard, Director of Quality, Safety and Environmental
Hilti Corporation
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“They thought you were better than Zig Ziglar!”
David L. Grimes, Marketing Manager
Southwestern Bell
Mission, Kansas

“ We thank you for your outstanding presentation. The Participants and staff were entertained, motivated, and learned something as well!! Thank you for helping us begin our conference with SUCCESS! You received “Rave Reviews” on the conference evaluations.”
Nancy Trench Cindy Finkle
Assistant Director Conference Coordinator
Fire Service Training
Oklahoma State University

“Thank you so much for doing such a great job presenting “Attitude – The Ace of Achievement.” The comments we received about your sessions were overwhelmingly positive! Your humor, content and delivery fit perfectly into the theme of the conference and truly benefited all involved.”
Tom J. Hoby
Associate Director
Colorado Special Olympics


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