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Twyman is a knowledgeable and humorous speaker, author and facilitator. His signature program, Change is Opportunity in the 21st Century: The Wisdom of Wolves and The Power of Eagles has been tremendously well received by audiences from a variety of industries nationwide.
Responses to Dr. Towery’s speeches from all types of corporate and association audiences are always positive for two reasons—his 25+ years of front-line experience as a corporate executive and his skillful use of humor. Whether in a speech, seminar, retreat, management or strategy session, Twyman addresses the current challenges that employers and employees face in an entertaining and easy to understand manner. Twyman believes that people learn more effectively when they are also having fun.
Whether the keynote speaker at a major conference or the facilitator at an organizational retreat, Dr. Towery always researches your specific needs in order to address your organization's current concerns and goals. Twyman’s object is to grabs your group’s attention with humor so that they can retain the solid, helpful information given. He wants audiences to walk away with tools they can apply directly to their jobs and lives.
In addition to keynotes, seminars, retreats and consulting, Dr. Towery is an experienced facilitator who focuses on problem solving, initiating change, conflict resolution, planning, teamwork and risk taking leading to transformation in an organization’s corporate culture.
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Change is Opportunity in the 21st Century: The Wisdom of Wolves and The Power of Eagles
The Art of the Warrior
Group Facilitation
Mismanaged Agreement
Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
Myers Briggs Personality Indicator
Presentation Skills
Strategy Formulation
Make Yourself a Leader…They are Made, NOT Born!
The Attitude Virus and Ending Negativity in the Workplace (Video Enhanced)
Time Management and Setting Priorities

The Art of Listening: What You Heard Isn't What I Said!
Team Building
Conducting Meetings
Communication Skills
Managing Objectively
Humor in the Workplace
Being a Manager/Coach/Counselor
Goal Setting/Self Management
Developing Management Skills
Interview Techniques and Questions
Sexual Harassment — Gender Issues


Some Topic Details

Change is Opportunity in the 21st Century: The Wisdom of Wolves and The Power of Eagles

Dr. Towery’s signature keynote presentation. The first four segments have to do with change and our response to it, with a lot of laughs along the way. These include: 1) Breakthroughs and challenges achieved by the organization being addressed. 2) Cycles through which all organizations and industries tend to evolve. 3) A fun trip through some of the social changes we have all witnessed and the values we long for in our personal and work lives.
4) Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ steps of death and dying and how these stages are experienced during times of change.
The last section is based on Twyman’s books The Wisdom of Wolves, Natures Way to Organizational Success and The Power of Eagles, Natures Way to Individual Accomplishments. This climax to the presentation serves as a metaphor for all human organizations. The visual images used throughout are memorable to all audiences and allow the presentation to close on a high note, which positively influences the entire meaning.


Group Facilitation

Many groups have specific goals they would like to achieve and Twyman is skilled at helping them reach them. It could be arriving at a strategic plan for the upcoming year, devising a workable TQM program for the organization, coping with organizational downsizing, improving teamwork, understanding each other better, communicating effectively and a host of other possibilities. Often, Dr. Towery gives his presentation Change is Opportunity at the beginning of the session and then follows-up with a facilitation session on topics deemed most important by the organization. This is an area where his years of corporate management and leadership experience make the crucial difference.


Mismanaged Agreement

In this session, the video The Abilene Paradox is used to illustrate how organizations get into serious trouble when group members fail to voice their true beliefs, thereby giving the impression that they agree with a decision, when, in actuality, they don’t. This very common phenomenon causes organizations, either work or family, to take courses of action that the individual members do not truly support. The video is humorous and gives personal, family and work examples to which we can relate. Subsequently, after the video, Twyman helps the group identify the keys to the process and the discussion is individualized for the particular organization. This is a program and a concept that remains with the participants for years to come. They will vow not to "go down the road to Abilene" again.


Partial Client List

AgriBank, FCB
American health Information Management Association
Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities
Alabama Hospital Association
Alabama Textile Manufacturers Association
Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association
The Alliance of Healthcare Organizations
Alpha Medical Management
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
American Gas Association
American Society of Post Anesthesia Nurses
Arkansas Hospital Association
Arkansas Pharmacists Association
Arkansas Society of Association Executives
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated General Contractors
Association of Certified Professional Secretaries
Association for Sales Professionals
Baker, Worthington, Crossley, Stansberry & Woolf
Barrow Medical Center
Birmingham Motel-Hotel Association
Brookwood Medical Center
Building Component Manufacturers
Capital Medical Center
Carraway Methodist Medical Center
Carusa Corporation
Cellular One
Central Intelligence Agency
Citizens Insurance Company of America
Clarksville Memorial Hospital
Cobb County Chamber of Commerce
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation
Community Healthcare Systems
Concerned Citizens
Conference of Social Work
Cooper Holding Corporation
Crestwood Hospital
Dauterive Hospital
DeQueen Regional Medical Center
Dixie Plywood Company
Dusco Property Management
Eastern Health Systems
Farmer's Home Administration and Self-help Housing Authority
Florence General Hospital
Four Rivers Medical Center
Future Homemakers of America
Georgia Hospital Association
Harris Methodist Health Services
Gulf Coast Hospital
Largo Medical Center
Lawnwood Regional Medical Center

Hospital Financial Managers Association
Hyatt, Imler, Ott and Blount
Iberia General Hospital and Medical Center
Insurers of Tennessee
International Speakers Network, Inc.
Kansas Hospital Association
Knight and Associates
Knoxville Area Council for Conventions and Visitors
Lafayette Obstetrical and Gynecological Clinic
Lake Charles Mayor's Commission on Women
The Lamar Corporation
Lawrence Baptist Medical Center
Louisiana Hospital Association
Maury Regional Hospital
Medical Center East
Medical Center of Baton Rouge
Medical Center of Southwest Louisiana
Merrill Lynch
Metropolitan Government of Nashville
Michigan Health Care Network
Middle Tennessee Apartment Association
Middle Tennessee Employee Benefits Council
Midway Independent School District
Mobile County Department of Human Resources
Mobile Urology Group, P.A.
Morris Property Management, Inc.
Morrison's Custom Management
Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants
Nashville Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Professional Saleswomen
National Auto/Truckstops, Inc.,
Nebraska Hospital Association
Ohio Hospital Association
Opryland, USA
PrarieView, Inc.
Printing Industry Association of the South
Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers
Providence Health Center
Railway Tie Association
ReLife Physical Rehabilitation
Renee-Burton Company, Inc.
The Republican Party
Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital
Riley Memorial Hospital
River Parishes Hospital
Russell County Medical Center
Safety Congress Exposition


“I have worked with many professionals, speakers and facilitator over the years, and I feel that your talents, skills and commitments were excellent and I can assure you that the Brookwood Medical Center organization will be looking forward to seeing you at future activities. I strongly recommend your program and your skill set for any executive.”

John R. Nickens, III, Chief Executive Officer
Brookwood Medical Center

“Your presentation Change is Opportunity: The Wisdom of the Wolf Pack was right on target for our group. I particularly appreciate all the time and effort you took to learn about our industry's challenges and opportunities in order to customize the presentation to match our specific needs. It really made a difference.”
W.C. (Bill) Moss, Executive Director
Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association

“Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you made at our annual conference! The response from the audience has been very enthusiastic. In several of the evaluation forms, comments were made on the quality of the presentation and that they appreciated having such a professional program. We now know that Change truly is Opportunity.”
Carolyn Sutley, Convention Chairman
Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities

“Your presentation on The Wisdom of Wolves was a huge success. According to our evaluation forms, they rated the presentation as ‘excellent.’ I had many members comment on how interesting your presentation was and how humorous you were so what more can I say…they loved it!”
Kristine Garland, Executive Vice President
Composite Can and Tube Institute

“You made a tremendous impact on our people. You did a GREAT job at our meeting.”
John Pryor, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing, and Corporate Services
Morrison's Custom Management
“Right on target! Your burnout seminar was exactly what our employees needed. Our people were amazed that you seemed to know their personal feelings so well without being more familiar with our internal operation.”
William E. Sebren, Colonel, Deputy for Contracting
United States Air Force

“As a successful businesswoman, I expected to find your material interesting. What I found was vital to the continued operation of American business. I think your grasp of the issues and remedies is profound and their presentation accessible to all.”

Lona Davis Spencer, Financial Consultant
Merrill Lynch

“I increased my sales by 25 percent in the next few months. I believe you have a gift to motivate. You’ve touched my life in ways you can't imagine.”

Thomas P. Shubin, Assistant Sales Manager
Renee-Burton Company, Inc.

“You were absolutely fantastic, and everyone has called and commented on what a great speaker you are. You definitely have an unusual gift.”
Ginger Schriver, Membership Director
Knoxville Area Council for Conventions and Visitors

“Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave our management team at our recent Hilton Head seminar. It was the most successful, motivational seminar which I have attended, which I believe was due to the straightforward and human way you addressed our staff. I personally found your comments to be extremely practical and refreshingly free of jargon and ‘preaching’.”
Wayne L. Snyder
Dusco Property Management, Inc.


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