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Trudy Bourgeois, a former corporate sales and marketing executive, is the founder and president of The Bourgeois Company. With over 20 years of business experience, Trudy understands what is needed to inspire employees, create workable strategies, and improve employee performance. She has designed and implemented strategies, structures, and marketing programs for Brown and Williamson and co-founded their women's leadership forum. Trudy most recently has held the position of Divisional Vice President of National Accounts.

The Leadership Evolution:
Blending the Best of the Male and Female Leadership Styles to Create the Hybrid Leader

Optimizing the 21st. century work force requires a new leadership style capable of blending the best of both masculine and feminine management and behavioral traits. Trudy's step-by-step process will combine both approaches to create a new leadership style that has the greatest impact on your organization. .and the bottom line! Your attendees will learn how the work force is responding in an extremely positive manner to a composite leadership style that values differences, believes in true empowerment, and honors non-traditional needs.

Pillars of Excellence... Where the Elite Stand
Today's organizations contain both quality employees and quality programs that are sometimes underutilized due to cost-cutting and economic pressures. The upside of this condition is that the organization's creative energy, diverse talents, and innovative ideas are already on site! What is needed are transformation leaders who will recognize and harness the resources available to them. They can stimulate the competitive nature of your organization to achieve higher levels of performance. Meeting the needs of the company, solving real business problems, and establishing the organization as a leader in the competitive market are just some of the benefits of this management behavioral change; truly an opportunity to experience the future of success and excellence.. .today.


Trudy's underlying philosophy is to provide individuals and organizations with strategies and solutions that will enable them to achieve higher levels of performance. She believes in: * positive value-added business results * excellent service * integrity * client confidentiality * making a difference. Her goal is to help transform corporate America into a business environment where employees at every level can experience extraordinary success!
The Corporate Transformation Series

The 21st. century work force will require a new type of leader that has the courage and commitment to make positive organizational change. These leaders/managers will need to blend the best of values, creativity, and innovation.. .to utilize both male and female strengths.. .to combine corporate and personal experiences.. .to become the ultimate manager.. .the hybrid leader!
Her Corner Office:
Seven Personal Leadership Strategies to Build a Successful Career

This seven step leadership and career advancement strategy is designed to serve as a road map for women to help them reach the executive level of any organization. They will discover practical tips to address critical success factors including relationship management, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. Participants will learn how to deal with complex issues that can enable women to optimize their contributions and value to their organization. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to take control of your professional destiny.
The Opportunity Called "Change"

This presentation reveals how leaders can be catalysts of change and develop a new corporate culture through open-door communications, honest relationships, and leading by example. Without strong leadership, employees develop a negative attitude which will adversely affect your bottom line. Leaders who can process change intellectually and emotionally are able to encourage others to embrace change as an opportunity for breakthrough success. Learn how to make the head-heart connection to unlock your team's ability to thrive on change.
Personal Guarantee
"It would be my pleasure to be your partner to help make your next event extraordinary. Using a proven formula to achieve success, I work with you to develop a plan that gets results. I am committed to delivering presentations that add value through education, insight, and strategies that have been thoroughly researched and proven to be successful. You can be confident that your program will be a guaranteed success!"

What Trudy Does and How She Does It!
Trudy's programs are customized to provide strategies and solutions to:

• Stimulate change
• Increase productivity
• Build better working relationships
• Improve organizational effectiveness
• Optimize your 21st. century work force
• Develop "hybrid leaders"

Trudy's presentation style is content-driven and delivered in a way that is enjoyable as well as informative. Her blend of business experience and a presentation style that is peppered with humor has a positive impact on her audiences who are able to put her strategies into immediate practical use.

Different Services Tailored To Your Needs
Keynote presentations * experiential learning summits * business coaching for improved performance * tele-classes

• Her Corner Office: A Guide to Help Women Find a Voice and Place in Corporate America
• The Hybrid Leader: Blending the Best of the Male and Female Leadership Behaviors to Transform Corporate America

Trudy Presents... The Workshop Series
• Surviving and Succeeding in Corporate America as a Person of Color
• Targeting Success
• Making a Good Team Great!
• Motivating Your Team to Achieve Great Performance
• Marketing the Brand Called "YOU"

Client Listing
Nestle Purina Pet Care Company • The Gillette Company
North Central Texas WorkForce • The McLane Company
Piano Independent School District • Dr. Pepper
Murad • Inside Collin County Business Journal
Network of Executive Women • Chamber of Commerce-Piano
Women of Vision International
National Association of Women Business Owners

What People Say About Trudy

"I got one tip after another that I could immediately apply to increase my productivity and my effectiveness as a leader."
Ron Suggs, Director of Retail Services, Nestle USA

"Excellent! Inspirational! I want every one of my managers to become a hybrid leader. There are powerful secrets in your message that I believe can help my company make significant business improvements. We want you back!"
James White, Senior Vice President, The Gillette Company

"Trudy's ability to think out of the box is absolutely contagious and has directly impacted our organization's innovative and creative competencies."
Bill Fenderick, Senior VP-Merchandising, The McLane Company

"Thanks for the great presentation. You have an engaging style and I loved your humor. I walked away with knowledge that I didn't have before your presentation."
Kelli Ciatto, Women of Vision Conference

"What a refreshing presentation. Finally a speaker who is knowledgeable and funny. Absolutely awesome!"
Linda Cubero, VP, EDS

"Trudy is a trailblazer. Her insight on change is spot on. She inspired me to take control of my own destiny and now I love change."
Amelia Strobel, Director, Frito Lay


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