Tom Cafone

Internationally recognized expert in the fields of 
Effective Communication, Team-building,

Personal Effectiveness and Leadership
who entertains while he educates.

About Tom Cafone

His eye-opening and mind-opening seminars and talks, which he has presented in most of the 50 states and four countries, transcend barriers of age, occupation and culture. As a sought-after Professional Speaker and Trainer, Tom is well-known for his high-energy presentations which incorporate his unique use of wit, wisdom, life experiences and practical techniques. His engaging style helps his audiences achieve more productive work environments incorporating team-work, inter-dependent relationships, reduced stress, more effective communication, and much more.

Tom brings a unique style and perspective to his presentations. He believes that we control our own destiny. He teaches and encourages people to take an active role in their business and personal goal-setting, team-building, communication techniques, brain-storming, and life-long learning, just to name a few.

He has experience working with all levels, from Boards to senior management to middle management to line staff, in both private sector industries and public sector organizations. Tom also communicates effectively with white collar, blue collar and no collar employees. He typically speaks to over 100 audiences each year.

Tom is listed in Who's Who in Professional Speaking, is a member of The National Speaker's Association, and former Area Governor of Toastmasters International.

A part of Tom's purpose in life is to enthusiastically teach and assist people to enhance their lives personally, professionally, financially, emotionally and physically in the spirit of fun and laughter. He accomplishes this through his seminars, workshops, talks, books and CDs.

       Seminars / Keynotes / Breakouts

Each of Tom Cafone’s presentations can be subtly or completely customized, which means that you don't have to choose just one topic. We will decide together which components will be most appropriate to address the specific challenges and concerns facing your organization, which will give them practical, take-home value. Depending on your needs and request, Tom's presentations will include the following points:

"How to Enhance Your Most Valuable Skill of all...Communicating Effectively with People"

·  Understanding Your's and Their "Communication Style"
·  Saying "No" or "Not Now" and maintaining goodwill
·  Asking better questions
·  "He said/she said" differences in male and female communication
·  Closing the "generation" communication gap
·  The most important words for you to use...and not use

"Team-Building……Creating an Atmosphere for Superior Results"

·  A "Team" or just a "Group of People Who Happen to Work Together”?
·  10 Essential keys that make a successful team
·  Understanding the differences between a "Boss" and a "Leader"
·  Persuading others to work with you and not against you...and each other
·  Unite your team with cross-training
·  The Team-Leader's real role

"Leadership Excellence for Managers and Supervisors"

·  The number one employee "Hunger" that successful Leaders must satisfy
·  Building trust and credibility
·  Creating a more motivating work and team climate
·  Creating superior results in those people responsible for doing the work
·  Delegation….an essential "process"
·  The art of instituting change effectively
·  The biggest waste-of-time...meetings! How to accomplish more in less time

"Communicating with Difficult Employees (and Customers) for Positive Results"

·  The 3 major causes of problem employees
·  Two critical questions you must ask
·  How to reduce defensive behavior
·  Addressing and correcting performance problems
·  Making sure that your discipline sticks
·  Effectively dealing with conflict...yours and theirs

"How to Establish and Build Rapport, Trust and Your Credibility"

·  Essential keys to building trust and rapport
·  "Breaking the ice"
·  From resistance to results...starting tomorrow
·  7 keys to effective listening
·  Recognizing and understanding different personality types

·  If you were more like me, we'd get along better!...Really?

What People Say about Tom Cafone

"I was incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm, expertise and experience of Tom. I have never attended a training conference with such a high caliber of professionalism, relevancy and knowledge."

Cathy Scherer
Manager of Clinical Research
Breast Cancer Center
Baylor College of Medicine

"Tom, your seminar was very effective, fun and interactive. I liked your down-to-earth approach along with the great command of the audience you displayed. You came across as someone with high values and a deep respect for a Divine Power. I learned a lot. Great experience! Thank you."

Maria Meza
US Field Training Manager
AVON Products, Inc.

"Thank you for your knowledge, insight and energy. Your course has already shown results! Never before in a conversation have I stopped to evaluate how to change the course of the dialogue for the better. That is new behavior and I have you to thank. Thanks again for your excellent delivery of the material, and by 'excellent' I mean more than 'beneficial,' I mean 'truly superb!'"

Kevin Jones
VP Fund Development
Goodwill Industries

"My Staff came back to the unit sharing information and communication styles...I also used the techniques to defuse a difficult situation with one of our customers... He was obviously upset when our conversation began but by the end of the call he was thanking me for my time. I hope to (have you speak to us) again by the end of the year."

Teresa Rincon, RN, BSN, CCRN
SSR eICU Nurse Director
Sutter Health

"Tom is a very inspiring speaker, very interesting and extremely enjoyable. My staff and I are indeed benefiting from his information."

Sheri Galan
Compliance Manager
Countrywide Insurance

"Tom's success as a communicator and educator is reflected in his attention to detail and ability to elicit the full attention, learning and emotional involvement of his audience. As a former educator and military leader, I cannot think of a finer example for others aspiring to make improvements in their own communication skills than Tom Cafone. He is the real deal."

Marvin T. Serhan
Captain United States Navy (Retired)
Area Marketing & Business Development Manager
Motorola, Inc.

"A delightful learning experience for anyone interested in strengthening team environments. Tom's presentation covered all the areas for improvement to assist anyone desiring to enhance their business and personal relationships."

Marsha J. Franklin
M J Franklin, Inc.

A Partial List of Client's who have benefited greatly from Tom:

*AVON Products, Inc. * Baylor College of Medicine * Countrywide Insurance * Delta Airlines
*Denny's Restaurants * DMJ Investment Solutions * Downey Savings * Du Pont * FedEx
*Goodwill Industries * Herbalife * Holiday Inns * Kaiser Permanente * Lockheed Martin
*MJ Franklin, Inc * Marsh McClellan * NASA * Qantas Airlines * Santa Teresita Medical Center
*Siemans * State of Alaska * State of California * Sutter Health
*United States Department of Transportation * United States Navy * United States Pretrial Service
*University of California * UPS * Wells Fargo Bank



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