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I have been working with the press for publicizing my own expertise and my own businesses for over 8 years and have achieved a massive $1Million worth of press coverage based on column inches and air time that would have cost BIG! money in advertising. I have a policy of NEVER paying for advertising. Not when you know ‘What the Media Wants!’. And if you DO have an advertising budget, and advertise, learn how to leverage it for maximum return.

In the ‘What the Media Wants’ section, you too can benefit, for your own self promotion and that of your business, so check it out and share YOUR views.

I admit it - I am a PR tart! I will do almost anything to get visibility for the companies I work with. It’s fun and mostly FREE – but it does take a little time, writing and finding an interesting way to put your message and story across. It's all about how to leverage what you have and finding the uniqueness that is YOU!

Don’t believe me? Well after being featured on UK TV numerous times, twice on BB1 including Live TV, been an expert of Tonight with Trevor McDonald (the UK equivalent in prestige to Oprah or Larry King) featured in the Wall Street Journal – the European edition (did you know there was an European edition?... but there I was being quoted on the front page of their property section.) Featured in most of the UK Lifestyle magazines and been on front pages of property sections of the Daily Telegraph, Observer and Sunday Times. Don't tell anyone but I’ve even appeared in my underwear for SHE magazine. Now that’s commitment to the cause.

Talk Topics/Workshops
The Unique ME! – how to become a category of one rather than a ME TOO company/ to be seen above the competition and get hired . In this program Tina looks at the person and personality behind the business to not only find a USP but the story that will connect you to your audience. People do business with people, they know, like and trust. With the Unique ME! You will set yourself apart and set yourself up for mega visibility
How to get $1million Dollars Worth of Visibility with little or no money down – Tina shares her secrets of how she actually did get $1million dollars of visibility for her business each year. In this 10 step program you will learn the secret strategies that really work and the best thing is – anyone can do it!
The TRUTH about landing more sales and making every dollar count! How to Promote Your Business through events and seminars. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could leverage every minute, create instant report with potential clients and use success strategies that will grow your business long after the event is over? Tina Jesson, The Visibility Creator invites you to learn the hidden secrets that you could be missing out on.


Diversifying Your Niche – survival tactics for business

Business has slowed down, clients aren’t buying so often. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could find new ways of selling the stuff you already have and leveraging it to get more people to spend money with you?

Thinking BIG from day one – Tina Jesson shares how she created not only a new business but a whole new industry and how adopting a BIG strategy from day one can elevate you and your earnings
The Property Marketeers Ten Tips for out of the box promotion. Tina helped one property business add $4million to their bottom line in one year. Would you like to know the strategies that can make that a reality
Why Houses Sell and Estate Agents/REALTORS® Don’t! In this thought provoking presentation Tina challenges the old school way of marketing property and shares strategies which will double your sales
Updating Your Décor - cost effective tips to improve your life. Did you know that trends come in and out of fashion every 5-10 years and that a make-over can have a positive effect on the way you feel? Top tips on how to achieve a stunning home on a budget.
Accidentally Green - learn how small changes can make a BIG impact almost by accident. Tina takes you on a 18month journey as she made small but significant lifestyle changes that had a positive impact on her pocket and the environment
How to Promote Your Green Business - first you have to educate, then you can sell. Top tips on hot buttons and making that connection. People first buy emotionally and then justify logically, they buy on price and then on conscious. Tina helps you to find the message without green washing it.

What people are saying about Tina:

"Tina, has garnered great respect from her peers and has always shown great aptitude and responsiveness coupled with attention to detail. Tina builds long term positive relationships with all those she interacts with. I would not hesitate in recommending Tina. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

January 24, 2009  Paul Checklin , Snr Director of Global Sourcing , WD-40 Company   

“I have benefitted enormously from Tina's extensive promotional knowledge. If you get the chance to see her speak or to benefit from her expertise then please take the opportunity. Tina will deliver for you!”  
December 30, 2008 Simon Hazeldine , Managing Director , E3 Performance Group  

“Tina was a very successful entrepreneur in the UK. She took this business from a small start-up to a large franchise. Relocating her family to the US has been Tina's most recent challenge and she has risen to the occasion. Tina is conscientious and very creative in all aspects of her life. I will hope to call on Tina's expertise to help train and motivate my employees as well as my clients.”  
January 1, 2009 Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative Pat Haddad, REALTOR® ABR, CRS, e-PRO, GRI   

“Tina was and in a pleasure to work with and has great depth of knowledge in her field of expertise.”  
December 17, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert Neil Patel hired Tina as a marketing consultant in 2005

“Tina is a powerful speaker and entrepreneur who can help any audience find new, exciting marketing opportunities whatever their circumstances. She has been there and done it so that her stories inspire with a great human touch.”  
February 5, 2009 Mo Shapiro , Owner , INFORM Training & Communication

“Tina is one of those rare people who is not just an expert but the 'go to' expert in a field that she founded in her first business.  But it's even better than that because Tina has developed her expertise to become the Visibility Creator. You only need to talk to Tina for a few minutes to realise what I have just stated isn't hype!”  
December 11, 2008 Carl French     , Business Advisor , Replico


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