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Workplace Issues

A former narcotics detective, Dimoff is president of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., and chairman of Workplace Solutions Group, an alliance between SACS and various employment consultants, including Omega Labs, the nation's sixth hair/urine test drug lab. Dimoff is available for interview or speaking engagements on these topics: pre-employment screening, substance abuse prevention, workplace/school violence and sexual harassment prevention, hair and urine drug testing, employee motivation, drug policies, background checks, workplace espionage, workplace efficiency, and how to build a business. Dimoff's solutions are a mixture of old.fashloned training and high-tech policing of employee behavior.


Story Topics for Interview

Workplace Issues

"The Corporate Cop: Five Steps to Getting Your Company, School, Home Back Under Control" Substance abusers cost employers $10,000 per year per abuser, and work at only 2/3 of their potential. Over 70% of business theft is from employees. What are the softer human relations programs that can be implemented to supplement hard-core drug tests, background checks and espionage?

"Six Signs of Deteriorating Work Performance"

    What are the warning signs of drug abuse, personal problems, mental disorders and other signals that might mean an EAP is in order? Dimoff tells what to look for, how to confirm suspicions of drug abuse or potential violent behavior, and how to document it to protect yourself.

"The Fine Art of Firing"

    Dimoff helps HR managers and company executives pursue employee termination with solid legal support. Dimoff tells real life inside stories and how to avoid the legal difficulties these corporations and industries faced from allegations of racial, sexual and age discrimination, harassment and more. He touches on: hair testing, drug policy, surveillance, documentation, history of consistency in treating everyone the same, supervisor training and criminal background checks.

"Women At Work ... And At Risk"

    When a Cleveland woman stayed late one night to work in her office, she gave no thought to her safety. After all, there was a security guard and a lighted parking lot. But when she stumbled upon a janitor stealing from someone's desk, he beat her to death, fearing she would report him. What are the physical security breaches, hiring faults and "clues" that should cause red flags in security planning?

"Drugs: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

    New hair-testing drug lab Omega Laboratories and human resource consultant SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. have fired up the strongest options under one roof for combating corporate workplace woes. Paired with other consultants as Workplace Solutions Group, they've bundled high-tech drug testing techniques, background checks, drug policies and full human resource consulting as the country's first big-muscle backing for corporate legal cases, productivity and safety.

"The Down Side of Drug-Free"

    When Branch Roofing Inc., located in Akron, Ohio, decided to put money second to ethical and moral concerns, they lost 213 of their workforce. By offering rehabilitation, they gained a reputation and a 100 percent drug-free workplace. But it nearly cost them their company's existence.

"Blasting Bad Backgrounds"

    Employees lose thousands of dollars per year hiring employees with bad backgrounds. Tim Dimoffs real-life stories include a disability-retired Akron, Ohio Police Officer who went bankrupt when his key employee stole him blind. Learn the shocking methods employees use to sneak drugs and alcohol. And find out what options employers have on their side.

"Working Stiffs"

    Tim Dimoff reveals six signs of deteriorating work perfonnance and tells how pre-employment guidelines most importantly a drug policy can give employers more control over productivity and employee behavior.

"Re-training The Fried Brain"

    Where are the real "front lines" of an emergency battleground? Often behind an emergency services desk! Tim Dimoff gives sound advice and methods for emergency personnel to help them function with optimum efficiency and lower stress.

Private Investigation

"Identity Lost: good name gone"

    Scott Lewis, a Kent, OH resident, had everything going for him ... until he was pegged by would-be-employers as a murderer. Tim Dimoff's background check revealed criminal charges attached to Scott's social security number. Could it happen to you?

"Tracking the Deadbeat Dad"

    Substance abuse caused Pam Tanner to lose $800,000 in child support from a deadbeat cx-husband. For 14 years she feared for her family's safety and struggled to pay medical fees for two physically challenged children. This hide-away husband was living high on the hog until Tim Dimoff tracked him down.

"In Fear of September"

    Lisa Swanson's husband attempted to kill her and their daughter following their divorce, but after only three years in prison, he's due to come out in September 2000. What goes into creating a new identity for Lisa and her daughter, and why would a professional investigator help her at no charge? Swanson is originally from Ohio, but now lives in seclusion, with a new identity helped her achieve. She has agreed to public release of her story, to help others in similar circumstances..

Social Drug Abuse/Violence Issues

"The Life Rage Report"

    The U.S. is first in the world in all the wrong categories: murder and violent crime, divorces, abortions, teen suicides, sexually transmitted diseases, cocaine consumption, pornography and more kids killing kids than any other nation. Can we reverse the negative spiral? Tim Dimoff speaks from his soon-to-be-released book, "Life Rage: How to Protect Yourself and Your Children Against An Increasingly Angry Society."

"The Agony of Ecstasy"

    What "designer drugs" are being concocted in the neighbor kid's kitchen sink? Know the facts, dangers and usage signs of today's fast, inexpensive drug menu, including the "date rape" drug, "ecstasy."

'Parenting Toward 'Drug-Free'-dom"

    For the first time in American history, marijuana is the drug of choice over alcohol for teenagers in the U.S. The U.S. consumes 60 to 70 % of all the world's illegal drugs. Hear 12 things every parent should avoid if they want drug-free children.


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