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  • Author of How To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations (AMACOM), a Newbridge Executive Book Club selection and Say It Like Shakespeare (McGraw-Hill).
  • Brings two decades of service helping organizations nationwide sharpen communication skills and success.
  • One of the nation’s foremost coaches for executives and teams pursuing high-stakes presentations.
  • Conference speaker noted for stimulating and valuable programs.
  • Widely-published with articles in Sales & Marketing Excellence, Presentations, Frontier Airlines, Manage, Business Journals, Toastmaster...

How To Prepare, Stage & Deliver  Winning Presentations


  Based on concepts from the widely-acclaimed book from AMACOM (American Management Association). Addresses a high—priority need as almost anyone in business today has to present information and sell ideas to management, customers, financial markets, colleagues, or prospective employers. Many people are excellent at their specialties, but often mediocre or apprehensive at presenting to groups. Can include lively graphics via computer or slides.

 Primary programs/audiences: (a) Keynote or featured speaker program, typical 45-60 minutes. (b) Conference  program up to 2 hours. Audiences from a variety of backgrounds have found this to be a pertinent and valuable program, including sales teams, management associations, trade/professional groups and team meetings. Can be easily adapted to a half-day conference program or full-day workshop, allowing hands-on participation. With advance preparation can include participant presentations and video taping to vividly  demonstrate effective techniques.

Outline of key points:

—   Need. In today's fast-paced business environment presentations play a key role. Success demands that managers and professionals not only have good ability, but  be  able to present well. Executives (a) rank presentation capabilities as a high need, and (b) rank presentation skills by their associates (experienced and new) as low. Enhancing presentation skills is a key factor in being effective in the workplace and advancing careers.

—   Approach. The Winning Presentations approach has achieved results on many major "must succeed" presentations and training programs for dozens of organizations nationwide.

Concepts. These are tied to either the proven 6-phase approach (Plan, Organize, Support, Stage, Deliver, Follow-up), the Fundamental 15 Keys to Winning Presentations, or other tailored patterns. Via success stories, humorous  (and painful) faux pas, and lessons-learned from actual presentations, political oratory, and communication findings, audiences receive renewed motivation and specific tips that they can and do take back into the workplace.

—   Feed back: "Thank you for your workshop for our Idea Fair. It was a big hit. I would be happy to recommend your seminar to anybody." Macyl Burke, CEO, AdGap Group

Politics & Persuasion: from Campaign Trail to Conference Room

From Demosthenes' Marbles to Perot's Pointer: Speaking Secrets of the Politicians



  • Rich in anecdotes and highly entertaining. Draws on the strategies, successes, and, yes, faux pas of political leaders to  provide specific tips useful for executives, managers and anyone else who has to get up before an audience and speak. Non-partisan, skewering all parties equally.
  • Based on concepts from How To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations , the widely-acclaimed book from AMACOM, and from a nationally-recognized presentations authority who also happens to have run for public office.
  • A timely program that addresses a high—priority need as almost anyone in business today has to present information and sell ideas to management, customers, financial markets, colleagues, or prospective employers.. .and many are mediocre or uptight about doing it.  

Primary program/audience: Keynote or featured speaker program, typical 45-60 minutes. Audiences from a variety of backgrounds have found this to be a pertinent and valuable program,  including sales teams, management associations, trade/professional groups and team meetings.

Outline of key points:


Need. Political leaders have always relied on speeches to sway their audiences. Most keys to successful oral persuasion were delineated by the Greeks, among them Demosthenes, who corrected his speech flaws to become a powerful orator. Those principles, applied masterfully by political leaders, can also be valuable for those who need to sway business audiences.

 Concepts. Drawing on the speaking experiences from political leaders throughout history,  including Lincoln, FDR, Churchill and JFK, on up to George Bush, Barbara Jordan, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, current candidates and Tom's own campaign experiences, we identify a dozen lessons-learned that have  direct application to business presentations.  This is a rich resource and one audiences readily relate to as we are exposed to politicians' memorable oratorical successes and gaffs via personal exposure and the  media. This is an entertaining program that provides specific how-to's and has stimulated audiences toward applying these techniques to improve their own speaking and business effectiveness.

— From the Ford Aerospace Management Association: "Thank you for your stimulating  program. We have entered  you onto our list of 'contact for return' speakers; a list reserved for only the best."

Tailored programs for 1 hour, 2 hours, half- or full day

How To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations.
  Key concepts of the author's widely-acclaimed book from the American Management Association. For anyone who must sell ideas to  management, customers, the financial markets, or colleagues. Computer or slide illustrated (optional). A stimulating program itself or cornerstone for a half- or full-day seminar with reviews of actual  presentations and video-taping.  Related programs:
- "Communicating Successfully: Fundamental 15 Keys to Winning Presentations."
- "Winning Presentations Key to Career & Business Success."
Say It Like Shakespeare.
The Bard’s still relevant tips trigger insights for better communication with customers, colleagues and family. “Don’t shoot the messenger...”
Going for the Gold.
Getting a winning team for high-stakes customer presentations.
Winning Sales Presentations.
Refresher or tune up of presentations skills for sales reps, new business development specialists, program managers, customer service personnel.

Politics & Persuasion: from Campaign Trail to Conference Room Presentations.
Rich in anecdotes and highly entertaining.  Draws on the planning, strategies and, yes, faux pas of political leaders to provide a dozen useful tips for executives, managers and anyone else who has to get up before an audience and speak.

Yes Techies Can Talk.. and Sometimes Even Sell.
Presentations by engineers and scientists often are boring, bewildering and unsuccessful. These ten steps can change that pattern to presentations that are listened to and succeed.
Crunch Time: Developing Winning Proposal Presentations
The Winning Proposal Orals Workshop is tailored to help organizations get their winning messages into proposal   presentations, per customer RFP. It gets speakers, proposal support, executive strategy and review team headed down the winning road by addressing proven tips and common mistakes. Serious $$$ at stake.
Have These People Met? Creating a Winning Presentations Team
 Marketing proposals, user conferences, road shows and program briefings are typically done by teams. They're solid professionals, but can they make a strong,  cohesive, winning presentation? Here are proven tips on how to win over that audience.
Perils of the Platform or Heading Off Murphy
A light, yet serious look at humorous  problems  speakers can and have run into. Entertaining horror and success stories provide tips for smooth and successful presentations.
Visual Aids or Ailments: Presentation Graphics that Communicate, not Obfuscate
A  hands-on workshop with immediate benefits to presenters -- and their audiences.


Corporate: Alliant, Anteon, BAE SYSTEMS, Balboa Insurance, Burns & McDonnell, Ericsson Wireless, GD, Goodrich, HNC, Holmes & Narver, HP, Intel, L-3, LATA, Lockheed Martin, MACTEC, Moog, Northrop Grumman, Orincon, Rockwell, Parsons, Raytheon, SAIC, SDRC/ATA, Scripps Health, Tetra Tech, Titan…
Public Agencies, Academic, Non-Profits: Burnham Institute, Cal. Peace Officers College, California Water Board, San
Diego City, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, SDSU, UCSD, USAF, U.S. Navy SEALS…
National Trade Shows & Associations: AMA (Management), ASTD, CA Women’s Conference, IEEE, IEA/TSEA, NMA, NSA, Presentations, Proposal Management Professionals, Toastmasters…
Management Associations: Ford, General Atomics, Magnavox, McDonnell Douglas, San Diego City, Teledyne Ryan…


National Conferences
"Your stimulating workshop was well received. (Our Director) promised it would be great; you didn't disappoint us.”
Joseph Lillie, Chair IEEE Prof. Activities Conference

"Your presentation was a success. Many people told me how much they enjoyed your session." (Keynote)
David Kull, Coordinator Toastmasters Annual Convention

"Thank you for sharing your interpretation of the Bard's wisdom and its application to the world of proposals." (Keynote)
David Winton, Executive Director Ass'n. of Proposal Management Professionals

Corporate/Professional Meetings

"Thanks so much for your outstanding presentation. It was a great success."
Guy Salvesen, Ph.D. Burnham Research Institute

"I found your (Bard) presentation extremely educational and entertaining. Many said they were delighted by the
delivery and enlightened by the message.”

Ronald Coss, National Management Association, City of San Diego

“Well, you knocked the socks off your listeners at last month's luncheon! Your talk was very well received."

Bobbie Christensen, Board Member PRSA, San Diego

Coaching & Training for Key Presentations

"Thanks for helping us win one of the biggest contracts in our history. We were told in the debrief that our oral presentation was outstanding. Much of this success can be directly attributed to your support.”
Byron Dean, VP Synectics Corp (BAE)

"There is no way our team could have made such an excellent showing at face-to- face discussions on this $7B program without Tom Leech's powerful, effective teaching and coaching."
Paul Bacon, Boeing (Rockwell) Training Seminars

"Provided high relevance to our needs and your skillful facilitation made for a valuable session." (On-site)
Doug Criner, VP Burns & McDonnell Engineering

"Fantastic! Very useful specific information. Great presentation from knowledgeable instructor." (Public Seminar)
Jeff Schacter, Computer Syst. General Atomics


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