Thom McKinney

We all have the Power

Power to lead.
Power to change. Power to succeed.

The question is,
will we plug into that power
and will we generate positive results?

Watch the audience at one of Thom's presentations.

They sit on the edge of their seats and lean forward during the entire speech.
They laugh.
They nod in agreement.
They take notes.
They listen intently. Why?

Because Thom invigorates and challenges his audiences. He skillfully illustrates his messages with the real life stories and actual business anecdotes. And, he uses his experiences as a leader, husband, successful businessman and award-winning actor, to open his audience's hearts and minds.

Thom will help make your event a success. Whether a keynote speaker, a workshop presenter or a breakout leader. Thom will have your audience on the edge of their seats.

Thom McKinney helps turn low-powered teams, ideas and opportunities into high-powered successes.
Armed with an incredibly accurate moral compass and the street savvy of a successful businessman. Thom consults, teaches and inspires. He energizes individuals and teams to channel personal and corporate power into high-voltage results.

"I was raised by a mother and grandmother who taught me the keys to success. Then Uncle Sam helped me to understand and use them. Now, I want to share my knowledge and experience with others."

"Those keys include a drive to succeed, honesty, self-reliance, hard work, be fair and to share."
Founder and principal of Thom McKinney & Associates, LLC., Thom is a native of Greenville, South Carolina via Harlem, New York. He has a BS from Fairfield University and an MBA from Fordham University.
Thom brings 25 years of corporate life experience to the subjects of Business Ethics, Leadership, Team Building, Diversity and Motivation.

What others say about Thom McKinney

"I discussed your diversity training with my wife over dinner - a demonstration that the training achieved its goal of getting me to think about diversity in my own life as well as at Pitney Bowes."
Andrew Gold
Labor and Employee Relations Counsel
Pitney Bowes

"I still have people giving me accolades for your leader-ship ideas and comments. Obviously, you "struck a nerve' with some of our managers!"
Ina Siler
Director of Staff Education and Communication

'Thom McKinney has 'been there, done that.' And he's done it well! A seasoned successful executive with the enviable ability to communicate. I recommend Thom."
Ty Boyd

"Hearing Thom speak is always a treat. Unlike some presentations I've heard that are great while they are being given, but don't leave lasting impressions. Thom's 'conversation with you', interwoven with real life stories make you think, make you question, and make you reflect long after you've left the room. Now, that's what I call impact!"
LaRita Barber
Vice President
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Keynotes or Seminars

The Power of Reputation
Business Ethics

Moral and financial bankruptcy. That's what happens when dollar decisions influence ethics - not the other way around. The Power of Reputation" illustrates how even short-term ethical lapses have dire consequences. Thom's words help listeners point their moral compass in the right direction.

Being a Leader is not a Job Title


Organizational success occurs more efficiently and effectively when everyone in the organization assumes leadership accountability for their area of responsibility. "Being a Leader is not a Job Title" helps employees understand that leadership is using their influence to create success through honesty, hard work, caring, ethical behavior and a commitment to excellence.

Unleash Your Team's Hidden Power
Team Building

Thom's presentation, "Unleash Your Team's Hidden Power", helps employees create effective teams by harnessing the strengths of a diverse group of team-mates, focusing on a common objective, communicating and meet and exceed goals.

You Didn't Pick Your Mama

Because of their power and influence organizations have a moral obligation to assume leadership positions in embracing diversity. "You Didn't Pick Your Mama" skillfully points out that harnessing the power of diversity is not only a competitive advantage, but the right thing to do.

You Are the Center of the Universe

Thom doesn't mince words. In "You Are the Center of the Universe," he makes certain employees realize their personal success is inextricably tied to the organization's achievements. When a lackadaisical, unfocused work ethic hampers the organization from reaching its goals, motivated employees can turn everything around.


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