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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Einstein

About Dr. Jackson:

Terry is a top performing and talented SENIOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL whose 20-year progressive career reflects accomplishments in sales, marketing, management, and business consulting through alignment with Fortune 500 organizations and entrepreneurship endeavors. Terry offers rich business experience underscored by an intimate understanding of business operations and multiple departments and diverse industry experience (oil/gas, pharmaceutical, printing).Terry thrives on opportunities to architect successful marketing strategies to catapult sales, expand existing markets, cultivate rich business relationships, train and mentor staff, and help clients achieve their business goals. Since completing his doctorate degree at Walden University Terry has accepted a position as the Director of Field Sales with Valassis Communications Inc, a marketing and media sales organization. Terry holds and Doctorate in Philosophy in Applied Management and Decision Sciences, and a Bachelor of Business Administration.   

Terry's passion for Leadership led him toward entrepreneurial endeavors that include owning and managing a strategic management consulting firm focused on architecting and executing business and marketing strategies to drive client revenue. Grew two successful businesses by leveraging wealth of business expertise. Vast experience in consulting, business analysis, Profit & Loss analysis, and auditing, coupled with foundational knowledge in TQM, ISO 9000, and Six Sigma principles.

Terry also serves as an online and classroom instructor and facilitator for the University of Phoenix. He facilitates in the classroom as well as in the Online modalities. He specializes in the MBA curriculum and has teaches Resource Optimization, Strategic Alignment and Implementation, Management and Organizational Culture, Project Management, and Managerial Decision Making.


The Successful Leader

Sometimes we may choose to lead and in other circumstances we are pushed into leadership.  Whether you want to lead or are selected to lead, how you demonstrate your leadership will determine how successful you will be and how successful those who follow you will become.
Successful Leadership is a demonstration of a true example.  We lead by the example we set.  If you expound on virtues or techniques that you do not follow or demonstrate yourself, those that follow your leadership will fail and then wonder why. This can only reflect badly on you as the leader.  Teach and live what you teach to be the type of leader that will stand the test of time.

New Thought: The Only True Model for Change

Man is where he is because of his thoughts. I challenge you to examine your thoughts and you will realize that there is a direct correlation between your quality of life and the quality of your thoughts. Change the quality of your thoughts and you will change the quality of the life you live. Have you ever examined how you think or why you think the way you think? Why not? It is simple, change your thoughts and you will change your life. You have the ability to choose the life you want by choosing and changing your thoughts.

People Potential

According to Dr. Bill Gould, whatever systems we are developing- a business system, educational system, or political system-people are the purpose. To achieve any form of sustainable change within any system more people need to have authority, vision, and determination to “think” and to “change.” Unfortunately, most systems have a centralized form of control that excludes the majority from having any real function in the process. This limits the capacity and speed of change that can be achieved. As the world accelerates change, these limits will need to be reduced.

Steps That Accelerate Goal Achievement

There are common steps associated with goal achievement. They are:

* Aim high.
* Write your goals down.
* Set a time limit or deadline.
* Identify those people and organizations that can help you reach your goals.
* Consider multiple facets of your life including family, career, health, etc (Systems Thinking Approach).

8 Life-Changing Questions

The quality of the questions you continually ask yourself determines the quality of your life. You must learn to ask quality questions in order to experience an extraordinary existence.
Start each day by asking yourself these 8 Life-Changing Questions. Think of them often. Your answers to these simple, yet powerful questions will determine the direction of your life and ultimately, your destiny. Some of these questions may require a little time and soul-searching, while others are meant to be used "in the moment" on a regular basis. These questions are not the end-all; they are a starting point for designing a life of purpose, passion and prosperity.

Create a Personal Strategic Plan!

Success is not an accident. It begins with a well-conceived plan. You can and will achieve more in the next year than you have in the past ten with a disciplined Personal Strategic Plan.
Personal strategic planning is a disciplined thought process, which produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide who you are, where you are going, what you do, and how, when and why you do it. All of this is done with a focus on the future.

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What they say about Dr. Jackson:

"Dr. Terence Jackson has the unique ability to inspire, inform, and connect with audiences utilizing the spoken word. Whether it's a self or organizational development presentation that your organization requires, Dr. Jackson is the presenter that you need."
 Dr. Mario O. Barrett III, Ph.D.                                                                                                                       Founder and CEO of The Barrett Center for Leadership Development, LLC

"Dr. Jackson is a very inspiring and dynamic speaker. His easy-going and approachable manner makes it easy for listeners to relate to him. His deep insight and innovative programs encourage people to look deep within themselves, in order to begin the healing process of their relationships with others."
Will Fleming, MBA
Human Resources Department
Autism Society of North Carolina

"Dr. Terence Jackson, like so many great speakers, possesses the natural and effortless ability to capture an audience without even trying, it just happens. Terence not only possess, but he has mastered the three qualities of great speakers, simplicity, directness, and he is quite deliberate in his delivery."
Tony Lee, MBA
Voith Hydro Systems
Manufacturer Trainer



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