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About Ted

Having one’s last rites performed twice before the age of twelve gives one a very unique perspective on the relationship between living and dying, what healing truly is, and the hierarchy of important issues in life. Dr. Ted Cibik has spoken to thousands of people about how to truly heal the root of all illness by addressing what he calls the triune nature of mankind – the mental, physical and spiritual interplay of being human. His unique journey of surviving cancer and terminal asthma through self-discipline, education, and study is remarkably inspiring.

Ted Cibik, ND, DMQ has been introduced to audiences as a Renaissance Man, Sifu, doctor, healer, researcher, and Taoist priest, who has studied and trained in such diverse fields as science, healing, spirituality, and martial arts. He began training in martial arts and meditation at the age of 5 as a means to control his congenital asthma, and he became a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in order to help himself and others. Looking for a more profound path to healing, he continued his explorations with a formal education in Chinese Medicine. Dr. Cibik found Medical Qigong, an esoteric branch of Chinese medicine, and graduated as a Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ) from Beijing Medical QiGong Science & Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute. His post-graduate study was completed in Chinese Medical oncology.

His current research on immunology has brought frequent invitations to be a guest on PBS television to share his insights into complementary medicine and stress management. Dr. Cibik has often been asked to speak before the National Institutes of Health on QiGong and exercise science. In addition he has worked with the American Lung Association providing much needed guidance on breathing techniques for asthmatic children living in inner cities.

In 1991, he built his 30-acre wellness facility of Feng Shui design on a mountaintop in the healing serenity of nature. Dr. Cibik is the author of Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally, The Inner Strength Fitness Journal and numerous videos on QiGong. He still enjoys helping others to heal, teaching martial arts, Ch’an meditation, and the animal rescue work he began as a child.

Dr. Cibik is currently the Executive Director of Inner Strength Health and Education Center. He sits on the Board of directors of the National QiGong Association. Previously his posts included Overseas Dean of Hunan University of TCM (China) and East Coast Director in Medical Qigong for the International Institute of Medical QiGong.

Ted has been described as a down to earth, fun and provocative speaker who speaks from the heart to provide a unique and moving experience for the audience.


Discover the Eye of The Tiger and the Dragon in You
How to motivate yourself to excel each day while being happier and more productive than you ever dreamed possible. Once you have this secret, you will no longer seek happiness, but happiness will be defined by you.
The Tiger is a symbol of beauty and strength, spiritual sustenance and a fearless protector. The Dragon is the symbol of courage and wisdom – How to find inner strength and courage in all that you face.

The Phoenix Rises and The Dragon Swims™:
Emotions and their Impact on Health and Performance
Does your life feel out of control? Is your sleep troubled by over-thinking at night while you are still trying to solve problems? We all have experienced joy, the pain and sorrow of loss, the feeling of panic, and the elation of being in love. How do these emotions and the chronic emotions such as worry or fear affect our immune system, our ability to problem solve, and our overall longevity? Has human emotion evolved with the same pace as our intellectual capacity? How do you regain control of your private life, so that your social and professional life blossoms and flourishes? Once you understand these basics, your self-care and healthcare will never be the same.

Lessons from the Shaolin Temple™: 
5 Hours a Week for Total Transformation
In order to survive as a species, humans have had to search for concise, tested and proven ways to become healthy in the shortest period of time. Many of the ancient truths are being revitalized today in the form of “therapy.” In 520BCE a concise system was brought to the monks of the Shaolin Temple in China. This system included martial arts, QiGong and Ch’an Buddhism. Rather than re-invent that which is already proven on the battlefield and under the highest conditions of stress where there is no margin for error, let us learn from the ancient traditions before they are lost. Modern terms and catch phrases like “training the core,” “proprioception,” “interval training,” “periodization” (the list goes on) are already established and outlined in correct order, time allotments and exercise sequence by ancient practices. Learn to maximize your investment of time and energy with methods that have been proven for thousands of years and not the latest trend. 

The Art of War
and Effective Communication in the Workplace 
Asian business people study the military classics The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings in their MBA classes. Are you missing this competitive edge? Learn how to negotiate with the will and finesse of a samurai. Can you defend yourself from verbal assault? Can you state what you want without offense? While under stress, are you able to communicate well to a group, one on one, or neither? Are you able to communicate your point with unmistakable clarity?  This course has been presented to the U.S. Attorney’s office and others who are in constant high stress situations but need to keep their wit and astuteness about them.

Tiger Woods, Golf and QiGong (Chi Gung)
Chinese Exercise for Stress, Athletic Performance and Immunity
To what does Tiger Woods attribute his concentration and mental toughness? One word: QiGong. How a practice over 5,000 years old is relevant today. Learn why some of the top government officials are now practicing Qigong. What can it do for you and your golf or tennis game - or any game for that matter! What health benefits have been proven by western research? Who else is using this secret to get ahead in today’s competitive world?  Why cancer patients do QiGong. How you can start a simple practice today.

Martial Arts:

* Thirty-three years of continuous martial arts training
* Third degree Black belt: Tang Soo Do; Black belt: Jiu Jitsu; Black belt: Tonkat I Silat
* Extensive training in: JKD, Kali, Kempo, Escrima,Thai boxing, Wing chun kung fu, Tai Chi, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
* Represented the United States in 1984 International Tang Soo Do competition
* Team captain, United States Team 1986 International competition

Public Speaking:

* Nationally recognized Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association
* Nationwide radio talk show guest including KDKA, WTAE, WKQV, WFIR, WGN, WXRK,
* World Radio Tonight and "Blue Cross on Health Care"
* Television talk show guest on WOEX TV 16, WPXI TV 11, KDKA TV 2, WPGH TV 53 and WTAE TV 4
* Conducted self defense and fitness seminars for U. S. Government and private industry nationwide including:

U.S. Attorneys Office
Consolidated Natural Gas
American Lung Association
National Institute of Health


Dept. of Justice
Giant Eagle

Environmental Protection Agency
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pittsburgh Ballet
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center
Social Security Administration


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