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Clinical psychologist in private practice, 1975 to present at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. Specialties: marriage difficulties, anger, depression, aid anxiety.

Author of books, articles, audiotapes, a videotape, and a marriage skills workshop curriculum (see detalls below).

President, TherapyHelp Inc. which publishes audiotapes, distributes Heitler-authored titles, organizes Power of Two Marriage Skills Workshops, and manages the web site

Presenter of continuing education workshops for mental health professionals on conflict-resolution psychotherapy. Sponsors have included APA, multiple state psychological associations, and other organizations nationally and internationally. Topics include conflict-focused treatment of depression, anxiety, anger, and couples in conflict.

Adjunct faculty, University of Denver, School of Professional Psychology, 1997 summer quarter.

Radio show host, station WALE, Providence RI, 1997. Frequent guest and substitute host for A Second Opinion, a medical talk radio show on KHOW in Denver.

English teacher, New York City public schools, 1968 to 1970.


Ph.D., New York University, '75; Clinical psychology.
M.Ed., Boston University, '68; Education of emotionally disturbed children.
B.A., Harvard University, '67; Major in English.



  • The Power of Two, 1997. Published by New Harbinger, Oakland. Foreign language editions published or in production in Turkish (Turkey), Chinese (Hong Kong), Hebrew (Israel), Portuguese Wrazil) and Romanian.
    - Looks at conflict resolution applicable at all levels.
  • From Conflict to Resolution, 1990. Published by W.W. Norton & Co., New York. A re-thinking of the conceptual framework of psychotherapy. Integrates behavioral, psychodynamic, aid systems approaches around the central concept of conflict aid its resolution. Released by Norton as a trade paperback, Dec. '93.
    - Featured by both of the two psychotherapy book clubs, From Conflict to Resolution has been reviewed as "A seminal work in psychology...", "...the best clinical psychology book I have ever read," and "...demonstrating a new direction for the 1900 and beyond."
  • David Decides About Thumbsucking, 1985, published by Reading Matters; by Avon Books (1993); and again by Reading Maitters since 1996. A motivating story for children with a question-answer section for parents. Used by dentist, pediatricians, preschools and parents to help children end detrimental thumbsucking habits.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Conflict resolution: A framework for integration. Journal of Integrative and Eclectic Psychotherapy , 6,3, 1987. Published by Brunner Mazel, New York.

Curing thumbsucking by the book, Contemporary Pediatrics, May 1988.

Calcium citrate for vulvar vestibulitis: A case report. Journal of Reproductive Medicine, with Solomons, C.C. and Melmed, M.H. 36 (12), Dec, 1991.

Multiple bock reviews, Psychotherapy, and J. Integrative & Eclectic Psychotherapy.

Resolving conflicts; lifting depression. Treatment Today, Fall, 1995. p. 31.

A second adolescence. Radcliffe Quarterly, Fall, 1996
Sex revisited. Radcliffe Quarterly, Spring, 1998.

Treating high-conflict couples. In Psychologists' Desk Reference. Koocher, G., Norcross, J. & Hill, S. (eds.) Oxford, New York: 1998.

Conflict resolution and conflict-focused therapy. In Comparative Treatments of Relationship Dysfunction, Datfilio, F and Bevilacqua, L, ads. Springer, New York: 2000.

Combining individual and marriage therapy. J. Psychotherapy Integration, forthcoming, 2001.

Conflict resolution with couples. Pastoral Sciences, forthcoming, 2001.

Power of Two marriage skills workshops. The Family Journal, forthcoming, January 2001

Audio and Videotapes

Working With Couples in ConflIct, 1992, W.W. Norton & Co., New York. A two-tape audio for therapy students and professionals. Demonstrates marriage therapy.

Conflict Resolution for Couples, 1994, Usten-To-Learn Audiotapes, Denver, CO. Explains that depression enters when a conflict is settled by giving up, leaves when the conflict is mor satisfactorily resolved.

Depression: A Disorder of Power, 1994, Usten-~To-Learn Audiotapes, Denver, CO. Explains that depression enters when a conflict is settled by giving up, and leaves when the conflict is more satisfactorily resolved.

Anxiety: Friend or Foe?, 1995, Listen-To-Learn Audiotapes, Denver, CO. Shows how nervousness can serve as a guide to underlying conflicts and a cue to take action.

The Angry Couple: ConflIct-Focused Treatment. Video. Newbridge Communications, NY:1995, in the master therapist video series, Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Disorders. Now distributed by


Power of Two Marriage Skills Workshops. Published by TherapyHelp Inc., Denver: 1999. A 12-session 18 hour curriculum for leading marriage skills workshops based on the book The Power of Two.


University of Denver School of Professional Psychology, Advisory Board.

International Journal of Conflict Management, Editorial Board


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