Sue Storm
  The Angel Lady

Sue Storm has taught thousands of individuals how to improve their lives through Angelic blessings and guidance.  She  has made the idea of celestial communications very real and practical. Sue has developed a national following with appearances on The Daily Show, Talk Soup, Fox News and numerous radio shows. Her increasing  popularity  stems from a unique ability to identify and contact Angels that play significant roles in people's lives.


"Sue Storm has assisted me in making key decisions. Her insight and guidance have contributed to my business and  personal success."

-Steve Belkin
Chairman of the Board
Trans National

"Sue Storm has a special gift for helping individuals to make the most of their inherent abilities and talents."

-Poitia Carmichael, Certified Financial Planner
(former economics professor
Rutgers University)

She is called The Angel Lady by her clients because she shows them how to work with the  Angels to change their lives.


Success in Action

Success In Action is designed to promote accomplishments through the use of original prosperity exercises developed by Sue Storm. lndMduals  expeiience immediate results increasing the richness in their lives.

Angel First Aid for Business

Improvements in all areas of life can be attained with the use of Angelic remedies. By calling on Angel Specialists  and  receiving direction and guidance business will be promoted, expand and thrive.

Silencing the Judge

Disempowering messages heard in childhood manifest as a "Judge". Releasing the self-sabotaging habits caused by  negative  self-talk defuses his hold so that progress toward a positive future can be made

Prosperity Through Angel First Aid

The advancement of personal and professional goals is possible by identifying an individual's true purpose and following through  to what makes life more meaningful. Angelic blessings and guidance encourage prosperity.

Plugging Money Leaks

Stopping money from "going down the drain" will quickly increase money flow and keep it where it belongs. With Sue's guidance  and the Angels intervention more money will be available to fill all needs, wants and desires.


Sue Storm, The Angel Lady, is a prosperity consultant, motivational speaker and author of Angel First Aid, Rx for Miracles. As the founder of Angelight Productions, she is experiencing success delivering the message of the Angels. Through her numerous radio and television appearances, Sue has found  a  way to help people discover their purpose and attain a greater sense of accomplishment.

A dynamic speaker, Sue motivates and inspires her audience to reach their professional and personal goals.  Individuals  who hear her and follow the Angel First Aid Techniques, acquire tools that provide their lives with fulfillment and self-confidence. The benefits of working with Angelic wisdom and guidance are the  achievement of  success in all areas


Publishers Marketing Association
Chicago Women in Publishing
National Speakers Association
Angel Collectors' Club of America
Association of Networking Women
World Congregational Fellowship

"Sue is an engaging speaker and a joy to work with. Her talks are riveting as well as  informative  without a dull moment, keeping the audience fascinated at all times.
Marc Moder
Borders Books

"This is Angelic medicine of  unusually  high order. "Angel fans - and folks who want to believe- should be grateful to have so much good advice on the subject in one place."
The Book Reader

"Angel First Aid will help change mankind."
- Diana Jordan
                                                   "Between The Lines"
                                                 Associated Press Radio


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