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About Stewart Levine

Stewart Levine is a creative problem solver.

He is widely recognized for creating agreement and empowerment in the most challenging circumstances. He improves productivity while saving the enormous cost of conflict. His innovative work with "Agreements for Results' and his "Resolutionary" conversational models are unique.

As a practicing lawyer he realized that fighting was a very ineffective way of resolving problems. As a marketing executive for AT&T he saw that the reason collaborations fall apart is that people do not spend the time at the beginning of new working relationships to create clarity about what they want to accomplish together, and how they will get there.

This is true for employment relationships, teams, joint ventures and all members of any virtual team. As a result of his observations he designed conversational models that create "Agreements for Results," and a quick return to productivity when those working relationships break down.

He uses his approach to form teams and joint ventures in a variety of situations. He works with individuals, couples, partners, small and large organizations of all kinds. His models for problem solving, collaboration and conflict resolution were endorsed by the house judiciary committee.

He has worked for American Express; Chevron; ConAgra; DC Government; EDS; General Motors; Honda; Kaiser; NASA; Oracle; Safeco; University of San Francisco; U.S.Depts. of Agriculture and the Navy. His book “Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration” (Berrett- Koehler 1998) was an Executive Book Club Selection; Featured by Executive Book Summaries; named one of the 30 Best Business Books of 1998; and called "a marvelous book" by Dr. Stephen Covey. It has been translated into Russian, Hebrew and Portuguese.

"The Book of Agreement" (Berrett- Koehler 2003) has been endorsed by many thought leaders. It has been hailed as "more practical" than the classic "Getting to Yes" and named one of the best books of 2003 by CEO Refresher.

Stewart is an instructor for the American Management Association and IBI Global. He has delivered programs for Career Track; Fred Pryor Seminars; Esalen Institute;; and the American Bar Association. "The Cycle of Resolution" has just been selected for inclusion in the Second Edition of "The Change Handbook."

Programs for Organizations

Getting to Resolution

Conflicts cost organizations billions of dollars each year in diminished productivity and litigation fees, plus the emotional drain and the loss of trust in essential relationships. Most people avoid dealing with conflict until it is acute because they never learned how to get to the core of the matter and create win/win from all viewpoints.

* Identifying the real costs of conflict
* The Cycle of Resolution
* Learning the Seven Steps to resolution
* Developing the Attitude of Resolution

Managing by Agreement: the new MBA

We often waste time and end up in conflict with people we need to work closely with. We never learned how to craft effective agreements that specify what we're doing together.

* Learning the ten essential elements of effective agreements
* Beginning with a vision of where you're going
* Creating deep and satisfying partnerships
* Acquiring tools that allow you to stay productive

The Effective Leader

Leaders create the context in which others thrive. Learn how to:

* Tap the natural genius of those you work with
* Resolve ambiguity
* Communicate effectively
* Inspire and motivate

Hi-Speed Collaboration: The Miracle of Agreements for Results

Collaboration is the source of all productivity. This program will give you the tools to quickly establish a joint vision and create a road-map to the results you want. It will get you on track together, and enable you to stay on track.

* 10 Essential Elements of Agreements for Results
* The Power of "AND" over "OR"
* Have all the Steps in Place
* Resolving conflict with a new agreement

The Power of Request: Productivity Beyond Expectation

All accomplishment begins with a request. The trick is to make requests that are irresistible

* How to make requests people say yes
* How to move from yes to making the request come alive
* Turning requests into agreements

Team Requires Clarity: Building the High Performance Organization

To build a high performance organization you can't have any loose bolts. This program will tighten every bolt, and show you how to keep them tight.

* Team defined: Are you really a team?
* Resolution and Agreement
* The value of Instant Feedback
* Falling in Love with Teammates

The Art of Negotiating: Crafting Win/Win Agreements

Life is one large negotiation – both personal and professional. Most
people think that negotiation is something you need to win while the other
loses. They fail to recognize what the most powerful negotiators live by.

* How to craft win / win agreements
* The importance of leaving something on the table
* Developing the most powerful negotiating tool

Technical Skills To Management Excellence: Making the Transition

Organizations often promote their top performing technical people into
management roles without proper training or orientation even though the
skill set required to succeed as a manager is just the opposite of what it
took to succeed as an accountant, programmer, designer or lawyer.

* How to refocus your attention for success
* Using your strengths to succeed
* Getting it done through others
* Delegation – what, why, how
* Avoiding the common traps

Executive Retreats - Finish Quickly, Enjoy the Time

Quickly discover what needs to be done to get you where you want to be and design the path to it. Providing the right context that engages contribution is a key to desired outcomes.

* Alignment
* Focus
* Clarity
* Mission, Vision,
* Agreement for Results

Designing and Facilitating Large Meetings that Work

Move your large group through critical meetings by keeping them engaged, empowered and entertained as they learn. There is definitely an art to designing the kind of experience that generates the outcome you want. I will work with the best to make that happen.

* Efficiency
* Engagement
* Traction
* Movement

Saving the Real Cost of Conflict - Stop "Stewing" and Start Talking

Moving people to engagement from posturing by teaching them how to ask them the right questions of themselves and others

* Four Fold Way
* Assessing Risk
* Assessing real cost
* Designing the Process

Positive Attitude - Get It, Keep It and Work It

Knowing what to think and learning how to continue thinking it

* Using your brain for change
* Reframing
* Installing new software
* Keeping the goal in sight

Management / Employee Development - Core Skills Essential to Effectiveness

These common skills that cut across all learning silos will improve satisfaction and productivity

* Bottom Line Communication
* Taking command no matter what
* Managing Expectations

Solution Development - Focusing on Results Not Problems

Leave problems behind you by focusing on desired results instead of the past

* What problems really cost
* Getting Creative
* The Power of Vision as a Motivator that Pulls

Stewart's Books

Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict Into Collaboration

What is the greatest impediment to productive and satisfying business and personal relationships? According to empowerment guru Stewart Levine, it's inadequate conflict resolution. Levine's seven-step model integrates two skills essential for success - collaboration and conflict resolution - and emphasizes the importance of a shift in attitude, assumptions, and approaches when facing a problem. The book was endorsed by Dr. Stephen Covey; selected by the Executive Book Club; and named Among the thirty Best Business Books by Executive Book Summaries



The Book of Agreement (Ten Essential Elements For Getting The Results You Want)

"The Book of Agreement" is now available in book stores. It has been called "more practical" than the classic "Getting to Yes" and named among the Best of 2003 by CEO Refresher.






Partial List of Satisfied Clients
* American Express
* American Bar Association
* Arizona State Bar Association
* Association of Quality Participation
* Bureau of Indian Affairs
* Caterpillar
* Chevron
* Con Agra
* Defense Research Institute
* Deloitte & Touche
* Department of Health, Great Britan
* General Motors
* Herman Miller

* Kaiser Hospital
* Honda
* IBI Global, Inc. Instructor
* Nestle Beverage
* Oakland Unified School District
* Oracle
* Safeco Life Insurance
* San Francisco Bar Association
* Simon Fraser U, Center for Management Innovation
* Society for Professionals In Dispute Resoultion


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