Steven J. Weinberg


The Win–Win Verdict:
A Trial Lawyer’s Strategies for Successful Negotiation in Any Situation — Corporate, Professional and Personal

A fascinating, meticulously customized presentation teaches you—simply, clearly and entertainingly—the strategic mindset you need to negotiate confidently and effectively with clients, suppliers, employers and employees.

Speaker / Trial Lawyer / Negotiation Strategist / Corporate Consultant

“Steve has particularly good instincts and insights relative to the expertise required for being an effective negotiator. He has been able to communicate and share his insight to our high performance sales and marketing team.”
–Dave Broderick, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Operations,
Marriott Vacation Club International.

You Discover the...

... 3 unbreakable rules for Win-Win negotiations
... 10 crucial characteristics of super negotiators and how to make them yours
... 7 strategies of highly successful negotiations
... 3 overlooked and underestimated steps in the negotiating process
... 9 deceptive negotiating tactics—how to recognize and respond to them

You Acquire the...

... Keys to working long-term with negotiating partners for mutual benefit
... Signals that tell you when to stay and when to walk away
... Methods for stress-free negotiating with spouse, children, employee/boss
... Possibilities of conflict-free communication and cooperation
... Simple tools and techniques to get what you want from any negotiation

Immediate Benefits For:

• Decision Makers - Become known as a problem-solver
• CEOs/Entrepreneurs - Build long-term, lucrative corporate relationships
• Managers/Supervisors – Establish cooperation within your organization
• Sales Managers/Staff - Surpass sales goals with negotiating savvy
• Partners/Parents - Achieve agreement with associates, spouses, children
• Individuals - Negotiate real estate deals, car purchases, consumer problems

*All presentations can be further customized to your group’s unique needs:
. General Session Programs (45-60 minutes)
. Breakout Programs (2-3 hours)
. Totally Customized Programs Based on Extensive Interviews (length determined by you)


Steven Weinberg is a leading expert in negotiation strategy reflecting a new way of thinking congruent with 21st century realities. Like other technologies, negotiating techniques that worked in previous decades, are not successful today. Steven Weinberg combines the immediacy and excitement of the courtroom with a flair for passing on these new strategic skills. Corporate and professional audiences leave
with a major competitive edge. General interest groups learn how effective negotiation can impact positively on every aspect of life from parenting to career to community involvement.

Interesting Facts About Steven Weinberg:

• Mediator for Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., a non-profit organization
• Tens of millions of dollars in verdicts for clients in a broad range of personal injury and wrongful death cases
• Listed in Who’s Who in American Law
• Charter Member, International Association of Professional Negotiators

Biography: Steven J.Weinberg
Speaker / Trial Lawyer / Negotiation Strategist / Corporate Consultant

“Negotiation is both a science and an art. Strategically, I view the other side in any dispute as a ‘negotiating partner’ rather than an opponent or adversary. My focus is collaboration. Everyone—not just one side—needs to feel satisfied at the end. When one approach doesn’t work, thinking ‘outside the box’ allows me to create other options and Win/Win alternatives. This is what I teach; this is what I practice.”
–Steve Weinberg

Steven Weinberg’s customized strategic negotiation presentations and programs give individuals and corporations the power to reinvent themselves. Audience members walk out with leading edge knowledge
that qualifies them as high level problem solvers—natural leaders who are
looked to when ordinary outcomes are not an option.

Steve delivers in-the-trenches experience and know-how, constantly honed in his law practice and in the additional work he takes on. He is active with Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., a non-profit organization providing mediators to the courts and community. And, he is often called upon to sit as Judge Pro Tem, overseeing mandatory and settlement conferences in Superior Court. As a trial attorney and victims’ advocate, he has argued more than one hundred cases before juries in Superior Court, winning verdicts—representing tens of millions of dollars—for clients in a broad range of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Steve Weinberg’s unique ability “to do and to teach” is an enormous, practical advantage for you. His programs are not theoretical. They crackle with the immediacy and excitement of the courtroom. And, they are alive with skills and strategies he field tests daily. His extraordinary track record proves that creative communication, not intimidation, wins the day and the dollars. Corporate, professional and general audiences who value the competitive edge need look no further.

As you probably realize, all of life is a negotiation of one sort or another. Success—personal and professional—can be measured by how effectively you are able to facilitate Win/Win results allowing your negotiating partners to walk away from the table satisfied. Steve Weinberg’s presentations ensure that you, especially, always walk away the winner.

Other Interesting Facts:

• Listed in Who’s Who in American Law
• Member, Trial Lawyers For Public Justice
• Member, American Society of Law and Medicine
• Charter Member, International Association of Professional Negotiators
• Past Vice-President, Manager/Coach Team Sponsor- Youth Baseball Teams


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