Steven Vladem, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Enlightenment through Adversity


You will find this heartwarming inspirational story of triumph over blindness and other medical problems to be enlightening and illuminating. It will brighten your day, lift your spirits, and affect your emotions.

Experience the feeling of encountering the threat of impending blindness and dealing with transplant rejection. See the world through cone shaped eyes. The speech will forever change the way you look at the world. Your attitudes about people with disabilities will be transformed.

You will learn about the miracle of transplantation from a two time cornea transplant recipient and the resilience of the human spirit.

Listen to the speaker's latest humanitarian projects which will result in saving thousands of lives all over the world and lay the groundwork for world peace. Learn how a shy, introverted, and uncoordinated individual with physical handicaps can become a powerful leader and a courageous hero. After you hear this compelling speech, you will want to live your life to the fullest and accomplish great things!

The perfect speech for these difficult and turbulent times!

Hear this incredible story before it becomes a bestselling book and a major Hollywood motion picture starring one of Hollywood's finest actors!


    B.A. with Honors and Distinction 1970
    M. Ed. Mathematics 1973
    M.A. Educational Administration and Supervision 1975
    Ph.D. Computer Education 1992
    D.Sc. Applied Research (Honoris Causa) 1993


    High school teacher of mathematics - Gifted Program
    Statistician and evaluator. Department of Research and Evaluation
    Supervisor of Program Services, Department of Planning, Chicago City Hall
    Coordinator of Alternative School Without Walls Program, Chicago Metro H.S.
    Coordinator of computer assisted instruction
    Developer of educational software
    Freelance computer consultant
    Marketing consultant for Enoch Searle Productions and Cosmic Films
    Writer, lecturer


    International Platform Association (board of governors)
    Toastmasters International
    National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy judge)
    United Writers Association (life fellow) - Headquartered in Madras, India
    London Diplomatic Academy (founder council)
    International Biographical Association (deputy director general) Headquartered in Cambridge, England
    American Biographical Institute Research Association (editorial advisory board, deputy governor)
    United Cultural Convention (secretary general)
    World University Roundtabie
    Center for Public intellectuals
    International Parliament for Safety and Peace Headquartered in Palermo, Sicily
    International Order of Merit
    Order of Templars of Jerusalem (knight)
    German Lofsensic Ursinius Order (knight commander)
    Order of San Ciriaco - Italy (count)


    1. Star of Distinction, international Congress on Arts and Communications, St. John's College, Cambridge University, England, 1992
    2. Medal of Merit, Republic of Peru, 1992
    3. Albert Einstein Medal, Holland, 1994
    4. international Man of the Year, IBC, 1991 -92
    5. Certificate of World Leadership, IBC, 1990
    6. "One in a Million" Medal and Testimonial, IBC, 1990
    7. "Grand Ambassador of Achievement" International Award, 1991
    8. World Biographical Hall of Fame, 1991
    9. Golden Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement, AB1, 1991
    10. John W. Rogers "Educator of the Year" Award, Junior Achievement, 1990
    11. American Legion - Gold Medal School Leadership Award, 1967
    12. Finalist, U.S. National Memory Championship, New York City, 1997


    1. Working on the establishment and development of eye banks and transplant procurement centers in countries where transplantation is not currently being done.
    2. Developing a unique "flying eye bank" program for remote parts of the world
    3. Torch for Global Inspiration Award for work in transplant awareness, 2000
    4. Support group leader, outreach volunteer - National Keratoconus Foundation - Los Angeles, CA
    5. National Coalition for Health Care Reform (Board of Directors)
    6. Champion in Alzheimers Research Award, Alzheimers Association of Amenca, 2000
    7. Nominator of Colonel's Way Award for State of Illinois, 2000
    8. Ambassador for laureates inducted in Business Hall of Fame, Chicago Association for Commerce and Industry, 1990
    9. Arranged for high school students to provide volunteer community service in hospitals, offices of charitable institutions, and governmental organizations
    10. Instrumental in linking the business world with the public schools
    11. Patron, numerous arts associations and charitable organizations


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