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The Road to Damascus

Steven's dramatic journey led him from Judaism through Eastern philosophies into the Catholic Church. His deep devotion to St. Joseph and a painful reconciliation with his own father played important roles in his search for God. Steven is the founder of The Sons & Daughters of St. Joseph, and an owner of a contract building business.
Called to be Catholic - 'Twice Chosen'
A story of conversion: A story of faith.
Presented by:
Steven Trombecky


Mr. Trombecky, a convert from Judaism to Catholicism, is a member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Nutley. He has shared his story and his faith with Knights of Columbus groups and Holy Name Societies, R.C.I.A., Pre-Cana, and Communion breakfasts. Steve has founded a men's group for prayer and spiritual growth called "The Sons of St. Joseph". It has been richly blessed.



Last Sunday, at the Holy Name Communion Breakfast, the invited speaker, a convert to Catholicism, spoke of his faith journey.
The breakfast audience was spellbound by Steve. There was not a cough, noise, or sneeze. His story was compelling, sincere, and he told it well.
What so impressed me about Steve's talk was his consistent and determined desire to SEEK AND FIND GOD in the living of his Faith. I think that many of us who were born into our Faith, take so much for granted. How often do we really ask ourselves if we have, indeed, FOUND GOD in our Faith. Sometimes we reject the constraints and obligations of our Faith. We belong to a particular Faith Community (parish) because we like the building; it's close to home; we like (or dislike) a priest; our native language and customs arc spoken here; "no one bothers me here" But are we really SEEKING GOD here; can we find him here: can we ever be all that we are called to be "in the faith of our birth -or choice." Do we challenge ourselves with such questions?
It was so exciting to listen as one man spoke of his determination, his efforts, his fears; and as he spoke of the inner peace that is now a part of his life.

Father Alex B. Cymermam, OFM Conv., Pastor
Saint John Kanty
Clifton, New Jersey

Dear Steve,
On behalf of all The Servants, I thank you for sharing your journey with and toward God with us last Tuesday evening. Even though we, in the Charismatic Renewal, are privileged to hear to many witnesses to the power of God to change hearts and lives, each story is unique. Your story, especially, brought such joy to all of us It is a story of a true son coming home. Your soft and gentle manner in sharing your love of the Lord and his Blessed Mother was a blessing to us.
We praise God for the work he is doing among his chosen people. We also affirm you in your ministry to reach out to his men. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you and will guide other to you that they too may come to know the love that God has for them, to come into an intimate relationship with Jesus, that zeal for the Father's House will consume them and that by Mary's hand they may be led, one day, into the throne room of the Father, there to live forever with Him.

Love in Christ,
Mary M. Frain Coordinator
The Servants of the Holy Cross Prayer

Dear Steve,
It is with a renewed sense of enthusiasm in faith, a jolt if you will, that I write to thank you for your inspiring talk to our H. N. S. I know I speak not only for myself, but for all who heard you when I say I have a greater appreciation for the faith I was born into. You, on the other hand, are a convert, who awakened me to the gift I've had all my life All too often, many of us "cradle Catholics" suffer spiritual amnesia until someone such as yourself comes along to remind us of the cross and the price that was paid for man and his salvation. Many have asked when we might have you back. I'm sure they would love to hear from you again, and so would I, especially in light of your most recent event in your life since June. On behalf of Father Native, the officers and members of Saint Lucy's H.N.S , may we extend to you and your lovely wife. Carmen, an open invitation to take part in our meetings any time you wish to.

Yours in the Brotherhood of Christ,
Vincent Pagano, President Saint Lucy's H.N.S.


Worthy Sir,
I write this letter because I feel that you have some­thing special to offer the Catholic Community. Over the years we have hearkened to many orators at our council home.
At our social meeting of May 23rd, I feel something extra­ordinary and distinctive took place. That night we heard the story of a man who was lost and confused. A man who, despite of the odds against him, searched for a meaning and found that meaning in Jesus Christ. I, and many of my brother Knights, came away from that meeting inspired. Your story propelled our faith to greater heights. Although this meeting took place ten weeks ago, my brother Knights still talk about the feeling they came away with in their hearts. I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
Please feel free to visit us any time. You have an open invitation.

Vivat Jesus,
Michael G. Maluchnik
Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
St. Joseph the Carpenter Council, No. 3946


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