Steven M. Newman, PhD


The World Walker

Over 2,300 audiences in the past 18 years—from schools and churches across the USA to such elite clients as The National Geographic Society, DuPont, General Electric, the Ohio State University, and the Young President's Organization—have laughed and cried with Dr. Newman, as he's sought to inspire them to throw away their fears, follow their dreams, and become more active in their community and their places of work and of learning.

A keynoter, motivator, educator, role model, and internationally-published author of the highest caliber. Dr. Newman's unquenchable belief that most of our fears in this chaotic world are greatly exaggerated has resulted in his being honored with Ohio's most prestigious award, the Governor's Award, for "Outstanding Courage and Inspiration." It is an honor given annually to only one person in each of the fields of Business, Education, Fine Arts, Sports, Public Service, and Humanities, and it and his appearances on such national television shows as Larry King and Good Morning America, are vivid testimonies to the impact his truly unique world explorer has had on others.

The fact that 95 percent of his speech clients have come to him via word-of-mouth is further evidence to the inspiration his stories bring to others. From educators, to administrators, to students, to corporate employees, to volunteers, to athletes, to senior citizens. Dr. Newman has spoken to nearly one million persons worldwide of nearly every race, faith, and occupation of the importance of self-esteem, positive thinking, listening skills, focused visualization, goal-setting, respect, patriotism, personal behavior, and persistence.

A Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1992, Dr. Newman's presentations and seminars are adaptable to any age group and to any time frame—from 20 minutes to several hours. Slides and DVD/Video clips available for inclusion in many programs. His most requested speech titles include:

* The Kindness of Strangers—a deeply-moving, yet humor-filled, account of human encounters in other lands that reminds us our struggles, and even our faults, can become powerful teachers on the paths to our goals;

* Step by Step—rediscovering trust, cooperation, and personal strength

* Paths of Illumination—working though change and growth to self-acceptance;

* There Be Dragons—venturing into the unknown and being prepared for all that is
supposed to defeat us.



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