Steven Cates, Ph.D.

"Steven Cates is that rarity who has the unique ability to not only capture and hold an audience, but send it back into the world with a full awareness of the great potential that lies within us all. He's a winner and a sharer. That's a tough combination to top. "
-Og Mandino, author of "The Greatest Salesman in the World "

Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Steven Cates is one of America's foremost authorities on the psychology of achieving peak performance and handling challenges of change. The Young Presidents Organization said, "Steven Cates epitomizes the best qualities of the finest speakers." In fact his entertaining, interactive, fresh approach has earned him a reputation as "one of America's most captivating speakers."

    During his extensive sales and management career, Steven set many records. lie became number one in personal sales and the leading sales manager in an organization of over thirty thousand. He went on to reach the top of a Fortune 500 corporation with annual sales exceeding $260 million.

    Over the last 20 years, Steven has delivered over 2,000 speeches and seminars to organizations such as The New York Times, Bank of America, Dell Computer and Prudential, among others, helping those organizations and their people maximize productivity.

    You can count on him to empower your audience with thought provoking innovative solutions to the challenges you are currently facing. His powerful message, engaging style and years of proven experience guarantee your audience a life changing experience. You can bank on it!

Business Topics

    Mastering Change-Thriving on Chaos! - Rules for the New Millennium

      The blinding speed of change and the revolution that is happening in business is a major cause of stress. Discover new techniques to release stress and fear instantly to stay empowered all the time. Utilize the "four step adaptive change model" to lead change and generate a competitive advantage.

      • Four Qualities of Effective Change Agents
      • Shift Your Personal Change Paradigm
      • Leverage Future Marketing Trends

    Leadership, Management, and Motivation - Team Development in the New Millennium

      Anyone can become a better leader by applying the four strategies utilized by all great leaders. An effective leader consistently communicates a vision of a brighter future and is able to inspire and motivate different people differently. When effective management strategies are exercised within a company, results happen outside the company.

      • Choose the Future Over the Past-Opportunity Over the Problems
      • Sustain Company Values While Fostering Change
      • Aim High-Lead Rather Than Follow

    Radical Customer Service - A Competitive Advantage

      Never again will you have an advantage in product or price for very long. The most effective way to establish a competitive advantage is to offer "radical customer service." Learn from the outrageously successful companies that offer exceptional, "over the top" customer service. Customer service is everyone's job! Your associates, the ones on the front line, need the skills to deal with all kinds of customers in all kinds of situations.

      • Handle Difficult People
      • Negotiate Win-Win Solutions
      • Bullet Proof Your Customer Service

    Peak Performance Selling - The New Paradigm of Persuasion

      The all-new Peak Performance Selling Skills (PPSS) System is the most advanced methodology for "persuading and influencing others" available today. Identify "communication styles;' "decision making strategies;' and "patterns of predictable behavior" within minutes. To effectively win customers, your sales people must possess the skills to become "trusted consultants and advisors" who provide solutions.

      • Establish Rapport and Trust Quickly
      • Reposition Your Identity
      • Consistently Negotiate Win/Win Outcomes

    Breakthrough to Peak Performance!

      Steven reveals his innovative strategies to achieve and sustain peak performance regardless of the circumstances. Release the stress that typically disempowers others. Steven will get your audience involved from the very beginning and keep them laughing and learning until the end. They will leave this session with tools, techniques and strategies they can begin using immediately to produce breakthroughs!

      • 4 Components of Modeling Peak Performers
      • Empowered People Empower Others to Take Action!
      • Turn Stress into Success and Win!

    This Is Your Life-Not A Dress Rehearsal! Excellence in Action

      Its show time folks! With humor, anecdotes and astonishing command of his subject, Steven illustrates 7 steps to achieve outstanding success consistently in business and life. This keynote presentation is fast-paced, and entertaining with a challenging call to action!

Rave Reviews

  "Awesome presentation, just what we needed for our top achievers event."
Dell Computer

"A fascinating and innovative approach to change."
New York Times

"Your session was the real highlight of our days in San Diego."
 Institute of Association Management

"Art Linkletter, Hugh Sidey -Time Magazine, Siskel & Ebert and Steven anchor speaker. You capped off our 8th Annual President's Management Conference just the way we hoped!"
First National Bank

Standing ovations don't  just happen."
National Association of Realtors

"Steven Cates epitomizes the best qualities of the finest speakers."
 Young Presidents Organization

"His message was loaded with powerful results producing ideas."
 Baltimore Life Insurance

"Your keynote opening was simply dynamic!"
Sebastian International, Inc.

"If you have talked to any of the thousands of people who have attended a Steven Cates presentation, you know the incredible power of his :tehniques and strategies."
Star-Kist Foods, Inc.

"Never before have we received so many telex messages, calls and letters about a featured speaker."
Nissan Motors

"Sales and Marketing Executives can be a tough audience, but they were brought to their feet with his exceptional delivery."
Sales & Marketing Executives

"Meaningful in the years ahead."
Union Carbide

"You have become the central figure in an amazing and spectacularly successful 'Motivational Tour' of South Africa. Over 90% of the feedback forms nominated you the best speaker. Congratulations!" Success Conferences

"Your 'Breakthrough to Peak Performance' presentation was fantastic!"
Association of Information Systems Professionals

"Thank you for your valuable contribution. I thought I knew everything about self-esteem and performance, however, you have given me a fresh insightful new perspective on the whole process."
Jack Canfield, Co-author "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

Satisfied Clients

American Airlines                                        Mutual Omaha of Insurance
Apple Computer                                           National Association of REALTORS
Association of Life Underwriters               NEC
Bally's Fitness                                              New York Times
Baltimore Life Insurance                             Nextel
Bank of America                                          Nissan Motor Company 
Barnett Bank                                                 Oldsmobile
Bell Atlantic                                                  Ore-Ida Foods
BellSouth Mobility                                         PacTel Cellular
Boston Herald                                              Polaroid Corporation
Cadillac                                                         Prudential
Cellular One                                                   Richmond American
Chase Manhattan Bank                               Sales and Marketing Executives
Citibank                                                         Sebastian International
Compaq Computers                                     Southwest Airlines
Dell Computers                                             Starkist Foods
Dunhill Personnel                                          Union Carbide
First Interstate Bank                                      U.S. West Communications
GMAC Mortgage                                          Washington Mutual Bank
Harris Bank                                                    Lincoln Mercury
Hewlett Packard                                            Los Angeles Times
Honeywell                                                      Management Institute
IBM                                                                  Meeting Professionals International
Mercedes Benz                                            Micro Age                           


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