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Get it right the first time with
Customer-Driven Innovation

His passion is successful customer-driven innovation initiatives. He believes that creativity/ideas fuel business growth and the ideas that generate real revenue, profit and ultimately marketplace leadership, materialize from well conceived customer-driven innovation initiatives. He enjoys addressing, teaching and serving organizations that recognize and act upon this reality.

He views and pursues customer-driven innovation initiatives in a comprehensive sense, from customer requirements identification to marketplace launch with follow-up product/service improvements. This perspective is consistent with the focused mission of Seeideas—Help organizations succeed in their marketplaces.


HIS MESSAGE – The best way to succeed consistently…Customer-Driven Innovation!

There are approximately 18 million businesses/organizations in the U.S. From his vantage point, the greatest need of these organizations is ongoing, productive economic/business development. And, the best way to address this need is through a well-conceived approach to Customer-Driven Innovation. From his experience, most of these organizations appreciate the importance of this topic and specifically would like to grow in their understanding of how to develop and bring products/services to market better, faster and cheaper than competition.

His main topic is Customer-Driven Innovation. In addition to the title Get it right the first time with Customer-Driven Innovation (or the third time with narrow-minded thinking)!, the following titles and others address the same topic against different marketplaces/industries (Education, Design and Construction, Corporate, Safety and Security and Government) and all of the titles can be adapted to 30 minute to multi-hour lengths.

* Freedom through FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! and other fabulous benefits of
Customer-Driven Innovation!

* The way of WOW…Customer-Driven Innovation!

* To market we go – better, faster, cheaper – through Customer-Driven Innovation!

* When the going gets tough…the tough get Customer-Driven Innovation!

* Customer-Driven Innovation…The core ingredient to strategic thinking and doing!

* Upstream to downstream organizational impact – A big idea of Customer-Driven Innovation!

* Let the journey begin – plumbing the depths vs. skimming the surface for good ideas with Customer-Driven Innovation!


His background includes thirty years of extensive business development/marketing management experience with specific expertise in strategic and marketing planning, marketing research, product and service development/ management, marketing communications and consultative selling.

Steve has effectively integrated QFD (Quality Function Deployment, which emerged from Japan post WWII as a significant contributor to world-class product development) into all of these disciplines, across several industry categories.

All together, he has worked for corporations focused in consulting for twenty-one years, manufacturing for five years and service for four years. Overall, he values and strives to practice servant leadership, perseverance, creative problem solving, relationship/team building and visionary thinking.

Publications and Special Activities
Steve helped develop The Book of Hope, USA, co-authored The Schoolhouse of Quality®, How One Voice Built a Better School, developed the Corporate Character® strategic relationship planning process and materials at and co-wrote the white paper The Branded Financial Place, A K4 Case Study in Customer-Driven Design.

He has participated in a variety of Christian ministries and presently serves on the Board of Jobs Plus Employment Network Inc., which facilitates employment for men and women in low income communities.

HIS COMMENDATIONS – What they’ve said about him!

“Thank you so much for making a presentation at our class today (higher ed)! I enjoyed it, the students enjoyed it and so did the faculty.”

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation yesterday! It reinforced what I have emphasized in this course (higher ed), i.e., that the ultimate customers and other stakeholders must be considered from the outset.”

“Thank you for presenting at our Breakfast Roundtable (business people). The feedback from the audience was extremely positive…Your professionalism and enthusiasm were evident in your presentation. It was a pleasure to work with you…”

“Thank you so much for your presentation to our Leadership Academy (administrators). Your information was presented in a very interesting and personal way. You involved the audience and made the information meaningful to the participants. The evaluations were very positive.”

“Please accept my sincere appreciation for your willingness to be part of the presentation that we made to our Administrator’s Class. The response and appreciation of the audience for the information you shared was clearly evident.”

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be used of the Lord during our national convention (physicians and dentists). It is not often that we have the privilege of meeting a Christian musician like you who is willing to take time out of his busy schedule…”



– Great perspective on many industries and management levels!
Focused in the Education (secondary and post-secondary), Design and Construction, Corporate (e.g., automotive, foodservice, healthcare, retail, technology, waste management), Safety and Security and Government marketplaces/industries, the mission of Seeideas applies to a variety of strategic, customer-driven innovation initiatives, including those relevant to Products, Services, Distribution, Operations, Facilities and Marketing.


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