Steve Kellmeyer

The founder of Bridegroom Press, Mr. Kellmeyer is an orthodox Catholic lecturer and author, having written six books and over a hundred articles on dozens of issues concerning the Catholic Faith. A popular speaker who skillfully shows how theology applies to today’s headlines, he appears frequently in lecture halls and on radio stations across the nation.

Comments on His Talks

"Thanks again for taking the time to talk to Peter Boyles. I must tell you that in the years I have worked with Peter, I have never seen a listener reaction quite like the one we have gotten from your radio interview. It has been HUGE! I have answered more calls than I can count about you, your book and your website. You really made an impact on Peter's audience. Much appreciated!"
- Kris Berard, Producer, The Peter Boyles' Show

“I am very impressed with your wide range of knowledge of the faith and your ability to express the truth so concisely yet with so much depth. You are providing a great service to the Church. We are grateful to you for helping make our conference a success.”
– Catherine Mianecki, Michigan Homeschool Conference

“Thank you for presenting… It was especially great that you could spend a few moments afterwards, witnessing to Kyle, a young man who is confused about faith and the Catholic Church. He did think about what you said and talked to his sister about it!”
– Diana Bes, Office of Evangelization, Peoria Diocese

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude, on behalf of the Catholic Radio Association and all participating stations… We were honored and blessed to have you as an interview guest.”
Mary Beth Bolle, Catholic Radio Association

A Selection of Talk Topics


An Introduction to Theology of the Body
Fact and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code
Gnostics in The Matrix
Teaching the Faith Effectively
Instilling a Catholic World-View
Adult Formation: the Key to Renewal
Using Artwork in Teaching the Faith


An Introduction to Theology of the Body
Babytalk: Nine Atheistic Arguments against Abortion
Stem Cell Research: What Catholics Believe
Cloning: What Catholics Believe
The Family – The Sanctuary of Life
Darwin, Catholic Theology and Pop Culture


Marian Doctrine and Dogma
The Four Senses of Scripture
Pulling Back the Veil: the Three Means of Divine Revelation
Why Indulgences Still Matter
Have Gospel, Will Travel: the Bible and Apostolic Succession
That’s Not Scriptural: 12 Hard Questions for non-Catholic Christians



  Sex and the Sacred City Artfully Teaching the Faith Bible Basics Fact and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code


Sample of Articles

New Oxford Review
Theology of Clay

Little Lost Lambeth
Gnostics in the Matrix (cover)

Social Justice Review
Medical Cannibalism

Homiletics & Pastoral Review
Contraception Distorts Eucharist

This Rock
Canon of Scripture
Senses of Scripture (cover)

The Catholic Answer
Mass at the Manger
The Never-Ending Story
Ordaining Women



M.A., Theology with catechetics emphasis, Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH.
M.A., Modern European history, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.
B.A., Computer Science, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

Lay Witness
Family: Sanctuary of Life
Apostolic Succession
Designer Genes
Tough Questions in Scripture

National Catholic Register

Sex and the Mandatum

Other Newspaper articles
The Holocaust
Omaha World Herald
Taxpayer Sponsored Rape
Pekin Daily Times

Movie Reviews:
Gnostics in the Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded





A.A.S., Medical Laboratory Science, Southwestern Illinois College.
State Certification, Secondary Mathematics Instruction, Illinois and Missouri.


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