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President, Stan B. Walters & Associates, Inc. and author of the best selling text Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation. This text, now in a 2nd edition, is gaining popularity worldwide as a college level business and criminal justice text as well as police and criminal justice training academies in courses on interview and interrogation. He is also the author of numerous training materials, audiotapes; computer assisted training programs and pocket guides on Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation. His most recent work is The Truth About Lying: How to Spot a Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception published by Sourcebooks. He has served as Subject Matter Expert on Interview & Interrogation to Johns Hopkins University in the development of the Mike Simman Interview training CD for the FBI. He served as a Research Consultant in a major interview behavior research project recently conducted at John Jay College. Results of that study were presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, DC in 2000 and 2002.

Known as “The Lie Guy®”, Stan is an accomplished lecturer, speaker, and instructor and is in heavy demand nationwide for his informative and dynamic training courses and is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. He has done and continues to actively study and research interview and interrogation methods and human deception behaviors including hundreds of prison interviews of subjects convicted of all types of crimes. Stan also frequently serves as a consultant to private corporations, prosecutor’s offices and police departments in criminal investigations. Frequently called upon for his expert opinion on the hottest cases covered by the media, Stan has done hundreds of radio and television interviews including appearances on CNN, ABC News, FOX and Friends, CBS 48 Hours, and local ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates nationwide. He will be appearing in a National Geographic Explorations segment in Fall of 2004.

He is an adjunct instructor at Eastern Kentucky University, University of Missouri – Law Enforcement Training Institute and for the Department of Defense – Polygraph Institute. He is an associate member of the American Polygraph Association and the International Association of Homicide Investigators. He has taught to various state police, local and municipal law enforcement academies in over 45 states as well as for the US Department of Defense, US Immigration and Naturalization Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, the Texas Rangers, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Postal Inspectors, US Probation, US Attorney's Offices and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers in Georgia, Arizona, and New Mexico, various US intelligence agencies, the US military and numerous other educational, professional, and criminal justice training organizations in the United States, Canada, Singapore. Australia & New Zealand.

Stan received his B. S. from the University of Louisville and his M. S. degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. He is also a graduate of the National Crime Prevention Institute. He started his 30 plus year career as a civilian employee with the FBI, worked for the Security Division of a Fortune 500 company and as Director of Security for a commercial bank. His company provides interview and interrogation services and training to business, industry and law enforcement throughout the United States.

Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation is a training program that teaches multi-phase behavioral analysis and tactical interrogation methods using advanced kinesic interview and interrogation theories. The course is designed to help interviewers maximize their ability to gain valuable information as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Assists the interviewer in recognizing the cues of truthful and deceptive behavior. Topics include:

Verbal Cues:
Decoding the real meaning behind the words people
speak and how they say them.

Practical Kinesic Statement Analysis & Credibility Assessment
Learn how to recover critical information about events a person has witnessed or experienced.

Body Language Cues
Understand the silent communication of a person’s body language.

Confession Behaviors
When a person has been misleading or untruthful, how can you know when they are ready to tell the truth?


Uses Level 1 course data with a customized interview technique designed to overcome personality type and defense mechanism behaviors. Topics include:

The Stress Response States
Learn to recognize and react to a person’s stress behaviors to enhance communication.

The Primary Dominant Personalities
Learn to recognize the unique personalities of others, and how to more effectively interact, interview and manage them.

Kinesics of Excluded Subjects
Recognize the behaviors of those with emotional, personality and other psychological disorders.

Tactical Kinesic Interrogation
Successfully applying Practical Kinesic Interviewing methods during critical conversations, negotiations and communications.



Read What Our Past Students Have To Say About Their Learning Experience

The learning starts in the classroom - the knowledge and skills gained are used on the job!


This course is a must for anyone who conducts or participates in the interview process.
Pete F. Indiana Detective

Stan's motivation and passion for the material make this class a huge success.
Mike B. Arizona Police Officer

Excellent speaker & instructor. Most professional instructor I have ever encountered. Well put together course with excellent presentation.
Gene B. Department of the Army.

The training is the best, most dynamic in regards to the important part of police work I have had.
Bob. C. Detective - Grand Junction, CO.

Because of your class, I feel more confident in my interviewing and interrogation skills. I find myself finding "clusters" even when talking to people on the street. Once again Mr. Walters, thank you for an outstanding presentation.
Ryan P. Detective- Iowa

I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of the people we deal with day to day.
Marsha C. Arizona Fire Investigator

I have been with the Department of Corrections for over ten years.. and have been involved in numerous interviews/interrogations. I have been proud of my success of my skills.. now I feel am the new kid on the block again!
L. Morris C.I.D. - Ky. Dept. of Corrections

The class was the best and most enjoyed I have ever attended. I am already using the skills and info you provided..
Ted H. Unemployment Insurance. Sr. Appeals Referee

I very much enjoyed your class in Las Vegas. You are an excellent instructor and your material was most informative. I will certainly comment highly on your course to others.
SA Ron B. Federal Bureau of Investigation

I wanted to tell you how valuable your training course has been to me. As a State Trooper on the interstate... my drug interdiction seizure/arrests since taking your course have improved over 100%. Guys are starting to ask me, "what did you see in the guy?" I wanted to say thanks for providing an outstanding training course that has really been instrumental in helping me become a better trooper.
Kirk D. State Trooper

Stan Walters is one of the most dynamic, energetic and knowledgeable speakers I have had the privilege to learn from in my 9 years of law enforcement experience.
Phillip H. Indiana Police Detective

In my 20 year career with the department I have attended hours of training, most were poorly presented and not always directed to our day-to-day duties. Without a doubt your training was the best I have received.
Matt. F. Sgt. Burglary Squad, Ohio

The information you shared with the class and the techniques you instructed us in have proven invaluable. ... I have recovered $43,000 worth of University property, cleared 8 police reports spanning 2 years, arrested 3 felons... in the short 4 week period since the class ended. I know that without this training I would not have been able to reach the success that I have as of this date.
Det. Jim M. University Division of Law Enforcement & Safety

This is an excellent course, better than the two other interview & interrogation courses I have attended.
Willard C. Bureau of Indian Affairs, South Dakota


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