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“The sad fact is that most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning how to live well, succeed in business, and serve others.”

Stan describes himself as “a communicator and a coach helping and inspiring people to perform at their best, market themselves with power, precision, and high impact; and become the kind of person they would love to have for a colleague, client, or customer.”

He was a teacher and then worked in church missions and international broadcasting for nearly 10 years; working and living with his family in the Caribbean, Latin America, and in Europe. He was a working broadcaster, program manager, and a management and communications consultant. He worked with Trans World Radio and Radio Netherlands, and was trained by the BBC in London. He has an MA. in Communications from the University of Minnesota.

Stan is the creator and President of The PTM Group Coaching Experience. He is an executive performance coach to many business leaders and entrepreneurs, a writer, a national speaker, and a college adjunct instructor. He is the author of numerous articles on personal effectiveness and performance marketing. His book, You Make the Difference! helps service professionals market themselves with confidence, creativity, and high impact. His coaching guidebooks, The Coaching Experience helps people learn the art of practical leadership and extending their influence using performance coaching principles. Stan is also the host of Do It Right Radio, a weekly radio program aired on a network of stations in southern Arizona. Stan challenges men and women to take charge of their lives, pursue their hopes and dreams, achieve their goals, and make their unique mark in the world.



Performance Coaching on how to market you, attract clients and customers, make more sales, make more money, and have fun.Your group will learn the art of “Personal Performance Marketing” so you can do the following:

· How to clearly define the differences in you, your service, and the unique value you bring to your clients, customers, and prospects.
· How to do a 60-second sales presentation that is powerful, and causes people to ask questions and take action.
· How to use radio and broadcasting methods to reach people so they come to you.
· How to create personal CD’s, internet podcasts for clients that tell your story, share your wisdom, and demonstrate how good you are.
· Discover the power of storytelling and how to use it in personal marketing.
· Stop putting on seminars, and start putting on “shows” that the audience enjoys, remembers, recommends, and challenges them to take action.
· Know What Having a Cup of Coffee in a Lexus Has to do with Marketing YOU and YOUR Business.
· How to easily, without fear or embarrassment, seek recommendations from clients, prospects, and friends.

THE MARKETING LIFE is available as a performance presentation or as a group coaching experience. It is created and customized just for you and your organization.



Performance Coaching for everyone in your organization on how to be a star performer in providing remarkable, memorable, and profitable customer service that is a great experience You and your colleagues can all become “CXO’s” (Customer Experience Officers) and do the following:

· Understand that everything we sell is a commodity unless our performance is so outstanding that it can become a great experience.
· Learn the basics of personal performance marketing™ and how to act and perform in front of clients, customers, and prospects.
· Learn that “Image is not everything but it is the first thing” in all business contacts today and how to dress and perform for success in working with clients and customers
· Develop performance scripts and actions that turn our old “customer service departments” and “call centers” into state-of-the art Customer Experience Players and Performers.
· How to deal with cranky clients and customers.
· How to have our CXO’s seek recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients and customers
· Making Customer Experience work more fun and attractive for all.

CREATING & PERFORMING GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES is available as a performance presentation or as a group coaching experience. It is created and customized just for you and your organization.



Helping everyone in your organization to learn and use powerful coaching principles and practices to influence, persuade, and lead others. You and your colleagues can all become “coaches,” and do the following:

· Learn the very best personal coaching, guiding, and leadership principles and performance activities; and how to use them.
· Be able to have greater influence with clients, customers, vendors, colleagues
· Discover new wisdom, leadership, and effectiveness strategies.
· Have greater focus and clarity in business life and work.
· Have the persistence to overcome obstacles and make progress on important performance projects.
· Have the ability to attract quality events and business into your life and work and help others do the same.
· Discover how to help and guide others in overcoming their fears to achieving greatness.

The EXTEND YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE THROUGH COACHING! is available as a performance presentation or as a group coaching experience. It is created and customized just for you and your organization.


Three percent (3%) of the population live with deep passion and purpose, achieve their goals, perform at their best, make their mark in the world, and make a difference. Be one! Here is what you can discover and achieve from this experience:

· Discover what success is and learn new and time-tested strategies for personal growth and professional success..
· Discover what you truly want in life and business.
· Set a mission and direction in life and achieve life-changing goals.
· Better manage your time and your life.
· Reduce your stress level and increase your joy.
· Live and serve clients, customers, and others with greater passion and enthusiasm.
· Become one of the top performers and producers in your business and industry
· Become the difference in the lives of others.


Today your sales team must be telling stories if they want to be successful. You will learn how many top sales performers are using storytelling as a powerful sales and marketing tool and you can too. Here is what we will do in this powerful coaching experience:

· You will understand the reason you need to be a storyteller because telling stories is the only effective means of communication.
· You will learn the basics of good storytelling and how to tell a story.
· You will learn know what stories you need to develop and tell in order to be successful in your sales.
· You will be challenged to find those powerful stories and start telling them.
· You will learn how to deal powerfully with objections through storytelling.
· You will learn how to put your stories on CD’s in order to market yourself with power and creativity.
· You will learn the basics of personal performance marketing of which storytelling is the key element.
· You will have fun and so will your clients.

TELLING STORIES IS THE SECRET TO SALES SUCCESS is available as a performance presentation or as a group coaching experience. It is created and customized just for you and your organization.


Performance Coaching for your sales and marketing performers on radio broadcast marketing methods to reach your audience using internet “podcasting,” audio CD’s, and real live radio! In this exciting coaching experience you will learn:

· Why “Dead tree marketing is dead, and that “If it is important it must be heard” and how to apply that to your sales and marketing strategies.
· What goes into an informative, entertaining, and motivating audio and radio program, and how to start doing a program that can wow your prospects, clients, and customers.
· How to practice to become a polished (almost professional) audio and sound announcer.
· What audio equipment, computer software, and amateur studio facilities are needed to produce programs for the internet and CD distribution sales.
· How to determine if you area ready for real live radio and how to get started to be on the air with your own show!
· You will have fun and you become a powerful broadcast marketer.



“This is the way the world works, this is the way it makes sense.”

That little ditty that I used to teach a group of high school students in a class exploring the philosophies of the world that men and women seek to live by. I explained that our song was a way of reminding us all what the great thinkers were trying to help us figure out. Mainly, how does the world work? And what do we have to know, understand, and do to live well, be successful, and to finish our lives well. It is hard to believe that that class was taught nearly a quarter century ago, but the questions and the song still persist.

Part of work at The PTM Group is to continue the eternal but always specific quest that each of us must go on; we must discover, and apply the “open secrets of true success.” I would like to share with you some of what we have discovered and seek your consideration and response to what we call the principles of growth, change, performance, and development.


How to become all we can be and live at peace in our world.

1. All lasting change comes from deep personal change.

2. We need to assume full responsibility for our lives, our performance, our relationships, and how we respond to what happens to us.

3. Our human experience is full of paradox. We must seek to understand its power and embrace it’s mystery.

4. The universal principal of cause and effect works in our life to carry us forward or to bring us down.

5. The way we think and the way we talk profoundly influences the destinies we reach, the performance we achieve, and the success we enjoy.

6. The search for and the discovery of purpose and meaning in our life and work are fundamental to successful living, personal growth, and positive change.

7. Successful living based on purpose, achievement, and joy requires us to be grateful, forgiving people.

8. Successful living requires that we have the courage and faith to take action in the presence of our fears.

9. Successful living, managing our time and money, making the changes we want, and achieving our goals requires that we know what we value and what we want.

10. We all have to serve somebody. We are hardwired for service to others.


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