Shiro Iwae, OMD, PT


Shiro works with healthcare
professionals to improve patient
satisfaction by blending Eastern
medicine into Western medicine.

Shiro Iwae

Why should you consider Dr. Iwae?

Shiro Iwae, OMD, PT speaks from experience! His programs blend the wisdom of Eastern medicine with Western medical practices to enhance quality and spirit of services in the healthcare industry. It’s all about creating positive patient outcomes. His background in acupuncture anesthesiology and physical therapy led him to study more in the integrative medicine and the outcomes it can deliver. Today Dr. Iwae is in demand for those seeking a more holistic approach to practice and deliver services.


My most frequently requested seminars are on the following topics:

* Discover how philosophies and wisdom from over 5,000 years ago can help us today
* Learn how acupuncture and eastern medicine can help physicians, therapists, and nurses in their practices
* Enhance your current practice with pain management techniques that have been practiced for centuries
* Learn how the 5 Element theory can help you turn stress into relaxation and health
* Utilize the feng shui method to help grow your business
* Make your offices and facilities more feng shui friendly to patients for health promotion
* Discover how and why integrative medicine is a popular approach to practice medicine today

Most of my seminars are designed for between one hour and half a day. Longer seminars or training courses can be customized to fit your organization's individual needs.



Shiro Iwae, OMD, PT is an international motivational speaker and healthcare consultant with a background in Eastern Medicine. He received his doctorate in Tokyo, Japan and he also earned a BS in Physical Therapy and an MS in Oriental Medicine in the United States. He now uses the principles of Eastern Medicine as a metaphor to optimize physical, spiritual, and financial health.

Dr. Iwae works with healthcare professionals to improve patient satisfaction by blending Eastern Medicine into Western Medicine. He began his clinical career in a rehabilitation hospital in Japan. Soon his pain management skills extended to sports medicine and obstetrics

Dr. Iwae is the founder of Health To Me, a seminar company providing services that cultivate relationships by promoting self-discovery and the unlimited potential that building health has to offer. His first seminar creation, How to use Acupuncture Points in Physical and Occupational Therapy is one of the most widely attended inspirational seminars in the world. The premise behind his philosophy is to create a perfect harmony between eastern and western philosophies.

Dr. Iwae is passionate about overcoming adversity. Because of his genuine hope to make an impact in the lives of the people he encounters, Shiro truly touches a soft spot in the hearts and minds of those who attend his seminars. This is how a successful business should strive to operate.

Dr. Iwae has more than 20 years of experience living in both Eastern and Western cultures. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Shiro is in demand internationally. He currently lives in Florida with his wife Susan and their four year old triplets, William, Garrett, and Yvonne.

What they say about Dr. Iwae:

“I was personally very moved and touched by his mission to share Eastern philosophies and wisdom to influence people.” -Michelle C. Pageau, PT

“Trustworthy, Intellectual, Dedicated, Conscientious and Empathetic” -Doris L. Keim, SW

“Great command of field of expertise.” -Pete Gillis, OTR

"Very Inspiring! No doubt, this information will be incorporated!" -Valerie Kit Love,OTR/L

"Thank you for this great experience" -Kathy Aiken, PT

"Thank you for the best course I've ever experienced! What a joy to be able to take Eastern Medicine & combine with Western knowledge for a life changing state of mind. You've given me a new passion to pursue & share with others!" -Kathleen Hill, COTA

“Inspirational and enthusiastic style captivated audiences.” -Rosanna Hu, MPT, MBA


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