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Shirley A. Moore is a passionate professional speaker, seminar leader, internationally certified personal trainer, coach, performer, and retreat director. She helps people Access Energy, Overcome Exhaustion ~ Organize and Electrify their Life.

Shirley’s ability to meet challenges with agility, wisdom and strength stems from raising five children as a single parent, training in martial arts, learning the Japanese language, studying at Northwestern University, Columbia College, and Second City.

As a member of National Speakers Association of Illinois, Shirley has a proven track record with her clients in designing and delivering programs and courses that reach every age group on topics of a professional and personal nature.


By asking the question, “Do I control my thoughts or do my thoughts control me?” and
with an emphasis on ethics Shirley produces immediate results that remain long-lasting to …

* Energize
*Alleviate Stress
*Gain Control of the Brain
*Master Task Management
*Conquer Win-Win Communication
*Implement patterns of profitable productivity

The high-mindedness, quality, and systematic techniques she offers cause success to expand beyond mere achievements into the realm of activating an effective approach to important issues and relationships. Besides working with individuals, she has created and presented programs within business organizations, schools, churches, theatres and galleries. Shirley enjoys generating a highly creative, infectious energy ~ knowing that … Promoting camaraderie … Perpetuates Powerful Patterns

Applying her expertise and experience as a Coach and Professional Speaker Shirley shares Power Presentation secrets with you individually or as a group training you to …

~ Ready
~ Dynamic
~ Creative
~ Compelling


What they say about Shirley:

“Shirley has always been an active member in community service and a businesswoman who presents herself professionally in an intelligent and articulate manner. She possesses the insight to know what needs to be done and the perseverance to follow it through. As a single mother of five children, Shirley’s positive attitude, commitment, and level of energy never waiver. I have no hesitation in expressing my respect and acknowledgement for Shirley and the ways she enjoys enriching the lives of others.”
Peter M. Palanca
Regional Vice President

“Today was the best conference I have ever been to. Shirley was fantastic. She was spunky, full of energy, and kept us awake and engaged constantly throughout the entire day! Shirley was a big hit with participants and I was definitely thrilled with her style.”
Traci A. Wellington
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

"Your program was informative, format effective, and your innovative style kept participants active and entertained.”
Melissa C. Brown, Co-Chair, Young Lawyers Section, CBA

“I recommend Shirley to any employer or group leader seeking to invigorate a team. My diverse team of more than 30 teachers were treated to an uplifting interchange of methods that left us wishing we had time to learn even more!”
Jennifer Heim, Executive Director, Discovery Day School




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