Sheryl Roush


The "Un-Conventional"
Convention Speaker!

Customized Presentations
Lasting Positive Impact

* Keynote Opener — Need to energize your event's opening and set the tone?
* Luncheon Keynotes — or Right-After-Lunch Boosters — When your agenda needs some comic relief!
* Keynote Closing — Send your attendees home invigorated and inspired!

Sheryl Roush is an internationally top-rated presenter, known for her high-energy, high-content, how-to presentations. Her audiences are involved, engaged and energized!


Programs are designed to have a lasting positive impact —and tailored to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

7 Benefits of Presentations
to your Group YOU WILL:
1. Improve attitude, overcome negativity
2. Energize creativity and flow of innovation
3. Develop teamwork and greater harmony
4. Build trust, loyalty and pride
5. Increase productivity and cooperation
6. Enhance interpersonal and team communication
7. Boost morale, self-esteem and "family" spirit

Sparkle-Tude: Keeping a Smile on Your Face When the Day Gets You Down

* Stay sane and lighthearted in stressful times- 64 ideas
* Deal with difficult people and challenging situation
* Reduce stress, increase fun and beat burnout

Perc-U-Lating Power: Putting Passion & Purpose Back in Your Life!

* Reclaim your sense of FUN, creativity and playfulness
* Get--and stay--focused on things that really matter
* Re-passionize yourself and stay youthful, vibrant and grateful.



Solid Gold Marketing Design: Discovering a “gold mine” of promotional material

For every level of desktop publisher/designer/editor/administrative assistants

* Programs are customized specific to your organization and samples!
* Master the practical techniques of graphic layout, typestyle fonts and color psychology

Sparkle When You Speak: Making effective presentations -- for every level of presenter and every type of presentation

* Apply the 7 significant secrets of speaking
* Structure, organize, and energize any presentation
* Create and use visual aids to persuade, inform and motivate

Team Communication Tactics: How to communicate with anyone, anywhere - on their level!

* Build better rapport, cooperation and trust
* Enhance a keen sense of listening skills
* Ideal for executive retreats - as a full day, half day, or breakout sessions

Customer Service with Heart: Putting a positive attitude, connection and spirit to work

* Learn 4 things customers really want -- and 7 things they don't
* Use 3 dynamics of communication skills and 2 listening techniques
* Serve from your heart and connect authentically with your customers

What they say about Sheryl:

"Working with Sheryl is a dream. She fulfills every customer service credo that exists- always going beyond the expected to assist YOU in your planning. Her mind is a non-stop brainstorm of creative ideas that add punch and pizzazz to any event - and all of this in addition to her own outstanding presentation that will have your audience implementing ideas and taking action. Sheryl IS the WOW factor you've been looking for!" Marcia Snow, President, Blue Feather Management

"I thought your presentation was wonderful and you really connected with the women - no stirring in the seats; they were quite captivated with you. And what I love about your speaking is that it's not about you - it's all about serving the audience and providing them with the nuggets of truth. You definitely get a sense of grace, encouragement, blessing, and an uplifting message. Your timing is great - you have a great sense of humor." Sandy Liarakos, Senior Events Supervisor, Sharp Women's' Health Symposium

"Sheryl is a professional speaker who truly does her homework before presenting to any audience. She was extremely good with wonderful delivery and excellent audience participation". Bev Weurding, Event Consultant for Major Health Hospitals



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