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Regardless of being tagged with ‘no natural ability’, ‘disabled’ and ‘nothing above average’ 7-time World No.1 Women’s Marathon Swimming Champion Shelley Taylor-Smith is the only woman to hold a No.1 world ranking for both men and women in the history of any sport worldwide.

Retired 8yrs, Shelley switched swimsuit for business suit, now creating Champions in all of us with her down to earth, openness & honesty as she connects & engages her audience sharing her personal experiences. She holds Bachelors in Education in Physical Education, is a qualified trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and currently pursuing her doctorate in Philosophy.

A highly energetic and inspiring motivational keynote speaker Shelley presents at international conferences, national conventions, individuals and teams at in-house small business and corporate events helping to remove the blocks, including procrastination and loss of motivation; that stop people from achieving peak performance and ultimately success.


1. Create Your Own Champion Mindset
Passionate & Powerful Shelley Taylor-Smith at her best - advises to stop playing it safe and start creating what's truly possible in life by stretching yourself, taking risks and surrounding yourself with your very own positive, supportive team spirit. Learn how to stop bumping into your potential every now & then, discover the keys to consistent performance and transform your potential into performance on how to:

* Step up, out of your comfort zone and commit to higher goals
* Recognize negative people and detoxify them from your life
* Challenge yourself and put your fear of failure to rest
* Maintain your thirst and stay hungry making "no" your daily vitamin (motivation)
* People don't fail because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit
* Why passion, planning and focusing on what matters most are the Golden rules today

2. Success Strategies of World Champions
Shelley Taylor-Smith reveals the success strategies of Champions who achieved their outcomes – ordinary, every day people in all walks of life. Shelley presents motivational ideas and principles that are followed by provocative questions and action exercises to help you apply the strategies to create your own success!

3. Success - It’s All in the Mind!
How to out-motivate your competitors whilst you encourage them along the way. Watch and learn while Shelley presents 7 practical ideas on how to:

* See people who don’t want to see you then make them glad they did
* Think big and creatively as you step out of your comfort zone
* Develop and maintain relationships in creative ways
* Become an ‘attractive’ magnet, attracting clients and customers
* Prevent clients or customers from draining you
* Turn no into yes, knowledge into power, ideas into action that will have your competitors drawling and your clients/customers begging.

4. Think Like a Champion - Inspire Yourself from Within – KEYNOTE AND WORKSHOP

* Initiate the natural born Champion potential - who are you? What do you attract when you communicate? How do you stand out? What do your colleagues and clients 'buy' in YOU? What are you 'hot' at?
* Delve into the Champion behavior that is unique? What are your unique qualities? What is your 'signature Champion style' that helps you stand up, stand out and shine? What is your positive brand impression?
* Discover the Champion Secret behind encouraging out-of-the-ordinary behavior that sticks.

5. THE WINNING FORMULA: How to Plan for it, Make it happen now and live the successful life that is your birthright to achieve. Be inspired, improve morale, motivate your team, celebrate success, inspire performance, embrace change and step-up to the next level of success.

6. Power through Pressure, Stress Less, Achieve Success and Live Longer in Sensational Style.
Champion stress in your life and achieve success! Regardless of what is thrown your way in work and life, sustain your momentum to work under pressure. Take responsibility and ensure yourself a longer life. The Taylor-Made Solutions shared are so effective that you will be wishing you knew about them much sooner. Shelley brings all these strategies, mindsets, tools and techniques together to provide you with a proven stress management system.

7. How to use the power of belief to achieve anything you want (the size of your success is determined by the size of your BELIEF)!
Learn how to use the power of belief to change yours and your team. Belief and desire are the beginning of all achievement. If one of those key ingredients is missing, success is almost impossible.


Shelley Taylor-Smith ... Inspirational..... Passionate ... Patriotic ... 100% Australian ... Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow recipient, is a respected Motivational Keynote Speaker, Seven-time World Champion marathon swimmer, and International best selling author and Business Trainer. Shelley has proven that any ordinary Australian can achieve extraordinary results; that a Champion Mindset® can make a difference in your life, career and business.

As the founder and director of Champion Mindset® Consulting, Shelley works with small businesses and individuals to achieve success and peak performance removing the blockages that stop people from achieving.

Creating Champion Mindsets and empowering people to become Champions in their own world is Shelley’s biggest passion and life mission. She has worked with major Corporations through to long term unemployed and Olympic athletes. The common link with these extreme groups is often a loss of focus, not knowing what they want and a belief that you have to be one of the lucky few to be a Champion and have the life you have always dreamed of.

What they say about Shelley:

"Balancing a full-time job with study is never easy, but producing an honors thesis while maintaining 50 - 60 hours working weeks seemed an insurmountable task. One weekend with Shelley made me re-think my approach and break it down into small, achievable goals. She inspired me, encouraged me and, most of all, enthused me about the journey ahead - a journey which ended with success! Shelley's approach is sensational. I highly recommend taking the next step, and attending one of her Champion Goal Setting Workshops."
Belinda Lawton, NSW

“We chose Shelley Taylor-Smith on the basis of her inspirational story and how she has used that story to inspire others to reach for and achieve their goals in every area of their lives. Your presence Shelley and openness on the day was outstanding, which coupled with your ability to link your story to the audience and their immediate business outcomes made for a strong and moving presentation."
Kathy Cummings, General Manager, Third Party Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“After Shelley’s one day workshop with our long term unemployed (at least 5yrs) within 30 days 26% gained full time employment and 50% are still employed today.”
Work Directions NSW

“Onyx had increased its closure of contracts ratio by 30% by Shelley Taylor-Smith motivating buyers through the fear factor.”


Shelley has spoken for these groups and many more:

McKenna Diamonds Youth Leadership (Amway Australia)
The Television Shopping Network (TVSN)
Sister2sister Bootcamp
Randwick Tourism
The Australian Insurance Holdings
The Golden Door Health Retreat Elysia, Hunter Valley, NSW
The Sri Lanka Fundraising Foundation
The Cut Golf Club Womens’ Luncheon
IPA Personnel
Robert Half International Breakfast Series – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Regional Melbourne
Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd
Lifestart Annual Fundraising Dinner
Resource Consulting Services Pty Ltd
NSW Corrective Services
PaperlinX Credit Conference 2006
Sydney City Business SWAP
Perth SWAN Business SWAP
PLAN Australasia National Conference 2006
Tenix Solutions
LDR The Leader Newspaper Sales Conference, Victoria


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