Séan McArdle

Séan McArdle
"The $100 Million


Life Mapping™: A Thinking Tool for Living Your Life on Purpose

Your potential to learn, to grow, to change and to achieve is incredible, but not unless you use a tool. Séan has developed a thinking  tool  that will increase your results over the long term and turn your life into a balanced and effective journey of personal achievement. LifeMapping is a simple system for organizing the way your conscious mind thinks and shows you how to develop a primary purpose in each of the most important areas of your life, your sales plan or your business. Your action plan will produce results, save time and make money. This tool will unlock your personal genius and unleash your desire to succeed.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Become the architect of a day that will bring them what they want for a Iifetime
  • Develop primary purpose in the most important areas of life, sales  and business
  • Become dimensional thinkers
  • Carry out an action plan that is consistent, simple and will change results ''overnight", not ''over night"
  • Employ the art & science of living ''on purpose" 

Séan is a Master Motivator and speaker in the areas of sales. negotiation, strategic planning and persona! development. His distinctions about what makes for a successful   career and life come directly from his ownexperiences. His stories will take  you on a personal journey from living under a bridge at twenty-five to negotiating some of the largest printing contracts in the  publishing industry at twenty-eight. Since 1992. he has  authored numerous books, tapes. articles and software programs in the areas of interpersonal communications. sales and persona! development. Sean is the founder and Chairman of LifeAnswers. Inc. The nationally  recognized training company has developed and delivers more than 50 different seminars and consulting programs to some of America's leading corporations and the US Federal Government. Sean is currently a  member of the National Speakers Association. When he isnot speaking or teaching others to teach his materials, he focuses on new ways to help individuals take advantage of accelerated learning skills and  techniques.

Negotiation: The Art & Science of Getting What You Want

Séan McArdle negotiated sonic of the largest printing contracts in the world and became known by his peers as. "The $100 Million Salesman." In this humorous and  thought-provoking exploration of the human condition, you will gain at least sixteen ways to turn the tables of life and business in your direction. The art and science of negotiation is a skill set  everyone can use  to start a journey of fulfilling your stated goals. hopes and desires. Most people know what they want. They just don't know how to get it. Now they will.


Your audience will learn how to:

  • Start and finish each negotiation on a high note
  • Practice negotiation skills that let both sides win what they really want
  • Use ten powerful negotiation tactics for getting closer to agreement
  • Employ Séan's six rules for the use of eight ethical, "power  techniques"
  • Negotiate agreements that build more business consistently
  • Become known as a trusted leader worth  doing business with 

Sales Systems for the 21st Century

Learn how today's latest technology can get you to contact ten times as many prospects and close them in half the time! There is only one way to ensure new sales  results...you must take new sales action! And any successful new action plan starts with education. Ultimately, education is the key to unlocking the barriers that stop sales people in their tracks first-call  reluctance, procrastination, poor organization of' time and materials. When you educate salespeople you empower them to become the peak perf'ormers that they can be. .. Sales Systems for the 21st Centuryhas been carefully designed to turn beginners into  achievers and make sales machines out of the rest. This presentation by one of America's leading salesman will jump-start  every person in the room to create and maintain sales levels they only dreamed about...  until now!

 Your audience will learn how to: -

  • Consistently fill their prospect pipeline without cold-calling
  • Design and deliver a winning sales call
  • Use technology to outsell their competition
  • Create a career that will make them a fortune
  • Master the art of change
  • Build beliefs that will take them to the top

"You Made history! Not only was the first program held in our new Conference Center a great sucess, but your performance  under such adverse conditions taught us all an important lesson in commitment and professionalism." - Gregg van Wert

"Séan's enthusiasm combined with his experiences & success made for an interesting and driven seminar" - Creative Financial Group

"I have  attended many seminars and listened to  many wonderful speakers. But with all sincerity I must tell you that I have never attended a seminar where I was so inspired and affected by another person. I went to your seminar to improve my sales. I left your  seminar an enlightened and more whole human being". - Julia Stewart, Eastern Rainbow

"The talent and knowledge, energy and professionalism  you displayed contributed significantly to the success  of the conference. It was a pleasure and honor to have you as a speaker." - Sherry Brown, American Management Association

Grow, Profit, Lead the Field:

A Strategic Planning Toll for Achieving Your Organization's Goals on Purpose

 For chief executives, entrepreneurs, association executives, heads of nonprofit organizations charged  with the responsibility to lead, grow, and change group results, This tool is so powerful, it will increase your results immediately. Using his "thinking tool" approach to group dynamics, creative imagination and  planning. Séan will show you the power of making your group  produce "on purpose!" You will feel the excitement that can only happen when your mind sees possibilities that can make instant and positive results in your organization.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Develop an ''on purpose '' annual plan for your organization on a single sheet of paper
  • Create a primary purpose for individual action plans
  • Unlock the mystery ofconsistent and positive change
  • Tie organizational goals to building consistent value
  • Make a quantum leap in the measurable results of your organization. 


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