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"NO sabotages morale, creates its own reality, and is the basis of failure. In today’s economic and political climate, it is more important than ever to focus on and access our YES! It is imperative to the individual, and it is imperative to society at large."
Scott Silverman, Author, Founder & Executive Director of Second Chance


Effective programs and presentations are borne of experience. They emanate from visceral knowledge. Scott Silverman’s programs have grown out of his work with people, particularly at-risk individuals. Helping them to realize that barriers are just something to be dealt with on the way to yes, Scott has helped countless people reach success. Winners are willing to do what losers are not.

Scott’s success, and the success of those he works with, comes from his belief that every individual on the planet has the seed of that willingness tucked into their heart or soul or gut. That some just need help accessing it. Whether working with management teams or the rank and file, Scott provides inspiration, humor, and real tools for winning.

Programs, Topics and Themes

  • Six Steps for Turning No into Yes – Yes, I will buy your product. Yes, I will give you the contract. In our personal and professional lives, we strive for the yes, and too often we get the no. How do we turn No into Yes? Scott Silverman provides the keys.

  • Making Work Work – More than 84 % of Americans claim to hate their jobs, living lives of quiet – and sometimes not so quiet – desperation in the workplace. That dissatisfaction impacts employee morale, workplace productivity, team spirit. How do we as individuals make work work? How does management create an environment that makes this happen? This practical, interactive presentation makes it happen.

  • Making Office Politics Work for You – Politics exists in every environment. But no where are they more prevalent than in the office. They can impact productivity, destroy morale, and create stress for both management and the workforce. This presentation provides tools for deflecting and effectively dealing with office politics and even making them work for you.

  • Creating a Winning Work Environment – We all know the benefits of a win-win negotiation. In this effective presentation, Scott Silverman teaches management how to create win-win scenarios that motivate the workforce and lead to better teamwork and a more profitable bottom line.

  • Balancing Personal and Professional Lives Without Compromise – As the job market has grown tighter and more competitive, the workforce deals with greater and greater stress – often borrowing time and energy from their personal lives to fulfill workplace needs. This balancing act is at best tenuous, at worst, destructive. How can we balance our personal and professional lives without compromise? In this valuable presentation, Scott Silverman provides the tools.

  • Top Ten Workplace Complaints – And How Managers Can Avoid Them – The top ten workplace complaints impact productivity, teamwork, and morale. They interrupt the smooth functioning of your business. And they cause that expensive employee turnover. How can you avoid them? And how should you handle them when they arise? This interactive management training session is invaluable to your management team and your bottom line.

  • De-Stressing the Workplace – Scott Silverman shares tried and true techniques for distressing the workplace, increasing productivity, enhancing teamwork, and encouraging the collective YES.

  • Recovery – What it is, How to Make it Happen, and How to Make it Stick – A nationally recognized expert in moving past substance abuse and back into life, Scott Silverman brings years of experience successfully working with thousands of people to this moving, articulate, and empowering presentation.


For more than 15 years, Scott Silverman has been helping others to find their YES as the Founder and Executive Director of the highly successful, multi-million dollar non-profit Second Chance, a human services agency committed to breaking the cycles of unemployment, poverty, homelessness and recidivism by offering job readiness training, employment placement assistance, mental health counseling, case management, and affordable housing referrals to people who desire to change their lives.  In the last 15 years, Scott Silverman has helped more than 24,000 people successfully find their own Second Chance.  In 2008 he was named a CNN Hero of the Week and the City of San Diego named February 19 Scott Silverman Day.  A renowned workforce expert, Scott is also one of the foremost experts on prisoner release and recidivism in the country. He is the author of Tell Me No. I Dare You!. a guide to finding your YES.

Kudos for Scott Silverman:

"…shows us the power that each of us has to transform the ‘no’ of the moment into the ‘yes’ for a lifetime. "
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

"Scott takes you on a bravely candid and deeply personal journey that is sure to be inspirational to those who've experienced their share of life's rocky road. "
M. Johnson, San Marcos, CA

"God bless you and all the work you have done for others and the impact you had on me today."
Courtney Lawson

"…inspiring and dynamic speech and I hope the AMA invites you back again next year!
Claudine Van Gonka, Special Projects Manager San Diego Blood Bank



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