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Communication Charisma

Good communication is magnetic, attracting productive connections and positive outcomes —harmony, energized atmosphere, positive relationships, understanding, respect and appreciation. Charisma is the personal quality that serves as the vehicle for creating golden connections.

Sandy Strauss, The Connection Coach, and co-author of Charisma Cards, sweeps away "communication cobwebs," things that drain our energy, productivity and creativity. Her programs energize the spirit of cooperation and enhance synergistic connections!

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Discover all the "goodies" of good communication
  • Delete disconnections and breakdowns
  • Weed out "charisma crushers"
  • Solve problems faster
  • Use feedback for short-circuiting energy-draining dynamics
  • Improve listening for better productMty, problem-soMng & cooperation
  • Increase rapport for maximum productivity & performance
  • Cultivate caretaking communication for boosting morale
  • Use words and phrases that encourage cooperation
  • Manage thorny behaviors: put-downs, criticism and sarcasm
  • Create better relationships
  • Enjoy the H.E.A.R.T. of good communication

"Wow! What an amazing presentation you wnducted for the staff at &i8ter Seals headquarters!It is all they have been talking about! &~enjone agrees that your style and wit really helped make your presentation so powerful. In addition, the knowledge you imparted has truly made a difference.
Our staff is sharing these new and effective ways to relate to each other."
- Monika Taylor, Communications Director Easter Seals, Calverton, MD

'The 'standing room only' audience thoroughly enjoyed your lively and informative session. The feedback we have received from participants has been outstanding and gave you the highest rating of "Excellent" in the quality of information presented, presentation style, knowledge of subject matter and relevance to them...
They especially appreciated your research about them as an audience, so you could
 target and customize the presentation to relate to their concerns and issues."
They considered your material to be of high vahie to them in their
 professional and personal lives."
- Tere Linehan, CFRE, Fund Raising Days of 2000 Track Dean, Nati onal Socieiy of Fund Raising Executives

Building a Successful Life
Positive life skills pave the way to successful living

Sandy Strauss energizes the spirit of success for creating positive and productive lives. She offers a collection of strategies for both teen and adult audiences, inspiring participants to tap the best within themselves.

Her programs feature how to:

  • Create winning attitudes
  • Build self-respect
  • Develop good character
  • Manage stress, fear and worry
  • Cultivate positive relationships
  • Make choices for positive outcomes
  • Design a productive, satisfying life
  • Make desirable changes
  • Choose success-enhancing values
  • Live in greater harmony with others
  • Get unstuck from energy-draining thoughts and actions

Sandy is available for presenting success fundamentals for keynotes, workshops, half-day or full-day programs. Her keynote, Success: It's Your Choice! highlights how to consistently choose success-enhancing attitudes and actions.

"you engaged the girls immediately and kept their interest for 3 hours!"
- Sherry Simas, LCSW-C ACSW
Coordinator, TAPIOCA (Teaching, Acting, Promoting Interest on Critical Areas)
Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital

"...this was a very successful program, and your company is correctly titled "Dynamic"! The students felt your program was very positive. It caused them to explore their options and to think about what they need to do in order to have a successful life."
- Robert Pearson, Langston Hughes Middle School, Reston, VA


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