Two Minutes
Financial Freedom

An extraordinary program that teaches attendees how it is possible to prevent the annual IPS wallet-ectomy, create a healthy TAX-FREE cash-flow, and RETIRE RICH -in 2 minutes a day...cha cha cha!

We've Got Your TAX CUT Right Here!

How popular would a program be that teaches your colleagues and associates how to take their biggest single financial expense and convert it into a continuous stream of tax-free money to make their lives richer through:

• Better vacations • Better schools for their children
• Better entertainment • Better weddings and family celebrations
• Better recreation (including golf) • PLUS—Better and earlier retirement...

RIGHT NOW, without waiting for some magic new tax cut or reform by Congress?

That's exactly what they will learn how to do at Sandy Botkin's exclusive 2 Minutes to Financial Freedom seminar. Each and every seminar attendee will learn how to put an extra $2,000 to $15,000 or more a year CASH in his or her pocket..without having to earn a penny more - PLUS how to turn that money into personal wealth - all in about 2 minutes a day!


Here are some of the specific tax-saving/ money-making topics to be covered:

• How to maximize tax deductions for entertainment - including golf, theater and sports events
• How to fund children's education, weddings and all family medical/dental expenses through legal tax deductions
• How to set up a tax-free education IRA for family members
• How to profit from business relationships with relatives (Really!)
• Hot to take the maximum allowable business automobile deductions
• How to turn a home office into a source of tax-free income
• How to save a whopping 40% on all Social Security taxes
• How to establish a profit-sharing plan that allows a yearly deduction of $24,000+
• How to avoid (or make the best of) an unlikely IRS audit
• How to document and audit-proof records from IRS forever!

You can trust the information in this program.

• Sandy Botkin served for 5 years as a legal specialist in the office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service and trained new attorneys to the IRS Corporate Tax Division.
• Sandy Botkin's materials are in full compliance with, and footnoted directly to Internal Revenue Code and have withstood the test of time and 1RS scrutiny for more than two decades.
• Sandy Botkin's program qualifies for Continuing Education credit in most states by the highest accrediting bodies for C.RA.'s, Certified Financial Planners and Real Estate professionals.

This could be your most appreciated program ever!

Here's why: The difference between "just getting by" and being in a position to build personal wealth is not how much money one makes; it's knowing how to keep more of the money one earns! The information in this program empowers attendees to take unprecedented control over reducing their own tax liability. The result is a life-changing increase in retained earnings!
Furthermore, what C.RA.'s don't know could be costing your colleagues and associates their retirement! (Yours too/,) Very few C.RA.'s are knowledgeable about these powerful tax-saving/wealth-building strategies. By sponsoring Sandy Botkin's program, you are taking advantage of an opportunity to learn a completely legal, time-tested strategy for lowering taxes to the legal limit, and start building personal wealth immediately!

The results of this program are guaranteed!
Sandy Botkin's program is so powerful that is carries an extraordinary 2-way guarantee:

• Should any seminar attendee not be convinced that he or she will get at least $5,000 in new tax deductions as a result of this program, TRI will issue a full credit for that attendee's workbook fee.
• If they use Sandy Botkin's system, their tax returns will be guaranteed audit-proof!


Extraordinary Speaker; Extraordinary Qualifications

Sandy Botkin is the most respected and sought-after speaker on tax strategies for building wealth today! His credentials and experience include:
• Distinguished tax attorney; former lead tax attorney with the IRS "Certified Public Accountant
• CEO of the Tax Reduction Institute in Washington, DC (Germantown, MD )
• Member, Wealth Master faculty of Robb'ins Research International (an Anthony Robbins company)
• Regular guest on nationally-syndicated business talk shows, including Business Soup Talk Radio
• Featured tax expert on the television program, Money Mastery
•Teacher of tax reduction strategies to self-employed individuals, business professionals, realtors, dentists, physicians, corporate owners, small business owners and contractors
•Author of books and articles on tax savings and wealth-building strategies for the self employed
• Profiled tax expert in Newsweek
•Top-rated instructor by numerous universities and associations; recipient of the Distinguished Realtor Instructor Award from the Real Estate Educators Association
• Honored Member of Who's Who Among American Executives
• PLUS...Sandy Botkin is entertaining and understandable — never boring (cha cha cha!)

During the past ten years, Sandy Botkin has taught more than 100,000 taxpayers how to save over $300 million on their taxes through this seminar program. He consistently earns rave reviews for his clear and humorous presentations, which have been sponsored by leading companies and organizations across America.

What people are saying:

"This program is worth a million dollars! I'm so glad you've made it affordable. The dollar return on my investment is tremendous!"
- M. Griffith

"The biggest mistake I have made regarding my taxes was not taking this seminar the first time I heard about it." E. See

"A course I could not afford to miss...Will put my 2 children through college with the proceeds."
-I. Valicintti

"Anyone who wants to pay less taxes, and make more money should attend this seminar." - L. Van Buren

"This seminar is a must for every self-employed person." -E. Salchow

"Your seminar strategies not only have opened my eyes to saving have increased my marketability with my clients." - .S, Wilhelm

"The US government should send Sandy's program with every social security number. Without question, everyone in the Country should have his tax system and audit-proof diary."
-Rod Cook, publisher/editor, MLM Insider Magazine


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