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Sam is the president of Allman Training and Consulting, which provides sales training and consulting to Fortune 500 companies in all industries. Allman Training & Consulting is a full-service company focused on helping retail businesses improve sales and management effectiveness. The firm offers a full line of training courses to help companies reach their total potential.

Allman Training and Consulting has worked with all sizes of companies in many different industries, including Manufacturing, Service, Distributing, and Retailing. The instructors are top-notch sales and training professionals who understand through experience what shapes a well-run organization and, more importantly, what methods sink a successful sales ship and how to avoid making those mistakes.

Seminars and Keynotes

Through entertaining and informative keynote speeches and sales workshops, Sam shows you how to build this Heart & Mind connection with each customer. First, he diagnoses which style – Heart or Mind – drives your sales approach, marketing and culture. Then he teaches you the skills, techniques, and strategies to help you realign your style and achieve a more balanced and successful approach. The result means increased sales, more referrals, and a decreased rate of “Silent Defections” of customers from your radar.

Finesse for Success and See the Big Bucks Roll In!
Do your profits fall short of your sales goals? Are your customers using your services once or twice, but then defecting to your competitor? Is your bottom line not nearly what it needs to be? It may be because you have satisfied customers, but not loyal customers.

Sam’s powerful keynote uses studies in behavioral sciences, as well as Sam’s hard knock experience from the sales floor, to get you to look at every aspect of what the customer is looking for, both in the product and in the service.

In a fun and lively address that will have you on the edge of your seats, Sam will teach you how to walk the delicate line of influencing the customer’s buying habits with regard to both heart and mind. When you sell to the customer’s mind, you get the sale but no loyalty. When you sell to the customer’s heart, you get the loyalty, but not the sale. But focus on both, Sam proves, and you’ll have loyalty and endless customer referrals—for life.

Sam will also address the other most common instances where finessing opposing principles should apply:

• Examining long term goals vs. short term goals
• Being reactive vs. being proactive
• Managing with respect vs. likeability
• Business virtue vs. business ethics
• Hiring natural talent vs. experience
• Fitting your business with employees vs. fitting your employees with your business

Pillars of Profits to Carry your Business
Do you know what you’re doing best and what you’re doing worst? Are you maximizing the strongest parts of your business? And are you prepared if one of your profit pillars collapses? You may be too focused on one area of your operation, and neglecting parts that will ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

Learn how to build on multiple profit pillars that will enable you to sustain effective growth, where you develop exponential profits instead of linear ones!

In this compelling keynote, Sam will demonstrate how to manipulate each specific force that will build your profits. Some of the topics he will discuss are:

• Sales
• Margins
• Closing Rate
• Marketing
• Servicing
• Prospecting
• Time Management

You’ll learn the best methods to balance every aspect of your business! If one aspect of your business is lacking, another pillar will keep your business running strong. You’ll sustain growth even when the economy is stagnating, and create a synergy to uphold your business because every pillar is minded to.

Super-Sizing Your Small Business Dream
Do you own your business, or does your business own you? About 96 % of all independent businesses fail, while 90% of franchised businesses are still in operation after ten years. What are they doing, that the small businessman isn’t? Are you just trying to stay afloat, or is every action you take a step in building your business? That’s where Sam Allman comes in.

Experience the freedom you thought you would have when starting your own business, while still running it at maximum efficiency!

Often, small business owners are overworking themselves because they don’t know which direction to go. They’re doing business, not building business. They don’t own a business, they own a job. They’re not establishing systems and procedures that would turn their operation into a predictable profit making machine. These people will never get passed a certain plateau.

Your business will always be small as long as there’s incompetence. Sam will teach you his six business systems that will help your operation flourish like a franchise. You can then apply these newfound systems to your business, and watch for predictable profitability – balance sheet after balance sheet!

Assembling the All-Star Sales Team
Are your salespeople book smart but not street smart? Do they have all the tools, but can’t turn a profit? They look good on paper, but that doesn’t correlate to your bottom line.

In this creative keynote, Sam Allman reveals the step by step process in turning your workforce into a top notch sales machine. Detailing training methods, performance enhancing techniques and service oriented approaches, Sam proves that it’s not what your salespeople know, it’s what they do.

Aside from the development aspect, Sam’s system addresses poor performing salespeople that not only hurt the bottom line, but also undermine leadership. He’ll look into the contrasting qualities that make up an effective salesperson, and how they often need to take on multiple roles in order maximize their sales output.

In no time, your salespeople will grasp a variety of efficient styles where they won’t have to use price as a crutch to make the sale.

Turning Emotional Intelligence into Dollars and Cents
Are the interactions on your sales floor dull and uninspiring? Is there a passion that your team is lacking? Do you just wish there was a hint of enthusiasm?

An understanding and recognition of emotions in the business arena can be one of the most effective tools you possess. In this keynote presentation, Sam Allman confronts issues that are often pushed to the side in the cut-throat professional world. He addresses the meanings of goals, and reactions when they are met or not. He presents a means to increase the passion of your workforce on all fronts, as well as instill a certain urgency which, if you lack, can destroy your operation.

Sam will examine the intricacies of motivation, and how to extend and enrich the levels of optimism within your workplace. He’ll speak on trust and relationship building, as well as the recognition that having the highest IQ in your company is irrelevant if you aren’t aware your own and others feelings.


What they’re Saying About Sam...

“I would recommend your training to anyone. All companies need this education for new ideas and refreshment…. As you so eloquently state, it’s not the big changes but the little nuances we practice everyday that puts us over the top.”
Mark V. Pacacha,
Vice President, NRF Distributors Inc., Manning Division

“With experience in retailing, distribution, and manufacturing, all programs are uniquely different and superior to other programs and I would highly recommend training to other businesses.”
Mike Smith,
President, Orders Distribution Company

“...At the last moment, I tried to get out of going to [your] Personal Quality Management seminar. I just wanted you to know that it was an unbelievable experience. In all the years that I have been in business in both special education and in the industry, I’ve never had a more educational, inspirational experience than the PQM seminar.”
Steven Derick,
Territory Manager, Mohawk Industries

“The most effective aspect of the training was in bringing members of my staff back from the daily doldrums to an excitement they had early in their careers. While motivation is important, I felt the honest sales techniques and professionalism were also emphasized and demonstrated. I enthusiastically endorse the training for other companies and individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge.”
Norman Pomerleau,
President, NRF Distributors

Sample client list:

Sam has spoken for these groups and more:

The Home Depot
Federated Department Stores
Mohawk University
Abbey Carpet
Century Tile
Carpet One University World Floor Covering Association
Melmart Distributors, Inc.
Galleher, Inc.
Wear-Dated Carpet
Swiff-Train Company
Marshell Fields
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