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Sally Anderson's story and message is unique, Technology is unique, Approach is unique and Presentation is Unique! One in a Million!

Sally Anderson is one of Australasia’s foremost thinkers in transformation. She is a prominent futurist, visionary and behavioral specialist. Her unique approach has helped people live their lives by changing their perception of their past, living authentically in the present and thereby gaining the power to design their future based on fulfilling their legacy.

To enable the realization of her vision she established a unique coaching organization which specializes in Executive Coaching, Legacy Leadership and Transformational Seminars focused on the advancement of human performance.


The Art of Being Leadership versus Doing Leadership

‘Leaders tend to focus on what they believe they should be doing, rather than who they are being’ - Sally Anderson

In our increasingly complex world, time is being compressed and individuals and organizations are looking to manage their lives better to adapt to the needs of the ever-accelerating pace of life. Those who lead are individuals with the potential for human frailties.  Overwhelm, tiredness, frustration, and a sense of fruitlessness prevails.  There is another way! Accessing the 5th dimension of leadership in the 21st century is at essence where leadership is destined to evolve.  In this presentation Sally Anderson imparts the key elements to evolve your consciousness to new levels of awareness thereby experiencing the art of BEING leadership versus DOING leadership! Sally believes that leaders who desire to grow their competencies will be the most successful, influential and effective leaders - and more importantly, others will desire to follow them.

"Although this domain of leadership is the type we've known very rarely or that we associate exclusively with extraordinary individuals like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, it is available to us all and may indeed be crucial for our future." 

  Creating Power-Power Based Cultures

‘Human to human interactions in the 21st century need to elevate to that of extraordinary!’  – Sally Anderson

An established international cultural change agent in her own right, Sally Anderson imparts unique technology that has the power to change cultures from that of disempowerment to empowerment.  She will impart the 5 key elements to transforming your culture plus revolutionary insights into changing human dynamics internally within your organization.

The one synonymous element in all cultures, be it governments, organizations, families or relationships, is that of human to human interaction.  There are fundamental human traits which, once understood, enable a whole new realm of possibility with sustainable results.

Climbing ‘Your’ Everest

‘I believe everyone has their own Everest, that insurmountable mountain that they believe they cannot climb.  What would happen if you climbed YOUR EVEREST, then who would you BE?’ – Sally Anderson

Be inspired!  Sharing from her own unique experience Sally Anderson shares what’s possible when you master what you perceive is insurmountable in your life.  If you are interested in experiencing unprecedented results in all area’s your life then you will enjoy learning about the ‘The Transformational Journey to Self Mastery’ model.  Sally will explain the key elements of how to experience mastery in the area’s of your life that are most important to you, ie relationships, career, financial abundance, family, calling/unique vocation…

It takes courage to embark on a journey without knowing the destination.  But, if we are honest, that is exactly how life is.  We really don’t know where it is going, much as we try to control, mash, pummel, and force it into shape.  If we trust, we will find a way for our intellects and hearts to more capably work together.  Then the whole of our being will achieve whatever we wish.

Know this:  There is one thing to identify what YOUR Everest is, another to climb it and another to BE with who you are as a result.  New realms of transformation exist to those who have championed their Everest!


Sally Anderson has 20 years experience in Corporate and latterly as a Program Director for some of the world’s leading Fortune 500s. Her senior management experience spans a wide range of industry sectors - airlines, hotels, local government, telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities and international publishing houses in New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and the United States. Add to this the unique perspectives of her personal history and her mastery as a transformational coach and you have a rare combination of experience and expertise.

From a business perspective, Sally believes business is personal. Your success at work is directly linked to your personal development. Whether it’s dealing with difficult people, managing your emotions under pressure or simply delivering projects on time you need to be in the best shape possible.

Sally Anderson was abducted and gang raped at the age of 15 by the Mongrel Mob, in one of the worst reported gang rapes in New Zealand back in the early 80’s. Her story of survival, courage and transformation was profiled in New Zealand on 13 September 2004, in the TV3 program 60 Minutes.

It is an extraordinary testimony to human survival and her commitment to the highest level of human performance against all odds. The determination to regain her life following this trauma led to Sally immersing herself in various courses for more than twenty years, and as a result she has been trained in a broad cross–section of personal development curricula.

It is these talents that Sally uses to wake up organizations and individuals to their true potential that lies untapped within any person or department.


What they say about Sally Anderson:

I would rate Sally Anderson as one of the best speakers I have ever heard – Shocking; Inspirational; Moving; Motivational; Educational. If she's not already she'll be in your top 10.
Carolyn Bassett

Sally is the most amazing and inspirational speaker I’ve had the privilege of hearing Sue Nelson
Inspiring, emotional, shocking, encouraging, coming from left field, positive, entertaining, thought provoking

Claire Maney

The most moving and inspirational speaker I have ever heard
Suzanne Marland

“Congratulations and thank you. I find it difficult to find the words to express how brilliant I think you are - WOW - so moving and powerful and truly inspirational” Be In The Groove “We’ve just had a conference with a theme “Accentuate The Positives”, I wish I had heard of you prior to that - you’d have blown them away! Congratulations and thanks for your extraordinary presentation”
Fisher & Paykel

“Very thought provoking - brilliant! You had me spellbound and connected throughout the entire presentation. You made it personal to me as a member of the audience, not only through your presentation style, but also through the lessons that you have learned. Your transcending close gave me a call to action, taking me from stunned to inspired, thank you!”

Creative Spirit (NZ)




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