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“Develop the inner resources of the individual and you develop the inner resources of the organization.”
-- Ruth Anne Plourde

Visionary companies are now recognizing the importance of paying attention to the inner needs of the individual. A few of the rewards are increased productivity, employee retention and strengthening the bottom line. Ruth Anne innergizes© the inner resources of the people within the organization by providing fun, dynamic, interactive programs that teach skills for success over stress, greater creativity and optimal health -- resulting in greater
development of the organization.

3 Reasons to Energize Your Organization & Employees with Innergize© Programs:

Results, Results, Results.

“… her program created a break through in our managers and directors lives. We have seen lifestyle changes occur. We highly recommend Ruth Anne and her program for anyone interested in self--reflection, rejuvenation and genuine fun.”
Krag Swartz, Director Training & Development


“Energizers, Relaxers & Spirit Lifters” (Great for an opening or closing keynote)
Physical and mental health … it affects performance, productivity and quality of life. Let Ruth Anne activate the
minds and bodies of your participants with this fun interactive program. She will unlock their creative right brains, reduce their physical and mental stress, and lift their spirits. The participants will walk away refreshed and motivate; and with “tools” for a life time that will recharge their energy systems, boost their immune system and enhance their personal and professional performances.

Stress Self Defense: T’ai Chi and More
In the West our major opponent is stress. It is estimated that over 80% of diseases in America are stress related. Research has shown that “moving meditations” provide physiological and psychological benefits.
Learn simplified movement techniques — drawn from the soft martial art of T’ai Chi — you can apply in your
daily life to enhance health, improve performance, and reduces stress. These techniques develop your
inner power for daily life. Learn a simple 5 -10 minute T’ai Chi mini practice that, if done regularly, will
become a powerful tool in alleviation of stress and balancing life’s ups and downs.

Beyond Your Franklin Planner: Your Stress Survival Tool Kit
Time management is crucial in our fast paced American society -- with personal and professional schedules to manage, projects to complete and deadlines to meet. However, if employees minds are scattered, their bodies exhausted and their spirits deflated… what will be the end result? Ruth Anne will guide your group through simple, yet profound, body/mind stress survival tools that can be pulled out of their “tool kits” anytime and anyplace to help focus their minds, relax their bodies and energize their spirits.

Igniting Team Energy, Creativity and Spirit
Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.”Begin the coming together by learning basic Feng Shui (environmental energy) techniques on how to select, set-up and positively charge your meeting room to insure creativity and cooperation. Learn how to create effective meeting openers with high energy questions that bring out the best in people and build a foundation for progress. Learn techniques for igniting team energy and team spirit to inspire successful
completion of group goals and projects. Experience how the group state of mind can actually affect outcomes.


She’s Been There
A serious stress related illness and struggle for her own survival led Ruth Anne on a 20 year quest to personally understand the connection between stress, illness, mind and body. Her successful personal experiences, along with significant professional training will help your people reduce stress, work more relatively and be more
focused and productive.

A Leader in the Field
Ruth Anne has researched both Eastern and Western approaches to getting well, staying well and living a balanced life. Her research led to:

•A Master’s Degree in Human Development and Holistic Health & Wellness.
•An Assistant Professorship in the Holistic Health Studies Program for the College of St. Catherine.
•Certification in Health and Wellness Counseling.
•Studying with internationally recognized masters of Chinese Internal Healing Arts
•Certifications in T’ai Chi, and Qigong.

What they say about Ruth Anne:

“Wow! You were amazingly outstanding… your ability to energize them and then calm them into a hypnotic peace is awesome.”
Janie Jasin, CSP National Speakers Association, Author of “The Littlest Christmas Tree”

Created Just for You
“ Although we are a technical group, you were able to engage and connect with your audience with ease. Your customized combination of lecture and participatory exercises were very well received.”
Lesa Kennedy, Conference Chair, MN Telecommunications Association

Inspiring Keynotes
“When I book a keynote speaker I always hope that they will inspire, educate or motivate. You did all three. You touched the participants far beyond my expectations!”
Deb Fluharty, Manager, Education & Training -Buffalo Hospital

Satisfied Clients Include:

Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Allina Health Systems
American Holistic Nurses Association
American Red Cross
Anoka Ramsey Community College
Association for Worksite Health Promotion
Association of Residential Resources in MN
Buffalo Hospital
Clemson University
College of St. Catherine
Fairview Rehabilitation Services
Hamline University
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Meetings & Events
Minnesota Telecommunications Association
National Wellness Institute
Normandale Community College
North Memorial Medical Center
Open U, Inc.
Park Nicollet Health Services
Rainbow Foods
Tires Plus
TSI Incorporated
United Hospital



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