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Our minds are like parachutes …
Open it!

Rudy arrived from The Netherlands in 1969 as a young man of nineteen with only a few dollars to his name. He has enjoyed a very successful career in Telecommunications.

Rev. Rudy Heezen is a down to earth ordained minister who reaches out to people from all walks of life.

His professional experience stretches over thirty years. Holding key senior executive positions throughout most of his career, he has actively participated and contributed to the inaugural entry of a number of companies into the Canadian market.

A highly skilled, motivational team player with exceptional leadership qualities, Rudy’s proven business methods and analytical skills are of tremendous benefit as he draws from his extensive experience as a senior executive.

In the mid eighties Rudy chose to take a two year sabbatical desiring to give back to his community working full time as counselor, pastor and serving the less fortunate.

A Professional Member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) he earned business credentials from VAM business Institute in The Netherlands and holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.

He is the accomplished author of ‘New Beginnings Carpe Diem’ writing in brutal honesty about his own struggles and how he was able to conquer these.


‘Changing the un-realistic into reality’

Invite Rudy Heezen, to share three successful business and life principles:

Purpose, Plan and Payoff

Increase your sales, Care for your customer, Broaden your vision, Dream BIG!!!!

Motivational Speech (2 hours)

‘The Power of Purpose’

Invite Rudy Heezen, to build upon his compelling ‘Everything starts as someone’s Daydream’ motivational speech.

A powerful four hour seminar encouraging people to dig deep within themselves and discover ‘Their Purpose’

Life can get away from you don’t be satisfied with just pumping blood!

Don’t settle for being average! Be a Star! Be the Best you can be!

Motivational Seminar (4 hours)

‘Every Day Heroes’

Encouraging employees to be active and contributing participants sharing their thoughts and ideas. Resulting in improved productivity, increased revenues and greater market share along with reducing costs, less stress and more fun!

Invite Rudy Heezen, to spend some time with your organization and staff. He will incorporate his findings into a powerful motivational message transforming your workforce into every day heroes.

Coaching and Motivational Speech (Time to be determined)

Comments from Audiences:

‘Passionate, warm, caring, challenging, you could feel the energy in the room while at the same time you could hear a pin drop.’ (D.W. Kingston)

‘One hour of Rudy’s messages inspired me to take charge of my life. He’s a real person, speaking from real life experiences. He has mastered his ‘demons’ and lives an extremely successful life in all aspects.’ (J.D. Ontario)

‘Wow! I never realized my thoughts could control and affect my life in such a profound way.’ (K.J. Mississauga)

‘Rudy, has presented numerous times to our Customers at home and abroad namely, Nassau, Bermuda, Banff Alberta, Toronto, Niagara on the Lake to name just a few. I highly recommend Mr. Heezen to any organization searching for a motivational speaker. Rudy not only talks the talk, but more importantly he truly walks the walk. He is a down to earth, warm, compassionate person with no pretense or ego and … he’s very easy to listen to.’ (E.M. Toronto)

‘Good morning Rudy, thank you so very much, I think our people are excited about the opportunity. Rudy I wanted to express my thanks personally for your tremendous efforts in making this come to fruition. Without your commitment and support this day would not have happened.’ (E.G. Burlington)

This letter is to confirm that Rudy Heezen presented his very inspiring message to our National Sales Force during our recent North American conference, in Toronto, Ontario. We were so impressed with the results and feedback we once again called upon Rudy to speak to our team the following year in Quebec City. (D.L. Toronto)

‘Rudy’s speech was not only inspirational but also highly motivational, encouraging us to dream and to dream big! One truly senses Rudy has been there, he speaks with conviction, passion and from experience. I sincerely recommend Rudy to any organization in need of a motivational or inspirational speaker. Well done Rudy thank you again also on behalf of my entire North American Organization.’ (R.L. Bermuda)



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