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About Roy:

Roy’s approach revolves around one simple idea: Improve his client’s condition.

Roy helps organizations and individuals negotiate and sell in ways that help them resist taking the first offer, and concentrate on improving or creating options that achieve superior results for all parties. Clients are able to outdistance their competition, improve productivity, and increase margins through his consulting, training, speaking, and coaching. As the CEO of Accipiter Consulting Group, Roy works with individuals and organizations who want to improve human performance. Accipiter Consulting Group is a world-class leader in designing, developing and delivering highly effective, customized sales, negotiation, and sales management programs.

As a business journalist and publisher, he has produced audio development programs, multi-day training seminars, written books and articles, and is the managing director of Accipiter Media. Roy is the author of The Cost of Price, along with other books on negotiation, sales, employee selection, and sales management.

He provides sales, hiring, management, customer service, and negotiation skills training, workshops, and seminars to Fortune100 companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Roy’s background includes a 20 year Air Force career with service as an intelligence officer, recruiter, training manager, and personnel administrator. He served in various locales throughout the world. During military service he was one of the 10 best Air Force recruiters in America, for 3 consecutive years.

Roy earned his entrepreneurial stripes very early. He began selling rocks, minerals, and crystals at age 11. His field collecting work was internationally recognized for significant discoveries of rare minerals, and he was selected to work in the Smithsonian Institution’s division of Mineral Sciences while still in high school. Many of the specimens he collected reside in private collections and major museums around the world.

He has served on various boards, including the board of directors of the Oklahoma Speakers Association. Roy holds an MBA and is mid way through doctoral in Business.

Successful Selling and Sales Management

Are you a great sales person, but you still aren’t making as much money as you deserve? Successful Selling helps organizations and sales professionals take home bigger paychecks. Elements covered:

The most expensive part of selling
All clients are not equal
Too many services or products
Checklist discipline, have a system
The real problem your clients want solved
Ideal clients
What customers really buy
Be the expert
Customer recognition

Your most highly qualified clients
Questions are the answer
Do you hear what I hear
Mind your mouth
How to kill lots of sales quickly
Package pricing
Stupid secrets of continual growth
Firing customers
The only prospect to ever present to

Value-Added Negotiating

Value-added negotiation helps professionals at all levels negotiate in ways that help them resist taking the first offer, and concentrate on improving or creating options that achieve superior results for all parties. Segments include:

Planning and executing effective negotiating
Negotiation planning tools
Negotiating styles
Strategy and desired outcomes
Questioning strategies
Taking a “power inventory”
Leveraging and balancing power

Quantifying the impact
Collaborative, Defensive, and Adversarial tactics Options and feedback
Negotiating parameters
Sequencing your offer
Team negotiation planning, risks, and challenges Closing the Negotiation

The Real Cost of Price

A customers’ natural tendency is to try to lower your price while maximizing their value. If you’re discussing prices and not value, you’ve lost control, and hidden profits are being left unclaimed. The right pricing strategies enable companies to serve and profit from as many customers as possible.

Other Valuable Speaking/Training Ready Topics


Customer Service Training
Listening – Questioning
Managing For Success
Hire the Best
Coach to Win

Team Building Training
Your Attitude is Showing
Dynamic Communication
Why Sales Training Fails
The Real Cost of a Bad Hire

Nice Things Our Clients Have Said

“Thanks for providing me with more tools and confidence in doing my job and managing my territory. I walked away more empowered. I can’t wait to apply this new knowledge and see that when I cash my check.”
-Ronnie Neuerburg, Sales Representative, San Francisco, CA

“I learned new negotiation tactics that will better equip me to handle customer objections and will allow me to drive business at a more profitable rate.”
-Shad Kirvin, Sales Representative, Los Angles, CA

“I was very impressed. Every one of the reps left with renewed motivation, confidence, enthusiasm, and the knowledge to stand behind our pricing and the company, which I believe will make a tremendous difference negotiating through the sales process. They all left with fire in their eyes.”
-Stephen Langwell, Sales Manager, Baton Rouge, LA

“I have participated in quite a number of sales training courses in my nearly 40 years in this business. The 3 days spent on your course rank at the very top of the chart for course content, presentation and your wealth of knowledge. It was a pleasure and an honor. I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to be a participant in any future training YOU were providing.”
-Keith Evans, Major Accts Administrator, Ont., Canada

“The sales people that have been through this course are raving how good it is. Thanks for the great job!”
-Mark C. Hamilton, Division Vice President, Atlanta, GA


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