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Real World Solutions and the Results You Want

Your business goals are unique. That’s why Rose Mary Hefley draws upon her experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, sales expert and manufacturing manager to create a presentation specifically designed for you and your team. You’ll learn the skills you need to achieve success—and you’ll have fun, too. Rose Mary Hefley skips the usual platitudes and theory to create an invigorating, interactive environment that positions your team to succeed. Make success a habit for yourself and your team today.

Energize. Inspire. Motivate.

Discover what sets leadership professionals and top salespeople apart. Rose Mary Hefley can show you how. With over 25 years of experience hallmarked by awards for excellence in sales, management and leadership, Rose Mary Hefley can give you and your team the resources you need to increase productivity, generate new revenue and build organizational success.

Business Training, Leadership Seminars & Keynote Presentations

Unlock the Secrets of High Performance with New Leadership Skills

• Evaluate goals and expectations
• Orchestrate success with the right people in the right place
• Recognize the importance of appreciation and rewards
• Identify with your team and their motivators
• Develop conscious self-knowledge

Take Control of Your Own Sales Success

• Embrace the value of good work habits
• Cultivate creative prospecting skills
• Maintain integrity and empathy during the sales cycle
• Understand what prospects want and why
• Discover six strategies to create strong relationships
• Activate the sale when the customer says yes

Make Success a Habit Today

• Decide to thrive
• Unlock your passion, power and purpose
• Conquer life’s challenging moments
• Live from personal values
• Appreciate changes, challenges and choices


Early on, Rose Mary Hefley made some career-ending mistakes. Her employer, Meredith Publishing, would
have been justified in letting her go. Instead, they provided her with an opportunity to learn how to be a leader. Hefley never forgot the lessons she learned as a young employee: how to be a better performer and a better person.

Rose Mary Hefley now teaches those same lessons to others with her own company, Achievement Unlimited. Hefley's genuine enthusiasm for her work is evident as she describes it. "I started my business because I saw a real need for people to have balance and fulfillment in their lives. I had the great fortune to work with some very good leadership, and on the other hand, worked with some people who had not learned how to be effective leaders."

What they say about Rose Mary Hefley:

“Rose Mary has a great gift in helping people reach their personal
and professional potential. ”

Amy Luby Mobitech

“Rose Mary has helped us transform The Office Cleaners from a somewhat overwhelmed “mom & pop” endeavor to a professional, values driven company. As a result, we have increased our capacity 30% while cutting our management headaches in half.”
John Knape

Rose Mary taught us how to work as a team which started moving our company in the right direction. When the team members learned what it meant to work as a team, they accepted the challenge of being accountable for their results. We now have effective communication processes set up and freely interact with each other to meet the company’s objectives. We have developed better relationships with our clients and each other, creating a better work environment.”
Verlyn L’Heureux, President
LaRue Distributing, Inc.

“Thanks to your help, our team is motivated, focused and moving in the right direction. I enjoyed your energy and your style.”
Brian Turner, Vice President and C.O.O.
Automated Concepts, Inc.


Rose Mary has spoken for these groups and many more:

* American Assn. of Women Accountants
* I Can Conference
* Infotech Conference
* American Public Works Assn.
* Great Western Bank
* One Burlington Capital Group
* Auto Glass Center
* Northstar Financial Group
* Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers
* Wells Fargo Bank

* Greater Omaha Area Chamber of Commerce
* National Association of Purchasing Management
* Nebraska Cattleman’s
* Financial Women International
* America First Apartment Investors
* NCALA National Chapter of Legal Administrators
* Automated Concepts, Inc.
* Paragon Printing
* Sapp Brothers
* Omaha Publications



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