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Dr. Rosanna Pittella, MA, PhD, is a dynamo, an indefatigable force of nature with a rare strength of character and ethical stance that sets her apart from her colleagues in business, industry and education. Dr. Pittella has invested much of her life studying and resolving complicated organizational problems.  

She has a reputation as one who delivers practical solutions, institutes better processes, and embeds new efficiencies for large global organizations. An expert process specialist who has successfully built cohesive co-located and offshore teams around the world, Dr. Pittella has mastered the art of leadership
and teamwork rivaled by few of her fellow global program managers

Dr. Pittella’s talents manifest themselves in her many challenging roles. They are, for example, at the heart of the international forum for educators she co-founded, The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education.

Every year respected educators travel from 61 different countries to meet, learn from and partner with Dr. Pittella.

An avid researcher and published author, Dr. Pittella, developed a unique theory of integration of ethics language and concepts with standard curricula for students K-16. Dr. Pittella’s most recent publication, How Deconstructing the American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream, chronicles the history and evolution of American Education and provides a school model based on best practices and innovation that will address the needs of every child, and scaffold him or her to the American Dream.

Dr. Pittella’s guidance regarding true leadership, the value of integrity, the power of diversity, the importance of critical thinking and ethical decision making, and the amazing results of optimized teams, have triggered enormous positive change in the organizations she has served: Prudential Financial, Janney Montgomery Scott, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Yum International, HIP Health Plan of NJ/NY, Lincoln Financial, America Online, Cengage Learning, Ace Global Insurance, COMCAST, and PepsiCo to name a few. These competitive companies and many others recognize Dr. Pittella as the genuine article, one who can lead and educate by example, develop and mentor teams, bring about organizational change, inspire, motivate and teach others to do the same.

A lifetime learner, Dr. Pittella has earned multiple interdisciplinary degrees including a doctorate in leadership and education. Dedicated to the service of others, she was recently recognized by Kiwanis International and awarded the International Diamond Award for outstanding community service.

Rosanna Pittella PhD inspires, educates, motivates her global audiences

From Harvard to Hawaii, and myriad locations in between, sharing a wealth of knowledge, the results of extensive research, and wisdom gleaned from decades of solid experience, Dr. Pittella dazzles audiences hungry for positive change.

Dr. Pittella attracts subject matter experts, professors and researchers from around the world to explore sticky problems on Voice Of American Education on gleaning and sharing their knowledge worldwide.

Most recently of a book that dissects the history and evolution of education in the USA and presents a solid solution, The American Dream School model.

For global enterprise initiatives at Prudential Financial, Ace Global Insurance, Janney
Montgomery Scott, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial and others.
Founded The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education, a unique global
organization of advocacy to amplify and empower the voices of educators.

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