Rosalie Moscoe, R.N.C.P.

Speaker, Wellness and Nutritional consultant, Teacher,
Singer, Performer, Composer, Poet, Writer


Let laughter, poignancy and professional growth experiences be the keys to your next meeting or conference with Speaker, Rosalie Moscoe.

Since 1995, Rosalie continues to delight and inform audiences internationally. Her signature keynote address: “The Hurried Person - Hurried No More!” is a side-splitting, laugh-provoking presentation, yet a poignant look at life in the fast lane and its serious ramifications.

If boosting morale, better productivity, health and wellness are your goals, you need Rosalie Moscoe, RNCP, Wellness & Nutritional Consultant to speak, act and even sing from the heart. A ray of sunshine, through her keynote addresses and workshops, she brings effective step-by-step strategies to ease stress and reduce those overwhelmed feelings. Rosalie claims she once was the “hurried woman” and knows only too well the pitfalls of trying to do everything for everyone and being overcommitted.

Her interest, education and teaching experience in the area of Wellness, Nutrition and Stress Management, give her the passion and knowledge that she loves to share. Also, as a former singer and performer, twice Juno nominated for Best Children’s Album, Rosalie’s programs are fun, interactive, encourage feedback and include music, humor and drama.

Another signature program, “Food & Mood - A Love/Hate Relationship” is a program that gives extraordinary insights into our food choices and their impact on health and productivity! Can our food choices be the culprit for bad moods, low energy and fuzzy thinking? Rosalie sheds light on an area of nutrition that is often overlooked. She helps participants understand attachments to food and cravings that send us heading for the cookie jar. Leading edge information is presented in an easy to understand, compassionate and fun manner. Rosalie outlines steps for change that keep people on track.

Passionate about nutrition’s impact on mental and physical health, Rosalie also formulates and presents food plans for patients of three Toronto medical doctors, giving one to one nutritional consulting. She is a board member of The International Schizophrenia Foundation and was part of a film documentary entitled “Masks of Madness, Science of Healing”, narrated by Margo Kidder.


Participants learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of taking charge of our health and wellness
  • Appreciate that a balance in our lives is necessary to our well being
  • Learn skills that they can immediately put into their lives to reduce stress
  • Become empowered to take charge of their health through self care
  • Gain insight into their own habits and patterns
  • Be motivated to make positive changes



THE OPERATING ROOM NURSES’ ASSOCIATION OF GREATER TORONTO on “Stress Busters” or “The Hurried Person - Hurried No More!” “You had us laughing, connecting with each other and positively reflecting about ourselves...Attendants evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Comments included: “dynamite”, “excellent choice of speaker”, very enlightening”, “inspirational”, “wonderful music”, “enjoyed the variety and participation of the audience”, “very empowering”.... Thank you, Rosalie, for revitalizing us and equipping us to better handle the rigors of our stressful jobs.”

ROUGE VALLEY HEALTH SYSTEM - Centenary Health Centre on “Food & Mood - A Love/Hate Relationship”
“The topic may have been what brought them through the door, but certainly it was your extensive knowledge and dynamic presentation style that captivated them....Everyone came away with some very valuable information about nutrition and how food can affect our moods....More than 78% of respondents rated your seminar a perfect 5/5 ....You have an incredible ability to make what could be a very clinical, scientific topic both interesting and easy to understand.”



  • Graduate of Centennial College’s Wellness & Lifestyle Management Program, Toronto, Canada ‘95
  • Former Instructor, Centennial College ‘99 for “A Wellness Approach to Stress Management”
  • Graduate of Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, R.H.N. Diploma Program, Toronto, Canada ‘98
  • R.N.C.P. Designation by N.C.O.C. (Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada)’98
  • Level 1 Certification, Workplace Health Systems: Health Canada
  • Fitness Ontario Leadership Program (FOLP - Level 1)
  • Seminars approved by Ontario Fitness Council
  • Twice Juno nominated singer/recording artist, “Best Children’s Album”, Canada
  • Board Member, International Schizophrenia Foundation


    LESS STRESS: MORE SUCCESS! ("Stress Busters")

      Gain awareness of the positive and negative effects of stress on the body.  An introduction of practical techniques such as; breathing and relaxation, discussion of other immediate coping skills, daily supportive activities and looking at one's life long foundations to create balance and reduce stress.   Additional topics may include Challenging Change and/or Work Overload, Time Management.


      Learn how we can balance work, play and other obligations.  Using attitude checks, our view of our personal wellness wheel and other assessment tools we can determine our present view of our own health.  Investigate effects of nutrition and stress reduction techniques to balance our health and wellness which will assist us in making positive choices.  For better synchronization of work and home, effective time management tips can be included in this program.


      This program is a "mental spa" for women packed full of sensory experiences with music, fun, poetry, a time to reconnect with other women and themselves. Uncover why women need particular care in achieving a healthy balance.  Assess what's draining you and see how stress impacts women.  Find out about "Type E" personality, "the hurried woman" and learn immediate coping skills and other valuable strategies to reduce stress.  Learn great nutrition tips and how exercise and sleep can nourish you.  Find out how nurturing yourself will only enhance how we nurture others.


      Increase vitality and productivity through healthy eating.  Discover how improving the quality of our foods (proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats) can positively affect our mental and physical well being.  Learn about the latest nutritional breakthroughs, healthy eating on the run, the importance of timing of meals and snacks and tips for eating out.


      Obtain relevant information about gaining time at work and taking charge of time pressures.  Deal with procrastination and deadlines, develop better organizational skills, assess the value of work, and set short and long term goals to sharpen time management techniques.  Find out how to harmonize your work and home life.

    HEALTH IN HARMONY (Customized Program to Suit Your Needs)

      Discover ways to achieve health in harmony.  This workshop combines many of the above programs, customized to meet your needs.  See how our state of health is just the tip of the iceberg.  Determine which areas of our lives are already balanced and those we can positively affect.

    OTHER PROGRAMS (Program Outlines Available Upon Request)

      POSITIVE PERSONAL POWER - Self Esteem Awareness
      INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Keynote - "Women & Violence - Wellness & Self Care"
      VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION Keynote - "Volunteering, Wellness & You" 
      - A Life Transition



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