Ronald D. Ballard

Examining issues that affect our relationships with others... and with ourselves

Ron Ballard will help your group to learn all of these issues vital for healthy relationships.

• Learning to manage ourselves before we manage others.
• Learning to get along with people we do not like.
• Learning to recognize and change destructive habits.
• Learning to deal creatively with criticism.
• Learning to manage conflict constructively.
• Learning to take charge of our own lives.
• Learning to develop healthy self-esteem.
• Learning to use anger beneficially.
• Learning to communicate with clarity.
• Learning to accept the fact that the one thing we would like to do, we can never do.

Most people work far below their full potential. Even professional persons often create more problems than they solve and sometimes let personal issues negatively impact their job performance. Otherwise gifted people, and many with superior technical skills, are often at a loss when faced with relational difficulties. They are not only unable to effectively assist others with relational issues, but lack that same insight and skill in addressing personal problems in their own lives. This experience is far too common, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Regardless of age or past experience, motivated persons can gain new insights, develop helpful strategies and increase their skills in the sticky, but all important area of human relationships. Then, as Maurice Nicole suggests, we can begin to work on one day of our life.

A day in one's life is a small replica of one's life. If a person does not work on a day in his life, he cannot change his life, and if he says that he wishes to work on his life and change it, and does not work on a day in his life, his work on himself remains purely imaginary. He solaces himself with the imagination that he is going to work on his life and actually never begins to work on a single day of his life. One's life is broken up into days of his life. One's life is broken up into days and years. If a person does not work on a day of his life.. .there is no starting point.


Seminar: Taking Charge of Your Life

Marshall Field of Chicago became a pioneer in the field of merchandising by redirecting the focus of his salespeople. He insisted they were not selling goods, they were serving people. His famous slogan "Give the lady what she wants" was built upon the philosophy that good relationships with customers are fundamental to success. So it is with life.

Nothing affects the quality of our lives more than the quality of our relationships. Yet most people have less formal training and fewer personal skills in this area than in any other part of their lives.

Successful businesses are placing greater emphasis upon those "personal" and "human" areas of life that contribute significantly to overall effectiveness and productivity. Success in developing healthy personal and professional relationships does not occur accidentally, but like other forms of success requires strategy, insight and personal effort. Relating effectively with other people and dealing with our own personal shortcomings help us become more healthy and productive persons.

In this seminar I will assist you in developing new insights, altering behavior and gaining confidence in dealing with critical areas of personal and professional life. We cannot wait on someone else. We have to take charge of our own lives


Ronald D. Ballard - Bio

Ph.D., University of Glasgow, Scotland
Postdoctoral study, Oxford University, England
Master of Divinity, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Science, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Professor of religion
Assistant to the president for United Methodist Relations, Texas Wesleyan University
Vice president, Association for Higher Education of North Texas
Dean of School of Science and Humanities, Texas Wesleyan University
Professor, part time, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University
Professor, part time, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Tour leader to Middle East over a dozen times
Invited participant at Hebrew University to study Arab-Israeli Peace Process
Instructor in television series "Planning for Tomorrow," KXAS, Channel 5, Fort Worth, Texas
Board of trustees, (executive committee), Lydia Patterson Institute, El Paso, Texas
Board of directors, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Chaplaincy, Inc.
Reviewer for Wadsworth and Prentice Hall publishers
Professional consultant, Southwestern Bell Corporation
Professional consultant for employees relations, General Dynamics (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics) Professional consultant, The Executive Committee, Dallas, Texas
Moderator with Congressman Joe Barton for panel on Middle East conflict
Over 30 invited lectures, workshops, speeches and presentations in 2003
Speaker/workshop leader, National Conference on Creative Management on Higher Education, San Francisco, Calif.
Speaker/workshop leader, National Conference on Creative Management on Higher Education, Washington, D.C.
Chairman, Division of Philosophy and Religion and Professor of Religion, Texas Wesleyan University Texas Wesleyan University, Presidential Search Committee
Instructor of Religion, Oxford College, Emory University
Elder, The United Methodist Church

Commencement speaker for Texas Wesleyan University's graduation ceremonies
Golden Rule Award for Excellence in Teaching
Honorary life membership, Lambda Chi Alpha
Bass Grant Award, Hebrew University, Israel, Arab-Israeli Peace Process
Bass Grant Award, Oxford University, England, International Seminar for Theologians
"Seeds of Peace" (Middle East) program, Maine
Honorary "Admiral of the Texas Navy" by designation of the Governor of Texas
Mortar Board National Honor Society
President, Ronald D. Ballard Enterprises, Inc.
Past President, D.F.W. Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy
Past President, N.E. Tarrant County Heart Association
Past President, American Association of University Professors
Sam Taylor Fellowship Award (four-time recipient)
Speaker at Westminster Central Hall, London (Aldersgate Celebration Sunday)
Men of Achievement, 12th Edition
United Nations Higher Education Faculty Association, Middle East fact-finding trip
Marquis Who's Who in Religion (Third Edition)
International Who's Who in Religion (Third Edition)
Directory of American Scholars
Directory of International Biography
Piper Professor Award nominee for Teaching Excellence from Texas Wesleyan University
Philosophers of America
Outstanding Educators of America
TXWECO (college yearbook) dedication
Educator of the Year by Student Government Association
Who's Who in Methodism
Graduate Fellowship Award, University of Glasgow

Biblical Studies
Interpersonal Relationships
Wesleyan Studies


Europe: Extensive travel on Continent and British Isles
Middle East: Extensive travel throughout Middle East
South America: Limited travel in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Panama
Australia & New Zealand: Limited travel


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