Roger J. Warrum


It’s more than just business
.…it’s family

Why do audiences always leave wanting to hear more from keynote speaker Roger J. Warrum, Family Business Specialist?

He is a great storyteller...

“It doesn’t do any good to teach an audience if you can’t get them to listen”, says Roger. Raised on an Indiana farm, Roger mesmerizes his audience with his unique down-home style, entwining stories from his grandfather and over 25 years of experience working with family owned businesses. People identify with him… his stories… and his values.
“Roger Warrum is a man of conviction, vision, and determination. He has helped many of our customers to regain clarity for the present and direction for the future”.
Russ Schroeder
PPG Industries

He educates…

Quoting Roger, “Anything’s easy if you know how to do it”. Roger brings practical, usable tools to his audiences, which allows them to not only communicate their plans and goals, but to create an atmosphere of cooperation which will assure their future growth and success. His audiences are moved to recognize their problems, accept them and take action steps that will make a difference in their family businesses.
“Roger Warrum gives a charismatic, entertaining, and “nuts and bolts” presentation regarding issues and challenges facing family businesses, their plight for continued success and the transition of the business to future generations. I would highly recommend Roger. He is a great public speaker with a positive message on how to promote ongoing family business success”.
Daniel D. Smith,
Exec Dir of the Kent Chamber of Commerce

He entertains…

Roger delivers his information in a sometimes emotional and always humorous fashion leaving audiences suspended between quiet tears and outrageous laughter. He has his own brand of communication. It is not unusual to hear someone quoting “Warrumisms” in the office for years after hearing Roger speak.
“Roger really cares about the family, and it shows in the way he and his staff work to help them define and achieve the things that are most meaningful in their lives. He’s not selling them a product or a tax gimmick—he’s selling them on themselves and giving them the tools they need to move forward”.
Jim Percy
Second VP at MassMutual Financial Group



“FLYING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS” Most family business owners spend more time planning their summer vacation than their business future. This speech explores the reason they don’t plan and how to plan properly.

* Why is planning important?
* The top ten most common planning mistakes
* Making steps to a successful plan with “out of the box thinking”
* How to spot the need for change
* The biggest motivators and deterrents to change
* Should we change process, procedure or people?
* Techniques to implement the changes…creating new possibilities


“KEEPING THE PEACE” One of the major concerns for the family business owner is keeping the family together and avoiding conflict among its members, working with the ones you love can be very difficult.

* How to improve communication in the family business
* How to build an accountability model for family members
* How to deal with the weakening of the family glue
* Establishing fairness and equality
* The In-laws and the Out-laws
* My kids versus your kids


“PASSING THE TORCH” Eventually every family business will have to face the problem of passing the business to the next generation. Their ability to effectively pass the torch is paramount to the company’s future success.

* Exit strategy versus succession strategy
* How to value your family business and avoid family conflicts
* When should succession strategy begin?
* How to Deal with the fairness and equality issues.
* Satisfying the family members in the business and those who are not.
* How to pick the successor
* The psychological stages of succession
* Advisory boards and their uses in succession
* How to avoid succession plan failures


“FAMILY BUSINESS MISTAKES” The most common mistakes of the family business owner which causes less than 13% to make it successfully through the third generation.

* Why do many companies fail?
* How to avoid conflict and miscommunication
* Holding family members and employees accountable
* The difference between a family business or a business family
* Mistakes in succession
* The mistake of secrecy

Roger J. Warrum is ...


President Of National Center For Family Business

Originator Of Family Business Journal

Nationally Recognized Speaker

Originator Of The Annual Family Business Retreat

One Of The First 100 Individuals To Graduate From The American College’s Family Business Specialists Program

Speaker For Numerous College Family Business Programs

Over Twenty-Five Years Of Experience Working With Family Owned Businesses

Member Of The Family Firm Institute

Author Of Family “Business Misstakes”, Which Is A Book Concerning Common Problems Faced By Family Owned Businesses

Author Of “How To Succeed In A Family Business…Without Really Crying”




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