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Blow Your Profits through the Roof GUARANTEED

Tap into the Power of Primal Marketing®

Using the secrets of Primal Marketing®, Rodger B. Price doubled his company's sales and increased profits by 500%. A successful business owner for more than twenty years, Rodger has learned his experiences in the trenches. He understands the needs and challenges of today's business owners because he has lived them. In this interactive, high
content program, Rodger will share tools and techniques you can apply today. You will leave motivated, energized and ready to blow your profits through the roof!

People buy because of an underlying emotional need a "Primal Need". When you can understand and connect to the Primal Need™ of your customers, your marketing, branding, and sales become effortless. Learn the powerful secrets of Primal Marketing® and watch your profits go through the roof!

• Develop a unique Primal Tactic™ that connects powerfully with your customers
• Increase your sales...effortlessly
• Discover how to turn current customers into pure profit
• Blast through the competition with powerful marketing strategies
• Turbo charge your marketing and make more money NOW!

Primal Marketing ®
We live in a world that with too much noise, too much
advertising, too much information, too much data
and too many stimulation. We are being
overwhelmed by the Tsunami Effect where very little
gets through the wave of noise enveloping our
customers. The old model of awareness marketing no
longer works in this environment. Rodger teaches his
Primal Marketing ® strategy to break
through this wall of noise using emotion to help your
business create extraordinary sales and profits.

Primal Branding SM
Rodger shows how any business, large or small, can
use the branding secrets of the major corporations to
create unique emotional marketing experiences for
their own customers.


Primal Customer Service SM
Companies all have a Primal Bank Account SM with
their customers. Every time we interact with a client,
we are either depositing or withdrawing from that
emotional account. Rodger give examples of how to
keep this account in the positive with real-life, simple


Primal Sales SM
The techniques of Primal Marketing are applied to
your sales force to create their own personal
marketing plan. A model is revealed to attract and
retain the best clients plus increase sales and profits in
existing accounts.


There are hundreds of speakers on marketing, entrepreneurship, business and customer service, but how many have had to run a business when their very livelihood depended on it?

Rodger B. Price has done it when it mattered. Don't be fooled by the ex-corporate executives or professors who were just a cog in a giant machine.  Learn from the one person who can give you the powerful, insider secrets to marketing for increased sales, greater profits, better customers and a higher return on marketing dollar investment. Rodger brings his personal insights, energy, humor and interactivity to his programs. His audiences leave with real-life tools they can immediately use to bring dramatic results!



    " simple and practical that it almost jumps out to bite you"

    Diana Hanes
    Vice President
    Financial Women International
    San Diego Chapter

    "He quickly grasped the key issues our members face daily and offered numerous suggestions to deal with them"
    John Fiegel,
    Executive Director,
    International Slurry Surfacing Association

    "When I was looking for a speaker, I wanted someone who was going to give more specific actionable tactics, not so much motivation or cheerleading. That's what we got, so I was very pleased"
    Kimberly Ann Hardcastle
    Marketing Director
    The SoCo Group

    "Very informative & encouraging"
    "Great marketing ideas"
    "Very thought provoking"

    Danielle Adams
    Meeting Planning Experts

    "I wish I had more time to hear more ideas!"
    "Very interesting"

    Gabriela Castillo
    Marketing Director
    Las Rocas Resort and Spa, Mexico

    "Your energy and playfulness certainly add to the great content you shared"
    "Great job - attention to detail"

    Doug McPhee
    Conferon & Meeting Planners International
    San Diego Chapter

    "Motivating and Educational"
    Brett Tyrrell
    Enterprise Rent-a-Car

    "Rodger Price today was well worth my coming here and I drove 3 hours to get here from way up north. And I was considering not coming down because I've been to too many seminars and I thought, yeah another one. But I came in and I'm very, very glad that I did."
    William Haus
    Sales Representative
    The SoCo Group

    "Very informative. Got your mind working"
    Bernie Kaye
    Entertainment Solutions West

    "I love the idea of Primal Marketing!"
    Chad Fisher
    Aztec Tents and EventsCOMM

Rodger is a proud member of the National Speakers Association.



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