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Bob Stevens, a professional speaker and trainer with over 30 years of in-depth, hands-on experience at doing what he teaches, has an objective that drives him each day: "Provide an organization with the best techniques to maximize their possibilities and profits by training and developing that organization's greatest asset it's employees."

Bob achieves this objective by teaching people to motivate and manage others through goal-setting and accountability and teaching people to work with other people.

He stresses personal responsibility and hard work while presenting material in a down-to-earth, humorous way that makes his speeches and seminars extremely powerful.

In fact Bob strives "to give the best and newest information in a useful and entertaining manner" in every session he conducts.

With over 500 speeches and seminars, covering 16 topics, and management experience at every level under his belt, Bob finds a way to make every speech and seminar applicable and useful to every attendee.


    Like everyone else in the world, Bob's early role models were his parents. They were the ones who taught him to think of others. Flis mother was very adive in civic organizations like the FM. His father always helped out the charities supported by his Church. He also learned from his father the "Customer First" concept. His father would work through breaks, lunch and even late to meet customer deadlines.

    No wonder Bob grew up with an "Others" attitude.

    After finishing college and completing his military (Air Force), Bob started on his career in sales. He constantly kept the customer in mind. He quickly advanced within the company. He always tried to satisfy the customer's needs, not just take orders. He doubled the sales of his produets in his territory because of his "customer first" approach.

    Bob's concept of "customer first" worked so well for him that he applied it to his management positions as well. Teaching his teammates this same attitude and skills, Bob reduced customer complaints by over 65% while increasing sales in 7 of 7 profit centers by a minimum of 12% and a maximum of 250%. Bob was so good at what he did, one of his customers hired him to betheir corporate trainer.

    Today, Bob now gives keynote speeches, conducts training seminars, and is a faculty member of The University of Akron.


    Customer Service
    Coaching Skills
    Team Building
    Time Management


    "Good content. Veiy helpful. Bob put his heart and soul in leading this class. He could not possibly be more active and involved." W. Lesko, Manager, Dept. of Public Works, Annapolis, MD

    "This is the BEST session I have ever attended. I was very impressed with the large amount of information imparted in one day with humour and excellent examples. I have learned a great deal". V. Best, Team Leader, Employment Services, Ipswich, UK

    "The different ideas given are easily applicable and really caused me to think clearly. This will definitely be a LIFE-CHANGING experience. Bob was an excellent and exuberant speaker. He kept my interest the entire 6 hours. He did a great job." A. Hill, National Account representative, Toyota Tsusho America Inc. Los Angeles, CA


  • Diebold
  • Cole Publishing
  • National Institute of Technology
  • ATT
  • Home Depot


  • Member National Speakers Association
  • Faculty member of The University of Akron
  • Selected as Guest Host for 13 week "Exceptional Customer Service for Profit" internet radio show on


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