Robert Kutchera, Workplace Coach


The Workplace Coach

He may appear to the audience as a Humorist, but he's the Invisible Psychologist™

Instilling lucrative communication and team collaboration. Plus breakthrough problem-solving with an undeniable benefit: Winning back your time.

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera takes you to Inspired Success!™

He's a recognized expert in successful workplace strategies for business, health care and education. Powerful techniques for individual growth and organizational success:

    • Competitive Thinking™
    • Irresistible Communication™
    • Emotional Prosperity™
    • Sales Fitness™


    You're in for a Wow Experience for your next meeting: Energy that embraces your audience, not a 'lecture' behind a podium. Affirming and enlightening: Like a conversation with a valued friend. Helping you claim success. Above all, original, high-content presentations that are thought-provoking, informative and right-on.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Why call it work?

    Say: "I'm going to my Activity!"

    That's a lot better than, "I have to go to work." Cognitive Humor repositions attitude for less stress-absenteeism. And profitable solutions through Pattern Switching in the mind. Think what that means for team work, retention, sales and customer service. All part of the interactive process Robert teaches and inspires. Today we're busier and get less sleep. Interpersonal communication has to be clear to get through mental spam-blockers. And not counterintuitive like, "At this point in time." Whatever happened to just saying, "Now?"


Robert Kutchera has an interesting background. He supported 200 psychiatric patients in a teaching hospital. Winning over his own depression in the process. His behavioral programs were awarded a Federal funding grant. He lived and worked with more than 30 nationalities on cruise ships. Through perfect storms and sudden change-not unlike work today.
Along the way, he discovered how to marvelously diffuse difficult people. And learned how individuals could manage workflow in a fast-paced environment with the right kind of multi-tasking. Significantly, he put into practice communication skills based on Transactional Analysis. Today, Robert Kutchera instills the same success within organizations for less apprehension and costly mistakes. So work can go forward without the drama.
As an American teenager, Robert lived under communism for two years. Witnessing firing squads and seeing his family loose everything. He escaped back to the United States, ironically became an immigrant-refugee in his own country. What he teaches about American spirit and resourcefulness will re-awaken action in your team.
After college, Robert also served in the U.S. Navy but quips,

"The Midnight Buffets were better on cruise ships. You didn't need to bring a can opener!"

On a serious note, Robert says, "Common sense is the least used of the senses today because we don't get time to think anymore. So I invented a new time zone: 'Central Respect Time'. Ensuring ready allies for when it's crunch time. And we're always in crunch time. I couldn't have survived nine eventful years at sea without co-workers and the humor bond that fostered the human respect we shared."
Robert is the author of "Everything I Learned About Care Giving, I Learned From My Dog." He cared for his aunt for three years. He had a career in advertising before becoming a speaker. He produced and emceed national sales meetings. He hosted a live radio program which was delightful fun. He's appeared on a variety of TV interview shows including CNN Headline News. His passion is backpacking the Rocky Mountains, water skiing and making people smile.

And his humor is Good Enough To Tell Mom™.

For more than 16 years, Results Speaker Robert Kutchera has provided individuals and organizations answers for sure-fire success.

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera's customized presentations:

Behavior Modification "Splendid Choices Before Forced Change."

Customer Service "Winning Conditions & Attitudes."

Teambuilding "We're Better, TOGETHER."

Sales Fitness™ "Powerful Allies: Ahead Of Time."

Life Balance "A Good Time To Start Is Yesterday."

Freedom "The American Spirit Of Happiness."

Diversity "To Know You, I Get To Know Me."

Humor "The Secret Power of humor"

Topics are tailored to support individual and team development.

And now for something... Entertaining!

For as long as people have gathered in meetings, humor's been welcome. But consider this: Humor in isolation doesn't accomplish much. But done right, it transforms an employee recognition event, sales meeting or training class. People still laugh and they buy into the message. So if you're looking for humor, why settle for a joke? What Robert does is make everyone on your team feel special. And connected to objectives.
And the humor's right on target. Because it's where an audience lives. Observational humor about how people deal with work life, and life after work. It's laugh out loud fun. Showing humorous ways to deal with an ever-busier life.
Bottom line: Robert strategically reinforces goals and objectives. So while they laugh, they say "Ah-ha! ...I see." Robert is marvelously kind and absolutely in good taste. "It's Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom."™

What they say about Robert Kutchera

"Our audience was transformed. You could see it."

"They learned something valuable indeed. And he made us laugh.

"Robert's a breath of business fresh air."

Health Care Administrator in Florida:
"Kutchera partnered with our organization, so thorough was his preparation. He knew where we wanted to go. He focused our goals and got everyone in that direction. He followed-up on our progress so we wouldn't back slide. His delivery was thoughtful and entertaining too. It's an exciting experience."

Background & Training:

Robert Kutchera is a Psychiatric Adjunctive Therapist, Communication Coach and Business Humorist. He studied and taught wellness-productivity in a psychiatric research hospital. Later he instilled communication techniques in a multi-national technology company.

Interestingly, Robert is also fluent in Spanish, something rare in a national speaker. Today there are 42 million Hispanics in the U.S., representing 768 billion dollars in consumer spending. His diversity programs address workplace communication solutions. His expertise comes from a career in bilingual advertising and sales, winning the Silver Medal for Creative Excellence from the AAF.

Few speakers have tested their workplace communication solutions in real life. But Robert's laboratory was unique: International cruise ships. Dealing with department heads from 11 different countries. Plus access to more than 2,000 passengers each week from all walks of life.

With his psychology background, he seized the opportunity to test ideas, listening to learn. Says Robert:

"I saw how cognitive humor reconnected communication and listening to saving everyone's time.

From his travels in Europe and Latin America, Robert saw how individuals in different cultures solved everyday problems. The result is a witty, thoughtful storytelling approach that teaches common sense solutions people can try out for themselves. It's a wonderful experience for attendees and tailored just for the meeting.

Each of his customized presentations are supported with extensive client-directed research. Exactly what's needed for success here and in the future. Said an H.R. Director,

"This was different, upbeat too. I don't need to be motivated, heaven knows I've got deadlines for that. Instead, Robert gave our team crucial information for action and the upbeat incentives that gets things done."

This is true experiential learning. So they are guided to co-create workplace solutions. Plus it's miles ahead of meetings where individuals occupy a room to passively listen or sneak a peek at text messages.
As a result, Robert Kutchera has helped many companies and organizations improve profitable work environments while enhancing an individual's productivity and job satisfaction. Nothing magnifies your success better than the strategic advantage of this powerful humor. By opening up thought. And ending the disconnect in listening.


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